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EEH Network: Elemental 144 Points of Light Project
(New February, 2006; updated February 2015)

The Ongoin Healing Potential of the Elemental POL Grid
Elemental POL Location Maps
Activated Points of Light
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Geographic Index of POLs
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In December 2005 The Group, Angelic Beings channeled by Steve Rother, presented a challenge to Lightworkers to activate 144 Points of Light around the planet which will help focus the newly activated crystal energies of Atlantis and create a web of love: www.lightworker.com/beacons (this message also appeared in the Februrary issue of Sedona Journal of Emergence). Lightworkers in the vicinity of an activated Point of Light assume responsibility for caring for and nurturing it. The same issue of the Sedona Journal included this message from Archangel Michael, channeled by Ronna Herman:

It may not seem so, but a wondrous new vision, a powerful probable future for humanity and the Earth has taken shape and is being strengthened and magnified moment by moment. This is a future whereby all humanity, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, devic and elemental kingdoms will peacefully coexist on Earth--an Earth that is pristine in its beauty and that has sparkling, clear water and clean, healthy air to breathe; a world of abundance and plenty where no one suffers from lack of adequate food, shelter or opportunity; a world where different races, cultures, beliefs and traditions are honored and respected; a world where no one tries to force his or her beliefs on others or deny others the right to live their own truths and follow their own customs.

When I read these two messages, one after the other, I wondered, would it be possible and appropriate to work with the Elemental kingdom to activate 144 Points of Light around the planet which they would care for and nurture with human assistance? I meditated on this question and received an affirmative response and some guidance as to how to proceed. First, my wife Bonnie and I should draw up a list of specific locations around the planet where we have felt a strong energetic connection in our travels (our initial list includes about 80 locations). Second, we should let The Deva of the Elemental 144 Points of Light and the Elementals in each location determine the sequence in which the POLs will be activated. Third, although the Elementals in a location will accept the responsibility for care and nurturance of the POL, it is important that we humans consciously add our own energy and support to these Points of Light (see information on participating in the project below). Bonnie and I will be helping activate the Elemental Points of Light from a distance until we have completed locations on our initial list.

Update April 2007: It has turned out that Russell has ended up (often unexpectedly) being guided to activate a number of POLs during his travels. Also he has been etherically traveling to significant natural sacred sites on other continents to get acquainted with the local guardian Spirits and it appears that we will be able to activate POLs in selected locations without having physically been there.

Update November 2007: The project has moved into a new phase with activations focusing on locations where Russell or Bonnie have not physically visited, distributed around the planet so as to provide a more even coverage around the globe. Members of the Earth Energy Healing Network have been providing valuable support by nominating locations and in some cases being physically present to assist in the activation.

We (Bonnie and I) are honored and humbled by the opportunity we have been presented in this project and a small part of us has wondered if it isn't presumptuous to undertake it. My Great Shift workshops already involve working with higher dimensional energies of the New Atlantis and New Lemuria (this is still a stretch for my rational mind), and in early 2007 the Earth Energy Healing Network began working with energies of the New Hybornea. However, our real qualifications for undertaking this project lie in soul affinities both of us have with the Elemental realm (I use the term broadly to include conscious energies of the sacred elements Earth, Fire, Water, Air, the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms and fairy/little people/whatever kingdom). Of the two of us, Bonnie has the strongest affinity, having experienced relatively few human incarnations, but is an old soul with many incarnations in the Elemental realm. A delightful surprise in my own unfolding remembering of my soul origins and experience was to discover that we have been together more in the the Elemental realm than in the human realm. This is our third human incarnation together, but we have had many lives together as animals--wolves, otters, swans, coyotes, foxes, dolphins, hummingbirds. The Elemental realm has not been treated well by humanity these past tens of thousands of years, and can be understandably cautious in their interactions with us (one of the beauties of Machaelle Small Wright's work with nature has been to create a framework for such interactions that feels safe to Elementals). With Bonnie at my side in this project, the Elementals joyfully recognize one of their own (note: lately Bonnie has been focused on other things, but expects to become more actively involved again).

Update July 2009: As noted in EEH Newsletter #42 POLs began to be nominated and activated by others as well as by Russell. See EEH Newsletter #47 for additional update.

Update September 2012: Remaining nine POLs activated and full grid activated.

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The Ongoing Healing Potential of the Elemental POL Grid.

I marvel at the diversity of the locations in the grid, ranging from people's back yards to places held sacred by many for thousands of years, from ponds and streams to huge lakes and great rivers, from ocean shores to great mountains, from urban centers to remote wild places, from barren deserts to dense jungles and great trees of the Pacific Northwest rainforest. The grid was created with the energy of love and cooperation and is now available to support the healing of places where Mother Earth and the homes of the Elemental realms have been harmed by humans who have not yet remembered their oneness with all things. Is there a place like this near to your heart? With an open heart connect with the place and with the Elemental POL Grid. I have started making this a part of my Earth Healing practice when I am focused on a particular area that comes to my attention for healing. I'd love to hear from any of you who may feel called to work the the grid in this way.

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Elemental POL Location Maps (Google Earth kmz fill pending)

Below are POL locations in the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe and Asia):

and the Southern Hemisphere (South America/Antarctica, Africa and Australia/New Zealand):

Activated Points of Light. Note: When animals are mentioned below, they are Elementals taking the form of the animal perceived.

POL #1 Windgather Homestead, Bloomington, Indiana. Location: 5 miles northeast of Bloomington. Activated January 30, 2006. Tested out activation procedure between the two Grandmother Beeches on south side of south ridge. Elementals asked to be able to move the POL within the boundaries of the 36-acre homestead. They had some fun, making Russell dance like a fool.

POL #2 Middle Fork Yuba River, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Location: Swimming hole, several miles downstream from Route 49 crossing near Nevada City. Activated January 31, 2006. Bonnie and Russell were here in 2003. After activating POL #1 Bonnie heard Elementals from this location clammering to be next. During ceremony Russell perceived a vortex of water rising up from the river, and the Elementals told Bonnie that they plan to move the POL up and downstream from the activation point.

POL #3 Ohanapecosh River, Mt Ranier, Washington. Location: 100 yards downstream from campground bridge. Activated February 4, 2006. Bonnie and Russell have been here multiple times. Many small, round baby elves were tumbling over one another in their excitement to participate in the activation. After the activation, we perceived an infant POL. Elementals will move the POL up and downstream from the activation point.

POL #4 Tikal, Guatemala. Location: central plaza. Activated February 7, 2006. Russell did geological studies here in 1970. Bonnie perceived the Elementals here to be pixie-like with broad, oval-shaped faces, painted yellow and green from below the eyes down. They were very shy, hiding behind leaves when Russell addressed them. Bonnie got the impression that they wanted the POL activated, but weren't quite sure what to do with it. Russell sensed the presence of Jaguar spirit.

POL #5 Athos Peninsula, Greece. Location: stream flowing into Aegean Sea on east side of Mount Athos. Activated February 9, 2006. Russell visited here in 1972. Bonnie perceived two tall, solemn feminine figures on each side of the stream who said that although human masculine energy has dominated the area (women have not been allowed for more than 1000 years), energies at the Elemental level have been balanced. Russell perceived playful feminine sylphs who asked to use the POL to play harmless jokes on the Orthodox monks (Athos is a monastic center for the church)..

POL #6 North Cape, Norway. Location: North Cape overlook at end of road. Activated February 10, 2006. Russell saw the rays of the Midnight sun here on June 1, 1972. Bonnie perceived three kinds of Elementals--seal heads peeked up from the water, elfs with colorful Sami-like headgear, and wispy beings with their long gray, trailing garments the clearest feature. All seemed reserved to her, but willing to participate. Russell sensed them in a circle around the newly activated POL, which glowed like a campfire in the Arctic winter darkness. (Thanks to Elisabeth and Teije from the Netherlands for the photo).

