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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #60
April 4, 2014

Dear Earth Healers,

For those of you who received my post-Equinox Great Shift Newsletter know that energetically it's felt like being in stop-and-go traffic for me lately. Recently at a 3D level things went to all go with my environmental work and I'm juggling four projects right now, and with the weather finally warming up enough for work in the garden I've realized that it's time to send out a newsletter, even if it's not as complete as I'd like it to be.

In January I compiled a list of all the Peridotite seeding locations for the Upper Mantle project and there have been no new seedings since then that I know of. Here is a map showing the locations (locations are listed below):

Peridotite Seeding Locations--Primary Anchor Point (T): The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada; Secondary Anchor Point (H): Hightop Mountain, Fletcher, North Carolina, U.S.

#1 Fidalgo Island, Puget Sound, Washington, U.S., August 30, 2011 by Russell.

#2 Upper Chrome Barrens, SE Pennsylvania, U.S., September 22, 2012 by EEH member Pat (stone from Giza, Egypt was also placed as a seeding companion).

#3 Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens, SE Pennsylvania, U.S., September 23, 2012, by EEH member Amy and companion.

#4 East Dover, Vermont, U.S., September 23, 2012, by EEH member Polly and Russell.

#5 Etang de Lers, Pyranees, France, Full Moon, September 29, 2012 by EEH friend Sylvie.

#6 Coal Creek Serpentinite, Llano County, Texas, U.S., October 6, 2012 by EEH members Meg, Margaret, Celesete and son Emmanuel (who placed the stone). Auxiliary seeding at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area (Elemental POL#66).

#7 Blunn Creek Nature Preserve near St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas, U.S., mid-October, 2012 by EEH member Celeste.

#8 Selway River at Swiftwater Creek Bridge, Lowell area, Idaho, U.S., October 25, 2013 by EEH member Francie.

#9 Attiki Metro Station, Central Athens, Greece, November 14, 2012 by EEH member Ellis. Auxiliary seeding at Davelis Cave, Mount Penteli, Athens on December 9, 2012.

#10 Serpentine area in De Kaap Valley Pluton north of Barberton, South Africa, February, 2012 by EEH friend Delia.

#11 Kilbourne Hole, SE New Mexico, U.S., April 28, 2013 by EEH member Allee and friend. Auxiliary seeding near Silver City, NM is planned.

#12 The Lizard, Cornwall, England, UK, June 23, 2013 (Full Moon) by EEH member Ken.

#13 Knockdolian Hill, Colmonell, Ayrshire, Scotland, UK, July 31, 2013 by EEH member Tom and companion Sue. Auxiliary seeding near Whithorn Priory.

#14 Silgachan, Isle of Skye, Scotland, UK, October 9, 2013 by EEH member Ken.

#15 Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, Arkansas, U.S., October 16, 2013 by Russell. Auxiliary seeding at Queen Wilhelmina State Park, Mena, AR with EEH member Allee and friend Jordan.

. #16 Le Chatelard near Lyon, France, November 15, 2013 by EEH members Thomas and Emelina.

#17 Pingendorf Serpentine Quarry, Austria, November 20, 2013 by EEH member Brigitte.

A pattern has emerged, with all the seedings in the northern hemisphere except for one in South Africa (#11). I've had a sense that the initial phase of the project has assisted in stabilizing and restoring energetic grids that were damaged in connection with the destruction of Atlantis (note the locations going up the east coast of the U.S to Newfoundland to Scotland, England and down to the Pyrenees around the north Atlantic ocean where most sources I've seen place Atlantis). There have also been seedings in Arkansas, Texas and New Mexico along an ancient collision zone between the North American and South American plates (the Ouachita orogeny), which I sense are providing a stabilizing influence in the area of the New Madrid fault zone.

An interesting aspect of the project is that the Peridotite stones themselves have communicated to me and others who have received them a clear sense of when and where they wish to be placed. Some of you have expressed interest in receiving stones and if you haven't received one, it may just be a matter of timing. If we've had some communication and you still feel called, please send me a reminder, and if anyone else now feels them calling, please let me know by sending me and email.

EEH members who have placed Peridotite seed stones have shared beautiful pictures and some day I'll find time to create a web page where they can be viewed. In the meantime, here is a photo of me leaning against a block of Peridotite at Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas.