POL #7 Izu Peninsula, Japan. Location: Middle of peninsula about thirty miles south of Mt. Fuji. Activated February 13, 2006. Russell stayed at a remote Inn here in December 1963. Bonnie perceived tiny angel-like beings in brightly colored silks zooming back and forth, and round rabbit-like creatures in the underbrush. When Russell was toning she saw a column of sound that the fairys slid down like a slide. Russell perceived the POL form as a whirlwind.

POL #8 Ben Nevis, Scotland. Location: Northwest flank of mountain. Activated February 15, 2006. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles; Russell climbed it in 1972 and Bonnie and Russell were there in 1994. Bonnie perceived wispy Wind Spirits like at the North Cape (POL #6) and gnarled grumpy but curious small men wearing heavy felted and knitted clothing. Russell perceived the POL form as a whirlwind.

POL #9 Rift Valley, Kenya. Location, Volcanic cinder cone east side of the Valley. Activated February 18, 2006. Russell was here in 1972. Bonnie perceived very tall (twelve feet), very thin, long-legged Beings and saw the POL as a ball of fire. Russell perceived the POL as a fiery vortex. The Beings move around the valley a lot (that's what the long legs are for).

POL #10 Bryhyer, Scilly Isles, Britain. Location: knoll on the west side of the island. Activated February 21, 2006. Bonnie and Russell were here in 1994. Bonnie perceived seal and otter heads peeking from the water, observing, and very small, friendly feminine fairies. They wanted to ask questions, but perhaps not of us, about how they could the use the POL for friendly mischief. Russell perceived an opening form at the top of the knoll where water, air, and fire melded to create the POL. Bonnie saw the POL as dim pulsing star that will eventually grow brighter.

POL #11 Buthir, Northwest Iceland. Location: South sideof Snaefellsness Peninsula. Activated February 24, 2006. Bonnie and Russell were here in 1978 and were entranced by the greenish sands formed from olivine crystals weathered from the volcanic rocks. Bonnie perceived very strange Beings who stuck their heads up from the sand wearing rock hats similar to the smooth bluish volcanic rocks in the picture. Russell cleared some unhelpful human energy from the area and perceived the point of light form within a whirlwind of sparkling green olivine crystals.

POL #12 Paradise, Mt Ranier, Washington. Location: Paradise overlook, south side of Mt. Ranier. Activated February 27, 2006. Bonnie was here several times in the 1960s and Russell and Bonnie have been here three times since 2000. The Elementals that Bonnie perceived here are wispy Wind spirits like at the North Cape (POL #6) and Ben Nevis (POL #8) and after the Ohanapechosh River activation (POL #3) clamored to be next. We asked them to wait until an initial world-wide grid was established. The wind Elementals were joined by several of our totem animals (wolf, elk, lynx, mountain lion) and some local wildlife (marmots and picas). Russell perceived the activation begin with a column of flame shooting into the sky and deep into the earth eventually shrinking to a small point of fire.

POL #13 Orcas Island, Washington. Location: Mountain Lake, Moran State Park. Activated March 9, 2006. Russell and Bonnie camped here September 2005. Bonnie perceived little gnome tree-men in the woods and on the lake the noses of water sprites, otters and muskrats sticking up from the water, making v-shaped wakes, dragonflys touching down making expanding circles in the water. Two very tall, shining angel Beings stood on opposite ends of the lake as the glowing POL formed in the middle of the lake. Russell perceived the POL to form as a phosphorescent glow.

POL #14 Kalaloch Beach, OlympicPeninsula, Washington. Location: On beach near tree shown in photograph. Activated March 11, 2006. Bonnie first visited this beach on the west coast of the Olympic Peninusla in 1966; Bonnie and Russell visited the beach in 2003 and 2004. Bonnie perceived a line of seals in the water facing the beach, heads bobbing up and down, and small brownie-like Beings with tightly fitting green and yellow caps came out the trees to sit down cross-legged on the beach. When Russell started toning they were startled, jumped up and ran about excitedly. Russell perceived water spouts form offshore and dust devils on the the beach as the POL was activated.

POL #15 Crater Lake (South), Oregon. Location: Energy vortex on south side of the Lake. Activated March 21, 2006. Russell and Bonnie visited Crater Lake in September, 2005, and found powerful energy vortices on the north and south sides of the Lake. Bonnie perceived silent Wind Spirits and small, gnarled Tree People. Representatives of our totem animals were also present (Elk for Bonnie and Mountain Lion and Raven for Russell). The Tree People asked if we planned to activate a POL on the north side as well (they wanted to use them to communicate with their cousins there). We had not orginally planned to, but agreed to their request. Russell perceived the POL form within the vortex surrounded by four magnificent conifers.

POL #16 Crater Lake (North), Oregon. (Photograph pending). Location: Energy vortex on north side of the Lake. Activated March 22, 2006. The small Tree People said they would like to move the POLs around the perimeter of the Lake, keeping them opposite each other. They seem to be very active and move around a lot. Russell perceived a rainbow connecting the POLs on the north and south sides of the Lake.

POL #17 The Sudd, southern Sudan. Location: Somewhere near the middle of the Sudd, a huge swamp the size of the state of Iowa. Activated March 25, 2006. Russell took the ten-day boat trip up the Nile and through the Sudd in September 1972 (the photo is of the north-bound boat). Bonnie perceived small aquatic Brownie-like Beings with matted vegatation capping their heads when they poked up from the water. To her surprise they said they remembered Russell. At first they gathered in several concentric rings around us. When Russell began toning, the first high note gathered many more from the the north and the second descending note gathered many from the south until they were as numerous as fireflies. Bonnie perceived a bolt of lightning from the air activate the POL as a glowing ball of swamp gas. Russell perceived the activation to occur beginning high in the atmosphere and as the notes descended the scale moving deep into the earthy muck. After the activation it felt like dozens of the Brownie-Beings were dancing on the palms of his outstretched hands.

POL #18 Lamu, Kenya. Location: Beach on east side of the island. Activated March 27, 2006. Russell visited this idyllic island on the southeast coast of Kenya in November, 1972. Bonnie perceived tall, powerful angelic-like Beings floating around a pillar of fire as the POL was activated. Russell fended off an attempt to interfere with the activation with a series of explosive breaths (this is the first time he has perceived any effort by the Loyal Opposition to interfere with this project) and perceived the POL as a fire on the beach.

POL #19 Friends Lake Community, Chelsea, MI. Location: Ampitheater-like area east of the Rothbart/Brodsky cabin. Activated March 28, 2006 (see also Sharing, July 2009). Russell's parents helped found this recreational community in the early 1960s and he has many happy memories here from the time of his early youth, and later with Bonnie. Most recently they were here in September 2005 when the Elementals here assisted Russell and others during an energy vortex activation. Russell perceived the presence of the Green Man and Bonnie perceived a large group of trooping fairies sporting a motly mix of medieval, gypsy and frontier garments, ranging from rag-tag to royal. When Russell asked for questions or comments before activating the POL an animated discussion ensued over the question of whether the POL should stay at the place of activation or whether they would be free to carry it with them on their travels in the area. Russell offered the suggestion (met with approval) that FLC serve as a home base for the POL but that the troop should feel free to take it on their travels. Russell perceive the POL form as an emerald-green light.