I'd like to close by reminding everyone who reads this that just by being who you are, where you are, you are supporting Mother Earth.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #59 and Great Shift Newsletter #46
Equinox September 22, 2013

Dear Earth Healers and Great Shifters,

Blessed Equinox to All from Windgather Glade the Sacred Place on our homestead in southern Indiana that anchors all my Great Shift and Earth Healing work.

Six months ago I announced that I would be going on sabbatical and it has been a good one. It has been a time mostly focused on gardening (it's been a fabulous year for gardening in southern Indiana), family, home and homestead projects. That focus will continue because a big part of the Great Shift process is for those of us who are aware that something wonderful is happening on Planet Earth to become and remain grounded in the physical plane.

The picture above is the Mineral Array that formed on Windgather Glade Altar for the March Equinox and the beginning of my Sabbatical. Earlier this month I felt an energy shift and realized that it was time to more actively resume my Great Shift and Earth Healing work, but to continue to pay attention to remaining grounded in the loving energies of family, place and community of friends in the Bloomington area. This is the array that formed recently on Windgather Alter that gave a premonition of this shift in energies:

As for the Great Shift, nine months into Year One of the New Earth, I'm not sure I have anything really new to say. For folks in tune with the energy influxes, the intensity never seems to let up. Part of me had hoped that the intensity would let up, but instead even with my waking hours focused mostly on 3D things it feels like I've continued with heavy energetic lifting 24/7. My Dreamtime is extremely active but the dreams have been incoherent for the most part because my sense is that for me it is best for most of the energies coming in and being released to bypass the conscious mind. I know lots of folks who also feel like the heavy energetic lifting continues with little respite. I am also grateful for the many Anchoring Lightworkers, whether they recognize themselves as such or not, who naturally stay grounded and bring great Light by simply being who they are. And I continue to be grateful for the many social-change activists who con tinue with the seemingly thankless work of chipping away at the crumbling edifices and foundations of old-energy economic, political, social and religious institutions, and for the countless innovators who are envisioning and creating the ways that will make the New Earth something more amazing and wonderful than I am able to imagine right now.

To the members of the Earth Energy Healing Network who have joined since I went on sabbatical, and those who signed up to receive the Great Shift Newsletter during this time, welcome! And many thanks to those EEH members who felt the call to keep the Upper Mantle Project going during the last six months. Peridotite seedings have taken place in New Mexico, The Lizard at Cornwall, England and in southwestern Scotland. Eventually I will get a page posted on the website with photographs of the beautiful places around the planet where seedings have taken place. Something new and interesting is developing in my Earth Healing work which I look forward to sharing more in future EEH Newsletters.

In the meantime friends, stay grounded. The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #58 and Great Shift Newsletter #45
Equinox March 20, 2013

Dear Earth Healeres and Great Shifters,

Blessed Equinox to All, and welcome to Year 1 of the New Earth. Though for years I have been suggesting that we not expect anything dramatic to happen on December 21, 2012, I have to admit that there was a part of me that was hoping that the day might involve some notable event heralding a beginning that everyone in the world couldn't help but take note of. If there was such an event, I somehow managed to miss it. Yet many folks I know who are in tune with the changing planetary energies sensed a big energetic shift on the December Solstice. I felt this shift as a sense that there is only one direction now for the collective journey that humanity and Mother Earth is on, and that is to continue forward into the uncharted territory that we are co-creating together.

The Great Shift as an Ongoing Journey (2). I have also have to admit that part of me had hoped that after the 2012 December Solstice things would start to feel easier for all Lightworkers and Balanceworkers who have been consciously engaged in supporting Mother Earth and Humanity during this time of great change. I rejoice when I see and hear from those for whom this has happened. For myself (as I share more about below), and many I work closely with, the intensity and challenges of the last six months, whether they be bodily physical adjustments or changing life situations, have ramped up rather than eased up. If anyone reading this Newsletter has been feeling this as well, know that you are not alone.Friends, whereever we are and whatever our life situation, we are in this together, and I thank each of you for the part that you bring to the larger whole that is more than the sum of the parts.

The Great Shift as Personal Journey (2). There was a short period of time leading up to the December 2012 Solstice when I had a taste of the lightness and joy that will eventually be the New Earth norm. In my previous Great Shift Newsletter I shared that I had been in a sort of void space where I had no idea what direction my life would be taking. For months I felt like my inner compass was simply spinning round and round. That, combined with a series of colds, bronchitis and the flu, has made for an interesting entry into Year 1 of the New Earth. As an aside, so many I know have been experiencing health challenges in the last six months. I see these challenges as powerful and effective ways for releasing energies that no longer serve, and also as providing energetic recalibrations of our physical bodies as the overall energies on the planet continue to move to higher and higher vibrational states.My inner compass has stopped spinning and is pointing in a direction that I did not anticipate. It is almost eight years since I created the Great Shift and Earth Energy Healing websites. I'm a year overdue for a sabbatical, and it feels like time to take one. Windgather Homestead calls to me, the garden especially and so many projects that have been put on the back burner.I don't know how long the sabbatical will last, but rest assured that I will be returning to the Great Shift and Earth Energy Healing websites with renewed energy and focus. I am here on Earth for the long haul, and feel it is likely that this body will be around for at least another 25 or 30 years.

Earth Energy Healing Network Update. It is more than six months since I last sent out an EEH Newsletter. Much has happened during that time. The initial 144 Elemental Points of Light Grid was completed on the September, 2012 Equinox. Peridotite seedings for the Upper Mantle Project and Pangaean Grid continue (seedings that I have participated in myself or received confirmation of have taken place in Idaho, several locations in Pennsylvania, several locations in Texas, Vermont, central France and the Pyrenees, several locations in Greece, including downtown Athens, and South Africa). There are many wonderful pictures and stories to share and I will eventually. Even while I am on sabbatical my sense is that the Peridotie seeding project will continue. Please to not hesitate to communicate with me directly if you have already received one or more seed stones and have been able to place them, or if you feel called to participate in this project. My email is: jrb-eeh@bluemarble.net.

In the meantime friends, stay grounded. The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Please use this link to access Newsletters 53 Addendum through 57

Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #53
May 4, 2011

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 450 members, in 43 countries, forty-four states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia, including our first members from Malaysia and Trinidad. Welcome!

The intensity never seems to let up for those of us who are committed to supporting Mother Earth and humanity in the great energetic transformation that is underway. Since the earthquake/tsunami in Japan in March I have been in communication with so many people who have been feeling the upheavals in their bodies, physically and emotionally, and also have been feeling like they are working double-overtime in the ethers during Dreamtime. If you have been feeling this, know that you are not alone! If you haven't, enjoy the respite! My sense is that there is a well-orchestrated individual timing and phasing taking place, where each of us may feel stretched to the limit at times, but not more than we can handle. My own experience has been that when the my body is serving as a channel for easing geophysical and collective human stresses that are particularly intense, Spirit somehow manages to ease demands elsewhere in my life to allow the extra sleep that my body requires.

Easing Geophysical Stresses in the Wabash Valley and New Madrid Fault Zones. Those of you are are familiar with the many Earth Changes Maps for the United States from the 1980s and 1990s know that a common feature includes a partial or complete splitting of the continent in the vicinity of the Mississippi River. Those of you who receive my Great Shift Newsletter know that I understand these maps to have been tapping into possible futures in timelines for Earth that were probable for thousands of years, but have not been probable since the late 1980s. The trigger for these catastrophic shifts in the mid-continent of the U.S. would have been the Wabash Valley and New Madrid fault zones. Stresses in these areas continue and I've been feeling called to make this a major focus of my Earth Healing work at this time and invite members of the Earth Energy Healing Network who also feel drawn to this to join me. On May 1 a new array formed on Windgather Glade Altar to provide some initial grounding for this project:

If you compare the altar with this map of the two fault zones you can see that they exhibit similar patterns:

This project is still very much in the formative stages and as I've been tuning into this have come to realize that it's a bigger and longer term project than I initially recognize. Rather go into a lot of detail here (there is much to say about the numbers on the map above), I would like to ask anyone who feels drawn to join me in this project to reply to this Newsletter and let me know. I will create a smaller email list for more frequent communications about this and will provide progress reports in the regular EEH Newsletter.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Great Shift Newsletter #41 and
Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #52
March 20, 2011

Dear Great Shifters and Earth Healers,

Blessed Spring Equinox to All! And I'd like to welcome the some 80 new subscribers to the Great Shift Newsletter and 40 new members of the Earth Energy Healing Network, including our first member from Trinidad (I like to extend a personal welcome to each of you but am far behind in such welcomes). It seems like a joint newsletter once every three months is the frequency that my schedule permits, and despite my busyness and often continuing to feel stretched to the limit (as I know so many are) that seems to be the Divine Flow of things in the little piece of the huge Planetary/Cosmic picture that connects us through these Newsletters.