POL #20 Stout's Redwood Grove, California. Location: circle of trees in the center of the grove, which felt to Russell like the Grandmother of all Fairy Rings. Activated March 29, 2006. Russell and Bonnie visited here in September 2005. Our friend Martha from Vermont also participated. Bonnie perceived the grove encased in a milky opalescent sphere surrounded by angelic Beings which protected these magnificant trees which look strong, but are in a fragile state. The Elementals here were similar to the green- and yellow-capped Brownies at Kalaloch (POL #14). Martha perceived many small gossamer-winged fairy-like Beings flying around, which scattered and hid in the trees when Russell began toning funny, rapid-fire notes in a descending scale. The toning attracted the roly-poly water babies from the nearby river, like those that Bonnie first saw at Ohanapecosh River, Mt Ranier (POL #3). Martha saw a pillar of green-gold light and the POL was activated by a crashing bolt of lightning.

POL #21 Lady Bird Johnson Redwood Grove, California. Location: This grove is high in the California coastal range, Redwoods National Park. Activated April 20, 2006. Russell and Bonnie visited here in September 2004. Bonnie perceived columnar, opalesecent angelic Beings beside each tree and extending far above them, Brownies with tight caps, and small, earthy fungus creatures. When Russell asked if there were any comments or questions they beckoned us to get on with it. Russell perceived the POL forms as a will-o-the-wisp in the mists that surrounded the trees.

POL #22 Sebastian Head, Oregon. Location: whale-shaped rock rising out of the ocean. Activated April 21, 2006. Russell and Bonnie visited here in 2003 and 2005. Bonnie perceived many animals in the water--otters, seals, and a few whales--as pelicans, seagulls and a few ravens flew overhead. When Russell toned many small, brown scraggly root-like creatures with frizzy hair jumped up and down excitedly while two giant male water spirits sat with relaxed attitudes on the cliff. Russell perceived a whirlwind form where the the rock whale's spout would be and saw the POL form as a burning bush at the cliff's edge.

POL #23 Beard's Wheatfield, West Slope Tetons, Idaho-Wyoming. Location: the photograph overlooks this mostly barren limestone plateau. Activated April 25, 2006. Bonnie did geologic field studies here in 1973 and Russell served as her field assistant. Bonnie perceived the presence of various animal clans--pica, marmot, badger and bear busily going about their business. She also saw feminine wavy wind Spirits who were more personable that the impersonal wind spirits she has seen elsewhere. Russell looked around the surface for the new POL and didn't see anything. Later he realized that it must have formed in the cave system below the surface, which was Bonnie's perception as well.

POL #24 Table Mountain, West Slope Tetons, Wyoming. Location: Mesa west of Grand Teton (see right-hand side of photo). Activated April 30, 2006. Russell and Bonnie have been here several times since 1973; most recently Russell climbed it with his son Peter in 2000. Bonnie saw the impersonal wind Spirits here (as in POLs 6, 8, 12 &15), and small light-brown rock people who clattered when they moved. Russell saw condors (unexpected) and eagles flying overhead as the POL was activated by a hugh bolt of lightning. The rock people acted like pyromaniacs and fed the flame with small sticks. Russell saw the entire top of the mesa covered in a bluish glow.

POL #25 Cockpit Country, Jamaica. Location: Not specified. Activated May 23, 2006. Russell's visit as a boy to the rugged cockpit country in the summer of 1959 laid the seeds for a life-long love of karst limestone terrains. Bonnie perceived squat forest elementals with tight caps, and Russell saw the POL form in a cave.

POL #26 Plitvice National Park, Croatia. Location: Not specified. Activated May 23, 2006. Russell's visit to these magical lakes in the Dinaric Karst mountains in the summer of 1963 cemented his love for karst limestone landscapes. Bonnie perceived many fish-like elementals and wispy female water spirits. Russell perceived shimmery energies, like the northern lights and the POL formed as a will-o-the-wisp.

POL #27 The Sanctuary, near Grand Forks, British Columbia. Photo pending. Location: the Kiva. Activated June 26, 2006. The Sanctuary is a powerful energetic where Russell received an significant initiation related to his own spiritual path. He had no clear perceptions of the Elementals, except that all the sacred elements were represented as the POL was activated as a globe of white light near the top of the Kiva.

POL #28 Magic Hill, Ollala, Wasington. Photo pending. Location: opening at the top of the hill, surrounded by a cathedral of trees. Activated June 21, 2006. Russell had not expected to be activating POLs during his visit to the Northwest in June 2006, but this is the first of three places where the Elementals asked for one. Russell was very sorry to not have Bonnie's ability to "see" the Elementals more clearly. Russell's brother Philip and his wife Pam are caretakers of a sacred place called Magic Hill that looks over the channel separating the Olympic peninsula from Vashon Island. During a summer solstice ceremony the Elementals asked Russell to activate a POL, which he was happy to do.

POL #29 Dry Falls, Washington. Photo pending. Location: Base of the Falls. Activated June 27, 2006. See the July 2006 Newsletter for a description of the significance of this place. This is the first place Russell received more than vague perceptions of the Elementals. Small, blocky lava people lined the cliffs, small feminine water spirits swam in the large pool at the base of the dry falls, and small flying fairies swarmed in the air as the POL was activated by an etheric bolt of lightining on a very hot, sunny day.

POL #30 Long Pond, Cape Cod (South Yarmouth), Massachusetts. Photo pending. Location: Center of pond. Activated August 5, 2006. Several years before Russell swam out the the middle of this pond and activated/cleared an energy vortex. After the activation he had the sense of water nymphs swimming beside him as he swam back to shore. Russell activated the POL during a visit to Cape Code with his mother. Russell swam out to the location of the vortex and Bonnie's presence was represented by a pair of nearby white swans. Again, he perceived the water nymphs swimming with him, and small fairys flying overhead with dragonfly-like wings.

POL #31 Weeping Beech, Cape Cod (Barnstable) Massachusetts. Photo pending. Location: Under the drooping branches of the beech. August 5, 2006. This huge tree, hidden at the end of a short lane off of Route 6A in the north-cental part of the Cape, is one of the most amazing trees Russell and Bonnie have ever seen. Russell was first shown the tree by a long-time resident of the Cape around the year 2000, and he has taken Bonnie there several times. When Russell activated the POL on site he perceived Brownies with tight gray caps.

[Note: After a four-and-a-half month break, Spirit has guided us to resume this project. However, it will be a while before Russell has time to post photographs for most of the POLs]

POL #32 Walden Pond, Concord, Massachusetts. Photo pending. Location: On the west shore of the pond. Activated January 20, 2007. Bonnie and Russell have visited the pond on a number of occasions over the years, with one especially memorable visit in 2004 when they swam out to the middle of the pond. Bonnie perceived small brown, furry muskrat-, otter- and weasel- beings toiling along the snowy shore of the ice-covered pond, and saw the POL activated as a cold blue light.

POL #33 Parker Ridge, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo pending. Location: Large fossiliferous rock sticking out of the tundra overlooking Saskatchewan Glacier to the west. Activated January 23, 2007. Bonnie hiked here in 1966 and 1968, and Russell and Bonnie climbed the ridge in 2001. Bonnie perceived the tundra with swirling snow, and Elementals who participated in the activation included severe, wispy streaming Wind spirits, little Pica-beings snug in their hay-filled nests, and little, short trolls.

POL #34 Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Photo pending. Location: West end of lake. Activated February 1, 2007. Bonnie perceived the POL activated as the beginning of a small campfire at the edge of the lake, being fed gleefully by warmly dressed gnome-like beings as water nymphs and wind spirits eagerly gathered around. Russell sensed the full moon shining down on the lake.

POL #35 Mammonth Springs, Yellowtone National Park, Wyoming. Photo Pending. Location: Near center of the travertine formations of the hot springs. Activated March 2, 2007. Russell and Bonnie visited Yellowstone in the fall of 2002 on a memorable spiritual journey around the western U.S. Bonnie was positioned at the top of the springs at the edge of a scraggly forest. Russell was positioned on the board walk near the middle of the springs at the base of the upper formation that looks like a giant bear when viewed from the north. Bonnie perceived slippery, white watery sylph-like beings and little round gnome-like woods people. A few ravens sat in nearby trees and mountain lion and coyote were present. Russell perceived the POL form as a will-o-wisp at the top of the Bear's head above where he stood and across from where Bonnie stood. At the end, when Russell asked if anyone had anything to say, they said to go on to Lamar Valley and the ravens took off to meet us there (see next POL seeded on the same day).

POL #36 Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Photo Pending. Location: Aspen grove across the from the road and the hill that wolf watchers like to use. Activated March 2, 2007. Bonnie's etheric safe-place is here in a group of aspen that bend together and form a little circular shelter. There was snow on the ground and Bonnie perceived lots of animals move by in succession a little like time lapse photography: a pack of wolves streamed by, elk and buffalo were moving in from lower altitudes, and the beaver were starting to stir in their lodges. Coyotes pranced by and the ravens from Mammoth Spring were there. Beneath th snow Bonnie sensed the potential of the spring flowers and grasses. Russell and Bonnie both perceived the POL form as a campfire in front of the Aspen lodge.

POL #37 Will's Knoll, Owen County, Indiana. Photo pending. Location: At base of sacred wooded high knoll south of Spencer, Indiana. Activated March 4, 2007. This activation was a complete surprise for Russell who visited his friend Will to get some firewood. After the trailer was filled with firewood they hiked to the sacred knoll on his property, and they realized that there was a damaged female-polarized vortex at the base of the knoll. They cleared some very dark energies in the process of activating the vortex and the Elementals asked to have a POL activated there as well. The Ent-like spirit of a nearby magical tree and wood gnomes joined in the activation.

POL #38 Blackberry Spring, Owen County, Indiana. Photo pending. Location: Low wooded knoll on south side of pond. Activated March 5, 2007. This was another surprise POL activation when Russell visited the home of the parents of his friend Matthew, in the same county as the activation t he day before. Prior to this visit Russell had helped reconnect a major ley-line that followed an ancient Indian trail that had been severed by the pond. Matthew reported that the powerful Guardian Spirit of this ley-line was happy with the repair, and Russell was invited to activate a POL during this visit. The Guardian Spirit of this place was huge, and Russell perceived it standing on the ice of the pond where the ley-line had been reconnected as it towered above the tall pines where Russell was standing. According to Matthew this Spirit is one of the five major Guardian Spirits that reside in the state of Indiana.

POL #39 Palm Canyon Oasis, Anzo-Borrego State Desert Park, California. Photo pending. Location: At the oasis. Activated April 2, 2007. Russell and Bonnie visited this amazing oasis of native California palm trees which lies hidden up a barren canyon in the southern California desert on March 26, 2007. This is a popular hiking destination so we waited until our return to Indiana to return etherically to activate the POL. While there Russell surreptitiously reopened a damaged female polarized energy vortex where the trees were densest. During the activation Bonnie perceived desert animals watching quietly and patiently from the sides of the canyon: kit fox, jack rabbit, mountain lion, coyote, mountain sheep, and brown elf-like beings peeked from the dried fronds of the palms. Bonnie perceived the POL to form as a blue light in the waterfall at the edge of the oasis. Russell perceived it form as a glowing misty light in the middle of the palms where the vortex was activated.

POL #40 Grand View Vista, Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Arkansas. Photo pending.Location: Top of ridge above the overlook. Activated May 10, 2007. This part of Arkansas has the second highest concentration of quartz crystals on Earth (after Brazil) and Russell participated in an activation ceremony of Atlantean crystals in this powerful energy vortex thePark Lodge. After a follow-up ceremony at this amazing overlook to honor the Bigfeet who live in this pristine wilderness area, Russell climbed the steeply dipping rock face to the top of the ridge and activated this POL as the sun was setting. This place of fifth dimensional energy was so beautiful he kept his eyes open during the activation--the magic of the landscape was so captivating he had no etheric perceptions of the Elementals who participated in the activation (earlier they had him dancing like a fool for the people at the ceremony). The Bigfeet in the valley made their presence known by wispy smoke trails from campfires and agreed to also participate in nurturing this POL.

POL #41 Mirage Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo pending. Location: Glass-covered atrium with waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation just before entering the casino. Activated May 13, 2007. Russell went to Las Vegas to participate in some portal and crystal-grid activation work and found wonderful Elemental energies in this location. Russell stood on the bridge as people streamed by and quietly toned the POL into existence as dolphins cavorted in the ethers.

POL #42 Lake Mead, Nevada. Location: Picnic shelter overlooking Las Vegas Bay. Activated May 14. 2007. Russell visited here with Lightworker friends Sonnie, Sally, Sue and Paul for a crystal grid activation and he felt guided to activate a POL here as well. A hill of black lava loomed over the picnic area on a terrace covered with sparse desert vegatation. The giant guardian spirit of the hill participated in the activation of the POL.

POL #43 Moundville Archeological Park, Alabama. Photo Pending. Location: Middle of Mound A (Temple Mound). Activated May 23. 2007. Russell visited here with Bonnie and their daughter Kit and son-in-law Alex who live in Tuscaloosa to doing some energy clearing related to the ancient Indian mounds (see EEH Newsletter #19). When he completed the energy clearing work the Elementals came in strongly asking to have a POL activated. This had not been on Russell's agenda, but he happily complied, standing alone in the middle of the soccer-field-sized mound platform. When he opened his eyes, like magic, Bonnie, Kit and Alex had appeared on he north end of the mound to represent the Elemental energies in the physical plane.

POL #44 Galveston, Texas. Location: Condominium where E'Lara S. Hannah lives and works. Activated June30, 2007. E'Lara and Russell do a lot of Earth healing and crystal grid energetic work together, and during a session with our friend Meg it became evident that some mischief was ocurring as a result of water Elementals being cut off from the ocean as a result of the human developments on the island where Galveston has been built. We promised these Elementals to give them access to water, and activating a POL that would allow them to visit the streams at Windgather Glade as the central connecting point for all the POLs seemed like a good way to do this. Russell connected etherically from his home in Indiana to activate the POL on his 60th birthday. Update: On March 20, 2009 this POL was connected with the Moody Pyramid Complex in Galveston, a primary receivng point for the Cosmic Trigger (see POLs 92 through 103).

POL #45 Spirit Mound, near Vermillion, South Dakota. Location: Top of the Mound. Activated July 25, 2007. Spirit Mound is a natural hill left by the glaciers, a place considered magical by the Yankton Sioux, Omaha and Oto tribes and one of the few sites where it is known with certainty that Lewis and Clark actually stood during their expedition up the Missouri in 1804. Bonnie and I hiked to the top of the Mound enroute to the Black Hills with our friend Byron and Hayden who are less familiar with the Elemental realms. I felt guided to activate a POL while the four of us stood at the top of the hill. The Little People who inhabit the mound have been suspicious of humans since before the White Man came. The Tibetan crystal that I (Russell) carry that serves as a passport to identify me as a human who can be trusted, and Bonnie's strong Elemental energies helped overcome this mistrust.

POL #46 Harney Peak/Sylvan Lake, Black Hills, South Dakota. Location: Secluded hollow on the west side of the peak. Activated July 27, 2007. Bonnie and I had visited the Black Hills together in 2003 and were entranced by Sylvan Lake and the marvelous granite rock formations that surround it. Sylvan Lake had been on our original list of candidate places for POL activation. Our hike to the top of Harney Peak, highest mountain east of the Rocky Mountains and east of the Pyranees Mountains in France and Spain, and a place sacred to the native Americans of the the area was magical. The sculpted granite spires and ravines at the top was swarming with other hikers, but I was able to find a secluded spot on the west side of the peak to activate the POL. As I started the ceremony the giant sculpted rocks to the northwest of where I stood seemed to come alive. I proposed that the POL be shared with the water nymphs and other Elementals at Sylvan Lake, where the trail to the peak begins, and considerble deliberations, which also included Wind spirits, took place before this was agreed to.