Amid the Tumult and the Strife. It was with some trepidation that I changed the title back to Great Shift Newsletter last time, but the mostly peaceful outpouring of human Spirit that swept through the Middle East and North Africa in the following months helped me feel the title change had a prescient quality. The birthing of the New Earth has begun in earnest, and to continue with the birthing metaphor, the labor contractions that both humanity and Mother Earth are experiencing are intense and the spacing between them shorter and shorter.I've mentioned before that often songs come to me whose tunes and words give expression to the energies I am experiencing. The wonderful song How Can I Keep from Singing is one that is often with me these days:

My life goes on in endless song above Earth's lamentation,
I hear the real though far-off song that hails a New Creation.
No storm can shake my inmost calm
While to that rock I'm clinging.
It sounds an echo in my soul.
How can I keep from singing?

What though the tempest round me roars, I know the truth, it liveth.
What though the darkness round me close, songs in the night it giveth.

No storm can shake my inmost calm
While to that rock I'm clinging.
Since love is Lord of Heaven and Earth,
How can I keep from singing?

On December 30 last year I posed the question How can I best be of service to humanity and Mother Earth in the next few years or so? to a HDB (higher dimensional being) and received the following response:

Healing, health, the natural state of BEING in the body is a focus for you this coming year...finding balance in the body, not only in good health but in being grounded and feeling the Earth streaming through you in all it's splendor.

Not quite the answer I anticipated! But it resonated, and it seems that more often than not, the present moment has me preparing garden beds (yesterday's Full Moon), collecting firewood for next years heating season, and more 3D environmental work right now than I would personally choose. There are times (not often!) that I chafe a bit at how seeming mundane the 3D work is, when I might prefer gadding about in the ethers (the EEH Network is never far from my Heart!). Nevertheless, increasingly I am able to see how the 3d environmental work is energetically connected with the larger picture of what is happening on Earth at this time and am so grateful.

You Have to Admit It's Getting Better, a Little Better All the Time. These words from an old Beatles song also describe the energies of what's happening right now, at least as I sense them. Of course you're not going to get this message from the mainstream media which continues to serve those who wish to keep the populace feeling fearful and powerless. I'll offer a few concrete examples. In the Great Shift Newsletter #22 I discussed in some detail the overall downward trend in wars and violent conflicts globally since they peaked in the early 1990s (different sources put the maximum in the late 1980s or early 1990s). There was a bit of an upsurge around 2000, but since showing a second minor peak in 2001 the trend has continued downward. The following graph is from the Center Defense Information. Last year the total number stayed the same, but the number of major conflicts dropped from 13 to 12.

In Chapter 1 of my Great Shift book I also discuss briefly the largely inexplicable downward trend in violent crime in the United States since peaking in the late 1980s. It been a while since I checked those statistics, and was astonished to find that in the last five years the FBI's crime statistics showed a decline in every year in every crime category.

Earth Change Update. It's been quite a while since I've discussed what's been happening with Earth changes. At the beginning of this year it felt to me like the baseline planetary energies had ramped up several notches and my physical body has not always found it easy to adjust. I know many others, especially those who are consciously committed to being part of the Great Shift, have also found the shifting geomagnetic, solar and cosmic energy influxes to be something of a challenge. What I find really interesting right now is that these huge energetic shifts are for the most part not being detected by the scientific instruments that measure solar and geomagnetic storms. In 2006 NASA predicted that the current solar cycle, which would normally peak next year (2012), would be one of the most intense in the last fifty years. Yet the solar minimum was the quietest on record with no recorded solar proton events (SPEs) from 2007 to 2009. SPEs create the kind of solar storms that cause major geomagnetic storms on Earth. This lack of activity is quite amazing when you consider that since more-or-less systematic measurements of SPEs began in 1966 there has been only one other year with no recorded SPE. So far this year, there has been only one SPE. If this subject interests you I go into some detail on the discussion of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity that I posted in April 2009. I've updated the graphs included in that discussion through to 2010 and include available data for 2011 (highly provisional). When you consider that mainstream scientists predicted this to be an especially intense solar maximum the results so far in this part of the cycle are remarkable for the extent to which they are the opposite of what was predicted. There was one SPE in 2010, and so far this year there has been one, which would project to a total of five this year. This is consistent with the sun spot numbers I've been seeing so far this year (the graph below projects a total of 6 SPEs based on an average of 80 sunspots) and could well be the lowest SPE activity during a solar maximum since systematic data became available.