POL #47 Ute Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Location: Rocky outcrop near trail rising from tundra before trail drops below timberline. Activated July 31, 2007. Bonnie and I have hiked the Ute trail many times since our early courting days and marriage in 1973. With this visit we were joined by our grown children, Abram, Peter, and Kit and Abe's wife Katrina, and Kit's husband Alex who all lead pretty normal 3D lives, but are accepting of the higher dimensional work that I (Russell) do. After we had had our lunch I climbed to the top of the rocky outcrop where we had eaten, and activated the POL.

POL #48 Long's Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Location: Top of the peak. Activated August 2, 2007. In 1970 Russell climbed Long's Peak (14,257 ft) with his 60-year-old father and in 1973 he climbed it with Bonnie before they were married. To mark his 60th birthday, Russell started out with his children and their spouses at 3 am (Bonnie came too, but with no intention to try to make it to the top--she remembered how hard it is). Of the six who hoped to attain the flat football-field-sized summit, only Russell and daughter Kit made it. Russell activated the POL with the help of small rock beings and wind spirits.

POL #49 Tomb Abraham, Hebron, Israel. Activated September 5, 2007. This was an unusual activation. If the West Bank is one of the most hotly disputed pieces of land on the planet, the Tomb of Abraham, deeply sacred to both Islam and Judaism, may be the most hotly contested piece of land on the West Bank. During the night, while I was working energetically in a higher dimensional state of awareness to help avert a major crisis at Hebron, I felt guided to activate and POL at the Tomb of Abraham. My conscious mind was not able to fully tune into what happened during the activation, but the Elementals here felt to me as embattled as the humans, and took a little convincing to participate in the project. My sense now is that they are happy to be a part of our work together. Note: Thanks to Sue08080's Hebron page at www.virtualtourist.com for the photograph.

POL #50 Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Activated September 14, 2007. This POL was activated at the recommendation of Mikah Elaya who has worked with the energies of sacred sites in the Canadian Rockies since the 1980s. Archangel Mikael calls this area the Abode of Angels, and fifth dimensional Elementals abound in this area. Russell's high sense perception was not refined enough to receive any perceptions of the Elementals here when he went there etherically and activated the POL. For more information about saced sites in the Canadian Rockies check out Mikah Elaya's website: http://angelictemple.homestead.com/sacredsites.html, and this link has more about Moraine Lake: http://angelictemple.homestead.com/morainegallery.html

POL #51 Home of the Queen of Devas, Southern British Columbia. Activated September 14, 2007. On August 16, twentieth anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, Russell joined a small group of six other Lightworkers at the Rock Creek Property owned by Sue and Paul in Southern British Columbia in a ceremony that gave the Queen of Devas a physical home on Earth. Native American sculptor Barry Coffin created the statute and Judith Moore brought through the information that it would hold the energies of the Queen of Devas.

Note: At this time the 144 Elemental Points of Light project has moved to a new phase, with members of the Earth Energy Healing Network becoming more actively involved in nominating locations and assisting with activations. As described below, some POLs are being activated simultaneously to make stronger energetic connections between certain areas.

Pacific Ocean Triad: EEH member Claire in New Zealand brought to Russell's awareness the significant energetic connection between northern New Zealand, Hawaii, and Rapa Nui (Easter Island), which form a triangle with about 4,000 miles on a side. Russell tri-located etherically to each of the locations described below. It was a little tricky keeping simultaneous awareness of each location, but he has had some practice doing this sort of thing. As the POLs were being activated, Russell sensed lines of light four thousand miles long connecting the three islands and then Archangel Ephraim came in thousands of miles above the Earth and the lines of light connected to form a tetrahedron. Toward the end of the activation Russell sensed the presence of Pele, and the guardian spirits from Anakena and Maitai Bay forming a triangle around him at he stood on the upper neutral vortex at Windgather Glade.

POL #52 Mauna Loa, Big Island, Hawaii. Activated October 31, 2007. Location: summit. Mauna Loa, with an elevation of 13,679 feet is the tallest peak on Hawaii. The last eruption of Mauna Loa took place in 1984. Russell visited Oahu in 1968 but has not been to the Big Island. Russell felt the presence of the Goddess Pele and small fiery creatures helped activate the POL which formed like burning rock. Note: Thanks to NASA/David Johnson for picture of 1984 lava flow.

POL #53 Anakena Beach, Rapa Nui (Easter Island). Activated October 31, 2007. Location: on the beach below the Ahu with six moai (statues). This beach is one of two sand beaches on the rocky island and is where the island's first settlers are believed to have landed. Russell perceived two tall male guardian spirits and many crab-like beings as the POL formed like a campfire on the beach. Note: Thanks to PBS for photograph (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/easter/explore/anakenabeach.html)

POL #54 Maitai Bay, North Island, New Zealand. Activated October 31, 2007. EEH member Claire provided the following information about this sacred site (and also the photograph): "Maitai Bay is a large double Bay, divided by a rocky outcrop. On the outcrop is an old pa site. A pa was a fortified village to which people retired in time of war. This particular pa has never been attacked or used in war. The path from the pa goes down the hill, over a hillock, and up to a crest of another hill. Down the far side of this hill is a great triangle of grassy open space which is an old marae site - a meeting place where people gathered when anything important happened or needed to be discussed. The whole area was the home of a great chief and deeply spiritual leader. It was recognised as a place of healing where anyone, regardless of tribe, could go and camp by the beach, feast off the abundant seafood and rest and meditate in the sun." During the POL Russell perceived two tall feminine guardian spirits present as the POL formed with rainbow colors at the tip of the peninsula that juts out into the bay.

POL #55 Lake Neusiedl, Austria. Location: Lange Lacke Nature Reserve, Apetlon. Activated November 1, 2007. EEH member Brigitte nominated Lake Neusiedl, which straddles the Austrian-Hungarian border and is the second largest steppe lake in Europe. It is an important location for migratory birds. Brigitte was vacationing here with her familly on All Saints Day and joined Russell to help activate the POL. Russell had no particular perceptions of this activation, but Brigitte reported that several weeks after the activation the Swedish Royal family visited the lake, the timing of which she felt was not accidental. Note: Thanks to the Austrian National Tourist Office for the picture (www.austria.info/).

Kailish-Uluru-Tsodilo Triad. Russell didn't quite realize what he was getting himself into when he etherically tri-located to these energetic power spots in Asia, Australia and Africa. His body started vibrating intensely when he made the connection from Windgather Glade. As with the Pacific Ocean triad, when the POLs were activated Russell perceived lines of energy (rainbow-colored this time) connecting the 5,000 mile distances between Africa and Tibet, Tibet and Australia, and the 6,700 mile distance between Australia and Africa, and AA Ephraim came in high above the Earth to anchor the tip of the tetrahedron.

POL #56 Mt Kailash, Tibet. Location: The summit. Activated November 2, 2007. The sacredness of Mt Kailash ( 21,778 ft) goes back long before recorded human history and is revered by the pre-Buddhist shamanic tradition of the Tibetan Bon, Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Russell perceived small-dragon-like creatures and many Bon spirits as the bonfire-like POL was activated. After it was activated it was moved down to the base of the Mountain. For more about Kailash see: http://www.sacredsites.com/asia/tibet/mt_kailash.html (where fine art prints of the photograh are available).

POL #57 Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia.Location: The summit. Activated November 2, 2007. This massive sandstone rock formation is sacred to the local aboriginal peoples in central Australia. Russell perceived small-lizard beings and strange tall creatures with stick-like legs that looked like stilts assisting with the activation, which formed like a campfire at the top of the rock and then was carried down to some caves. For more information about Uluru (and thanks to Wikipedia for the photograph): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uluru.

POL #58 Tsodilo Hills, Botswana. Location: Cave at Female Hill. Activated November 2, 2007. The quartzite Tsodilo Hills have been long sacred to the San Bushman of the Kalahari. Russell was introduced to them in the 1990s when he read Lauren's van der Post's Lost World of the Kalahari. Russell perceived Mantis and many San spirits as POL like a campfire was activated outside a cave. For more information (and thanks to the Botswana government for picture) see: http://www.botswana-tourism.gov.bw/attractions/tsodilo.html

Baikal-Mono-Titicaca Lakes Triad. Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman has identified Lakes Baikal, Mono and Titicaca as being intimately interconnected. As with earlier triads, Russell etherically tri-located for the activations. The three lakes form an almost straight non-Euclidean line on the Earth's surface. Baikal was first connected with Mono along/near the Earth's surface and then Mono was connected with Titicaca. At Titicaca a rainbow formed connecting it with Baikal with the newly activated POLs like pots of gold at each end.

POL #59 Lake Baikal, Siberia. Location: southeastern shore. Activated January 31, 2008. Water sprites and a Loch-Ness-like "monster" were present for the activation. Russell saw the POL form as a will-o-the-wisp on the lake's surface. Image source: http://www.irkutsk.org/baikal/gallery1.htm.

POL #60 Lake Mono, Nevada. Location: central tufa deposits. Activated January 31, 2008. Lake Mono is more than 1 million years old and more than 2 1/2 times as salty as the ocean. Russell perceived many tiny brine-shrimp beings and some Little People on the shore as the POL activated casting brightly-colored reflections agains the columns of mineral deposits. Source: Ian Parker http://parkerlab.bio.uci.edu/nonscientific_adventures/Mono%20Lake.htm.

POL #61 Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru. Location: Isla del Sol. Activated January 31, 2008. Water nymphs and some fish-like beings that Russell couldn't see clearly helped with the POL activation. Russell saw a glittering gold disk deep in the lake and the POL formed as a golden glow deep in the waters. Source of image: http://www.sacred-destinations.com/bolivia/lake-titicaca.htm.

South America-South Africa Mountain Triad. Procedures for this activation were similar to those used for the Kailash-Uluru-Tsodilo triad. Before the POLs could be fulllyl activated Russell had to do some karmic clearing of Atlantean energies (Capetown) and Lemurian energies (Machu Picchu) first. This had never happened in this context before and was a little disconcerting for Russell. The POL activations took place alongside the karmic clearing and since Russell was focused on the clearing part he didn't have much in the way of perceptions of the POL activations except that they looked like the first rays of sunrise appearing at each of the sites.

POL #62 Machu Picchu, Peru. Activated January 31, 2008. Well-known ancient Incan city with a strong melding of Earth and solar energies. POL activated on Huayna Picchu, the pyramidal peak that rises 3,000 feet above the ruins. For more on the energetics of this sacred place see: http://www.earth-keeper.com/machupicchuarticle.shtml. Image thanks to Children of the Sun Planetary Grid Transmissions Project.

POL #63 Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa. Activated January 31, 2008. I don't know much about this site except that it feels like it has strong solar energies associated with it. Thanks to Dehon for more information. Image source: http://groups.ysn.com/groups6444.06558/mp_table_mountain.jpg


POL #64 Los Torres del Paine National Park, Chile. Activated January 31, 2008. This area on the very southern tip of Chile has strong crystalline heart energy that is closely aligend with the AA Michael vortex of the Canadian Rockies--POL #50 (http://www.earth-keeper.com/torresdelpainearticle.shtml) Image source: http://www.8wwc.org/images/credits/Torres%20del%20Paine%20john%20mitt.jpg .

POL #65 Mt Galeras, Colombia. Deep in the magma chamber. Activated January 31, 2008. Galeras is Colombia's most active volcano and fresh activity in mid-January was time-encoded to activate energies of the New Lemuria. In December Russell had made energetic conncetions between the Baboquivari Mountains in Arizona, Galeras and Mt Kailash. The goddess Pele was present and the POL was activated deep within the magma chamber and it being tended by molten-lava beings. Image source: http://www.volcano.si.edu/world/volcano.cfm?vnum=1501-08=.

Enchanted Rock-Sedona-Shasta Triad. See EEH Newsletter #30 for story of how the Elementals communicated that Russell should be giving the POL project a higher priority. He trusts that they will forgive him if he does not go into detailed descriptions of his perceptions for each activation.

POL #66 Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg, Texas. Activated April 12, 2008. One of the most powerful energy spots in the southwest with strong connections to Sedona and Ayers Rock. For more on the energies here see: http://www.earth-keeper.com/enchantedrockarticle.shtml. Image thanks to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department:

POL #67 Sedona, Arizona. Activated April 12, 2008. Another powerful energy spot in the Southwest. Image thanks to Children of the Sun Planetary Grid Transmissions Project.


POL #68 Mt Shasta, California. Activated April 12, 2008. Heart Chakra of the Earth. Image thanks to Children of the Sun Planetary Grid Transmissions Project.


Black Dragon-Yellow-Yangtze-Pearl Rivers (China River Quartet). Strong dragon energy was involved in these activations which Russell etherically quadrulocated to activate, beginning at the mouth of the Black Dragon, upper reaches of the Yellow and Yangtze and mouth of the Pearl River, then while the POLs were being activated he was guided to activate "Twin Flame" POLs for each river so that each one had one at the mouth and upper reaches. [More information to follow if Spirit ever *provides* the time].

POL #69 Amur/Heilong Jiang/Black Dragon River. Activated April 20, 2008, near mouth.



POL #70 Huang He/Yellow River. Activated April 20, 2008, near Xunhua in eastern Qinghai .



POL #71 Yangtze/Chang Jiang. Activated April 20, 2008, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan Province..



POL #72 Jhu Jiang/Pearl River. Activated April 20, 2008, delta area (thanks to NASA for photo). Pink dolphins present



Halfway to completion! POL activations in May below seemed related to work that the Earth Energy Healing Network was doing with Ancient Earth Grids related maintly to Atlanits and Lemuria.

POL #73 Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia. Activated May 12, 2008, in preparation for May 16-17 medicine wheel ceremonies for Earth healing connected to Uluru (POL #57) and this site.


POL #74 Medicine Wheel, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming. Activated May 12, 2008 in preparation for May 16-17 medicine wheel ceremonies for Earth healing connected to Uluru (POL #57) and this site.


POL #75 Mt Denali, Alaska. Activated May 17, 2008.



POL #76 Damanhur, Valchiusella, Italy. Activated May 17, 2008. Thanks to http://www.littletree.com.au/europepictures.htm for image.



POL #77 Tiahuanaco, Las Paz, Bolivia. Activated May 17, 2008. Thanks to Children of the Sun for image.



Mid-June Activations: Three POL triads were activated in mid-June in preparation for the Full Moon/Summer Solstice work by the Earth Energy Healing Network and many others. Russell is about to head out for Yellowstone and will write more later. The significance triads seem to relate to stability in China (Three-Sacred Mountains Triad), stabilization in the southwest quadrant of the Pacific Rim Ring of Fire (Fuji-Agung/Batur-Krakatoa Triad), and stabilization of the New Madrid fault in the Midwest (Isle Royal-Cahokia-Serpent Mound) which also relates to the Atlantean Grid.