The maximum intensity of solar proton flux is as important as the number of SPE events in terms of the likelihood of major geomagnetic storms and so far this solar maximum has proved to be pretty ho-hum, with maximum fluxes of 14 Mev last year and 50 Mev in the one that happened this month. As you can see from the graph below, these aren't high enough to appear as a bump on the graph below.

The main significance of SPEs from a day-to-day human perspective is their potential for creating severe geomagnetic storms on Earth, and related disruptions of electrical power grids and communication systems. In my 2009 discussion I noted the astonishing disconnect between above normal frequency of SPEs in the last two solar maxima and the downward trend in severe geomagnetic storms. For completeness, I am providing updated graphs below, that show severe geomagnetic storms resumed in 2010 after an none for a three year period (unprecedentedly low for the 60-year time series of data) and that the average intensity was still below the 60-year trend line.

Easing Stresses on the Ring of Fire. I received the following information from EEH members Anna Marie and Jack in Michigan who have been engaged in energy work through their connection with the John of God Casa in Brazil:

Today, when we were sitting in high energy working with Casa Entities and with some Lemurian crystals, I got the message that it is useful to connect to the Crystal Community and work with them on the Ring of Fire. Specifically, to imagine lots of crystals planted upright along the ring of fire. These crystals will act as acupuncture needles for the earth and help to release some of the excess energy in the earth at this time.

I would like especially to share this information with the members of the EEH Network and offer this image of the Ring of Fire to assist those who may feel drawn to work with this meditation:

I continue to have so much more I would like to share with the EEH Network--still haven't had a chance to report on the Newfoundland trip last fall, and I spent a week of spiritual R&R near Mt Shasta the first week of March that ended up being profoundly connected with the Newfoundland experience. I will be returning to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State in late August for a nieces wedding, and would like to connect with any EEH members in the area for some additional Earth healing work that also feels somehow also related to Newfoundland and California (possible dates ranging from August 26 to 29). I've been in preliminary contact with some EEH members in the area, but anyone who might be interested in participating in person or from a distance, please drop me note in reply to this newsletter. Also, the 144 Elemental Points of Light project continues to proceed at a slow pace, though completion of the initial phase seems in sight. For those of you who have been in touch with me about that project, thank you for your patience. I have not forgotten our communications, even if it may seem like a while since you've heard from me. As often seems to be the case, Spirit's schedule for this project seems to be on a much more leisurely schedule than it would have been if I were in charge.In the meantime friends, stay grounded. The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Great Shift Newsletter #40 and
Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #51
December 21, 2010

Dear Great Shifters and Earth Healers,

This is the first time I have sent out a joint Newsletter and unless those of of you who receive both newsletters signed up with different emails I trust you will not received duplicate mailings.

It is more than three months since my last Newsletters went out, and for me it's been as intense a time I can remember in recent years. During the times I have felt stretched to the limit, bone-weary to point where I wondered if I could take another step, I kept reminding myself that I signed up for this, that Spirit never asks me to undertake more than I have the capacity to handle. To my great relief, for now at least the pressure is off, I am luxuriating in the feeling of having time to sit and catch up on things that had been relegated to the back burner for what felt like far to long, like getting these Newsletters out.

Blessed Solstice to all! What a year its been. And what wild rides await us in the coming year? I'd like to share some observations based on my own experience and sensing. You are welcome to whatever resonates and gloss over anything that does not.

A Time to Laugh and Time to Weep, a Time to Dance a Time to Mourn. The certain knowledge that the Spirit of loved family members and friends continues after their physical bodies die softens only a bit the sorrow and grief I feel with their passing. This has been a year for mourning like none I have ever experienced, my brother-in-law and Mother earlier this year, and in the past few months my sister, Bonnie's uncle, and a beloved Light Brother. Some deaths felt timely, others did not, but each one who passed over brought great Light to Earth while they were alive. A number were what I call Anchoring Lightworkers, ones who gave the collective vibrational level of humanity a boost by living lives of simple goodness, and I take some small solace that their passing is an indication that we are so far into the Shift that their presence is no longer required in the physical plane. And yes, through all this I have been able to laugh and dance almost every day with my granddaughter Petra.