POL #78 Wu Tai Shan, Shaanxi Province, China. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.sacredsites.com for image.


POL #79 Tai Shan, Shandong Province, China. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to Wikipedia for image.



POL #80 Hua Shan, Shaanxi Province, China. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.sacredsites.com for image.



POL #81 Mount Fuji, Japan. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.britannica.com for image.



POL #82 Agung and Batur Volcanoes, Bali, Indonesia. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to Jack Lockwood, U.S. Geological Survey for image.


POL #83 Krakatoa, Indonesia. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.atmos.washington.edu for image.



POL #84 Isle Royal, Lake Superior, Michigan. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.seagrant.umn.edu for image.


POL #85 Cahokia Mounds, Illinois. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.nps.gov for image.



POL #86 Serpent Mound, Ohio. Activated June 14, 2008. Thanks to www.britannica.com for image.



This Mesoamerican triad was activated while Russell was at the Gathering of One at West Yellowstone.

POL #87 Teotihuacan, Mexico. Activated June 18, 2008 (full moon). Russell visited here in the summer of 1959 when he was 13 years old.


POL #88 Chichen Itza, Mexico. Activated June 18, 2008 (full moon).



POL #89 Palenque, Mexico. Activated June 18, 2008 (full moon).



POL #90 Old Faithful Geyser Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Activated June 20, 2008. Russell activated this POL before sunrise, on his way to the Yellowstone Star Dance. Very strong dragon energy was present.

POL #91 St Francis Bay, South Africa. Activated February 14, 2009 (Valentine's Day). After quite a hiatus the Elemental POL project resumed with this activation assisted by fellow crystal worker Helena Esperandieu whose family lives in St Francis Bay. This area of South Africa is known for its magical Fynbos vegetation and the Elementals are not quite like any I have seen anywhere else. They were a bit shy at first, but the POL when activated like fireworks wonderful dancing ensued.

Spring Equinox March 20, 2009. Twelve Element POLs were activated in conjunction with what AA Metatron through Tyberonn calls the Cosmic Trigger of March 2009 for recreating the Magno-Crystalline Firmament to Earth. The initiation of this began on March 20 with the reactivation of long dormant magnetic codes in 14 specific generation points. Two of the 14 generation points already had activated POLs (Iceland POL11, and Yellowstone POLs 35,36 &90). Russell activated the POLs in the 12 remaining generation points in four groups of three. A marvelous diversity of Elementals participated, but Russell was in such an altered state during these activations it is hard for him to provide details here.

POL #92 Ben Mor, Isle of Mull, Scotland. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #93 Pyranees Mountains, Huesca Province, Spain. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #94 Ekaterinburg/Ural Mountains, Russia. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #95 Bethlehem, Israel. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #96 Mt. Kilamanjaro Tanzania. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #97 Sri Pada (Adams Peak) Sri Lanka. Activated March 20, 2009. Sri Pada has been called Buddhism's Most Sacred Mountain.


POL #98 Chan Chan, northern Peru. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #99 Tumac Humac Mountains, northern Brazil. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #100 Kona, Hawaii. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #101 Nagasaki, Japan. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #102 Great Artesian Basin, Australia. Activated March 20, 2009



POL #103 Aoraki/Mt. Cook, South Island, New Zealand. Activated March 20, 2009. Highest mountain in New Zealand.


Spring Equinox Full Moon, April 9, 2009. The influx of energies associated with the Cosmic Trigger of March 2009 on March 20 continued through to the Full Moon on April 9. The two primary receiving points for these energies were the Pyramids at Giza in Egyptl and the Moody Pyramids at Galveston, Texas, and seven other major receiving points were identified by AA Metatron. Russell felt guided to help activate Elemental POLs at the seven locations where POLs had not already been activated (Galveston and Chichen Itza. The activation sequence was complex, with the Saqqara Pyramid in Egypt (not identified in the Metatron channeling) also being brought in as POL #111. The triadic sequence was as follows: 1) Giza-Saqqara-Red Pyramid Egypt, 2) Louvre Pyramid Paris-Moody Pyramids Galveston-Summum Pyramid Salt Lake City, 3) Chichen Itza (already activated)-Airateswara Temple-Brihadishwara Temple South India, and 4) Angkor Wat Cambodia-Borobudur Indonesia-Phi Mai Temple, Thailand. Russell felt very strong fire energy at the Egyptians pyramids and the POLs were activated as flames at the tops of each pyramid. Fire energy was also strong at the Louvre Pyramid in Paris and the Summum Pyramid in Salt Lake City with the POLs activated like molten rock in the Earth below the surface. At this point Russell realized that the Moody Pyramids at Galveston and Dolphins were holding water energy. The original activation at Chichen Itza was at the Temple of Kulkulcan (see original POL #88 image) but this time Russell found himself at the "El Caracol" Observatory Temple and felt strong energies of the element Air which was also present at the South India Temples. The forth group (Meru Phi Temples in Cambodia and Thailand and the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia) felt to have strong Earth energies.

Three of the receiving points are energetically significant places where modern pyramids have been constructed (mostly without the conscious awareness of the designers) to enhance the energies. The Modern Pyramids provides additional information about these and other modern pyramids.

POL #104 Pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Activated April 9, 2009. Fire energy. Russell was at the Giza Pyramids in early August, 1972, at the time of the Sirian Experiment (click on Bookmarks and to to Section 7.4.2) which saved the Earth from being destroyed at the time of the Great Solar Proton Event (go to Section 5.4.1).

POL #44 Moody Pyramids, Galveston, Texas.. Activated June30, 2007, revisited March 20, 2009 (Equinox) and April 9, 2009 (Full Moon). Water energy anchored by dolphins. (See Modern Pyramids link above for more information)


POL #105 Louvre Pyramid, Paris, France. Activated April 9, 2009. Fire energy. (See Modern Pyramids link above for more information)


POL #88 Chichen Itza, Mexico. Activated June 18, 2008 (full moon), revisited April 9, 2009 (full moon). Air energy. Russell visited Chichen Itza in the summer of 1970 after doing geologic field work at Tikal (POL #4)


POL #106 Summum Pyramid, Salt Lake City, Utah. Activated April 9, 2009. Fire energy. (See Modern Pyramids link above for more information)



POL #107 Meru Phi Temples of Thailand and Cambodia. Activated April 9, 2009. Earth energy. It took a little detective work to identify these locations. Mount Meru is a sacred mountain in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Cosmology. Ankor Wat in northwestern Cambodia is designed to represent Mt Meru. The Phi Mai Khmer Temple in southeastern Thailand is also designed in the 5 Mountain style with Mt. Meru in the center. A Royal Road built around 1200 AD connected Phi Mai Temple with Angkor Wat. See, also February, 2015 report on further activation at POL#107

POL #108 Borobudur, Java Indonesia. Activated April 9, 2009. Earth energy. For more information see: Borobudur



POL #109 Brihadishwara Temple, Thanjavur, and Airateswara Temple, Darasuram, Tamil Nadu, South India. Activated April 9, 2009. Air Energy. For more information see: Brihadisvara_Temple and Airavatesvara_Temple

POL #110 Red Pyramid, Dashur, Egypt. Activated April 9, 2009. Fire energy.



POL #111 Saqqara Pyramid, Egypt. Activated April 9, 2009. Fire energy. Russell climbed this pyramid on August 6, 1972.


New Moon/Solar Eclipse, July 22, 2009. The Curragh (County Kildare), Lough Gur (County Limerick) and Skellig Michael (County Kerry), were activated by EEH member Stephanie and Nora in Ireland, and Russell tuning in from Windgather Glade. In a westward sequence. we focussed 5 minutes on the Curragh, then 5 on Lough Gur, and then 5 on Skellig, starting at 2 pm Irish time (12 hours after the eclipse). Mercury, Moon, then Sun will be crossing the midheaven then, in that order. Mercury first for the Curragh (Mercury related to horses running), Lough Gur next for the Moon, and Skellig Michael last for the Sun.

POL #112 The Curragh, Co. Kildare, Ireland Activated etherically July 22, 2009; followup ceremony September 9, 2009. Russell perceived rainbow colors during the activation here.

POL #113 Lough Gur, Co. Limerick, Ireland Activated July 22, 2009. Stephanie writes: Lough Gur is soon to be declared a world heritage centre. There is a circular stone enclosure which seems ceremonial, and a beautiful lake two fields away which glows in the dark. There are lots of electric blue damsel flies around the shore in the summer. Across the lake are several small stone circles on a hill, and at the far end is a deep cave known as the Gateway to Tir na Nog ((Fairyland) again! Russell perceived pearly colors during this activation.

POL #114 Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry, Ireland Activated July 22, 2009. More to come on Skellig Michael. Russell perceived bright yellow colors during this activation.


POL #115 West Kennet Long Barrow, Wiltshire, England. Activated August 6, 2009 (Full Moon). Report from Jim on-site: We had our ritual, and the energy there was palpable and audible. It felt like Wiltshire lit up like a beacon. For more information see West Kennet Long Barrow and pictures.

POL #116 Port aux Choix, Newfoundland, Canada Activated August 10, 2009. See Sharing for more about this activation. See also geology and history.


POL #117 Gritman Oils Garden, Friendswood, Texas Activated September 13, 2009. Russell joined by phone EEH member Meg and Dancing Feather, a First Nation friend from British Columbia for a lovely ceremony. This garden has a special eneregetic connection with the United Nations, and the presence of the many plant Devas was palpable.

POL #118 Dauphin Island, Alabama. Activated January 7, 2010. Russell and his granddaughter Petra activated the POL with the magnificant Spirits of the Ancient Oaks presiding. See Sharing for more about this activation.

Four Activations in India/Pakistan. EEH member Brigitte f rom Austria (see POL#55) was guided to go to India in January and felt guided spontaneously to activate POLs at four locations. Spirit blocked email communcations with Russell until after her return to Austria, making it clear that Russell does not necessarily have to be aware at the time POL activations take place. This worked well, with Russell connecting later to help interconnect the POLs with Windgather Glad and the other POLs.

POL#119 Golden Temple of Amritsar, Punjab, India Activated January 20, 2010. As part of this activation Brigitte was guided to engage in some energetic clearing at the Golden Temple of Amritsar, the most siginificant place of worship of the Sikhs. Russell experienced the need for this when he tuned in as well.

POL#120 Waghah Border Crossing India-Pakistan Activated January 20, 2010. The border between Pakistan and India has long been a source of conflict. At this border every evening there is a Joint Ceremony of lowering the flags. Both Brigitte and Russell experienced a clearing of old energies during the activation.

POL#121 Rathambore National Park, India Activated January 24, 2010. Brigitte's visit to this National Park, which is a reserve for Tigers was the happiest experience of her trip to India. The Elementals asked that a POL be activated here.

POL#122 Taj Mahal, India Activated January 26, 2010. Brigitte sensed this activation helped anchor the Taj Mahal's magnificant expression of love with energies of Unconditional Love. When Russell reconnected he felt a joyful familiariaty, having visited in 1963 when he was fifteen, and having been blessed to see the Taj Mahal glowing in the light of the full moon.

POL#123 The Burren, Co.Clare, Ireland Activated February 14, 2010. The karst limestone barrens of the Burren have long called to me, though I haven't been there in this lifetime. When POL#116 was activated across the Atlantic at the limestone barrens at Point Aux Choix Newfoundland, I knew that a POL here would help connect North America and Europe.

POL#124 Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire, West Wales Activated February 14, 2010. It is a marvelous synchronicity that EEH member Vivienne in Wales nominated Pentre Ifan, a place I visited with Bonnie and our four teen-aged children in 1994. It was great fun to return there etherically for this activation, a place known for its strong Elemental energies. See, for example: http://www.stonepages.com/wales/pentreifan.html and http://home.clara.net/trallwyn/pentreifan.html

POL#125 Silvermine Nature Preserver, near Capetown South Africa. Activated early March, 2010 by EEH member Juanita, anchored by Russell at Windgather Glade during Spring Equinox Ceremony (see below). See Sharing.

Spring Equinox, March 20, 2010. Eight POLs were activated during a Ceremony at Windgather Glade with EEH members Helena and Juanita joining from South Africa, and EEH members Francie, Laurie, and Sharon in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, respectively. After the activation, Russell noticed an interesting symmetry and balance in the 8 POLs, starting with the fact that there were eight, the number of balance. If you look at the sequence there are two natural sites (mountain and lake, balancing masculine and feminine energies), at the beginning and two natural sites (lake and forest, also balancing feminine and masculine energies). The middle four sites have a human presence, the first two with masculine energy and the second two with feminine energy.

POL#126 Tuscarora Ridge, Pennsylvania. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Sharon.

POL#127 Lake Tahoe, California. Activated March 20, 2010.

POL#128 Glastonbury Tor, England. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Laurie.

POL#129 Tintern Abbey, Wales. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Laurie.

POL#130 Delphi, Greece. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Laurie.

POL#131 Rennes Le Chateau, France. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Laurie.

POL#132 Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH member Laurie.

POL#133 Ross Creek Cedar Grove, Montana. Activated March 20, 2010. Nominated by EEH Member Francie.


POL#134 Tablelands and Gros Morne Mountain, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. Activated September, 2010, during Newfoundland Sacred Journey. See EEH Newsletter #54.

POL#135 Stewart Mineral Springs, near Mt. Shasta, California. March 4, 2011.



Completion of the Initial POL Grid on the Equinox, September 22, 2012. Below are nine POLs which will be/have been activated bringing the total number to 144.

POL#136 Polly's Back Yard, Chester, VT. The second image shows what appears to be a fairy flying by Polly's back door during the flooding from Hurricane Irene in 2011. Nominated by EEH Member Polly.

POL#137 Varanasi, Benares, India. Varanasi on the Ganges River is a holy place for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. Nominated by EEH member Brigitte.


POL#138 Montsegur, Midi-Pyrenees region, France. Location of the last stronghold of the Cathar resistance in the Middle Ages, and a place with strong Mary Magadalen energy. Nominated by EEH member Brigitte.


POL#139 Pat's Yard, Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania. EEH member Pat nominated Mount Wolf as the location of a major vortex on an important leyline. She later communicated that this vortex is connected to Oostrepaark in Amsterdam and Surabaya in Indonesia.

POL#140 Emerald Mound, Natchez Trace, Mississippi. One of the largest ceremonial mounds in the United States occupied between 1250 and 1600 AD. Nominated by EEH member Rick.

POL#141 Walchensee, Bavaria, Germany. One of the largest and deepest apline lakes in Germany. Nominated by EEH member Rita.

POL#142 Hampstead Heath and Kings Cross, London, England. These two locations which are just a few miles apart are among a number of locations nominated by EEH member Glen who has been working with Elemental energies in the London area. The second image is of Platform 9 3/4 at of Harry Potter fame at Kings Cross Station (the luggage cart is set to look like its going throughy the bricks).

POL#143 Axum, Ethiopia. Location of an ancient kingdom, where the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was establised in 356 AD and a placeof refuge and protection in th early days of Islam. Nominated by EEH member Rachel.

POL#144 Lemair Channel and Booth Island, Antarctic Peninsula. The spiritual center of Earth is moving to the southern hemisphere as part of the Planetary transformation that is underway, so it is fitting that the 144th POL on the seventh continent.


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