I have no idea how many others of you who have consciously committed yourselves to being part of the Great Shift may have experienced what seem to be unusual losses of loved ones this past year. I can say that this does not seem to be part of a larger trend. In fact when I checked annual global death statistics there has actually been an overall downward trend from 8.83/thousand people in 2003 (the earliest year for which I could find systematic data) to 8.37/thousand people in 2010. This overall trend runs completely counter to what would seem likely given that the global human population exceeds the carrying capacity of the planet by more than three times, that ecosystems are severely stressed collapsing globally, increases in extreme weather events are causing too much or too little precipitation for crops in many places, flu pandemics predicted, and so on. On the other hand, this trend is entirely consistent with the idea that the maximum number of people on Earth are being given the opportunity accompany Mother Earth while still in their physical bodies in the dimensional shift that is well underway.

The New Children Are Coming of Age. Another positive sign that I see that the Shift is happening is that the New Children are coming into their own. I was struck by this by an article in the Winter 2011 Earth Island Journal titled The Next Generation: A New Group of Young Leaders Hopes to Take the Environmental Movement Back to Its Grassroots. It is astonishing the number of major environmental organizations whose are now led by individuals younger than the age of forty: Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, Earthworks, Green for all, 350.org, and Moveon (a broad-based political action organization). Here I should note that the first wave of New Children began to be born in 1972 and turned 38 this year. The second wave, born after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, are in their early twenties. I find the enthusiastic energy of those in the First Wave that I know to be inspiring.

Shift Happens. I may be jumping the gun a bit, but those who have been receiving this Newsletter for a while probably noticed that I have changed the "Pretty Good" in the title back to "Great" Shift. It feels to me (and some others I know) that the confluence of energies this Solstice, coinciding with a Full Moon Eclipse, may well represent a tipping point. I recently spoke with an activist friend in the peace movement and she said it felt like we were at the point where the first domino had tipped and was about to knock down down in sequence the line of dominoes that represent old unjust and oppressive social and economic structures. Earlier this year I had a conversation through Barbara Brodsky with my higher dimensional friend Aaron. When I commented that it still seemed hard to find concrete evidence in the mainstream culture that the Shift was happening there was a smile, and he said, the Shift was like the tide coming in. Moment to moment it's hard to see much change, but then there comes a moment when the tide is high.

I am still seeing sources that I respect saying that the Shift will be marked by three days of darkness. I don't know. There are so many intersecting realities at play on Earth right now perhaps those who expect to experience three days of darkness will, and others won't. Or maybe we all will, but only some will notice. I will be surprised, but not worried if that's what I experience, though now that I think about it, an enforced rest of three days sounds pretty good :-). In terms of what it means to make the dimensional shift at a personal level, my sense is that there is a lot of experimentation going on now, with no one way necessarily *better* than another. Some seem to be creating what appear to me to be separate realities with varying degrees of connection to the larger *mainstream* reality. My own experience of this has been a bit different.

This past year, a bit to my own bemusement, Spirit has had me immersed in 3D environmental work. This work has required me to go into physical places and energetic spaces that after-the-fact I have realized that those sensitive to energies would perceive very *dark* energies present. However, I have simply been there, attending to the tasks at hand, trusting I am where I am meant to be at the moment. There have been times when I have chafed at not having more time to attend to *higher* dimensional work, but looking back on this year I see how good it has been to be so engaged in more-or-less mainstream reality. Right now what seems to be working best for me is maintaining a strong sense of connection between the bit of Heaven on Earth that I find with my immediate family at Windgather Homestead, local church community, and several virtual communities (including those of you who read these newsletters) and the "mainstream" reality that at one level still seems to be guided by mostly fear, but at a deeper level consists of folks like you and me who carry on day-to-day as best they are able.

Time will tell whether I have been premature in changing the Pretty Good Shift to Great Shift name for the Newsletter. In the meantime friends, stay grounded. The Shift is happening. Hang in there.

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS to members of the EEH Network. I have much to share about my amazing time in Newfoundland in September, and other things as well. Spirit willing, I will be sending out a proper EEH Newsletter in January.

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #50
September 2, 2010

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has members, in 42 countries, forty-four states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia, including our first members from China and Cuba. Welcome!

Thank you all for the many kind words and condolences I received about my mother's passing. Her passing opened up opportunities for further healing for family and Soul-kin, which, when combined with my Coal Healing work, has made for a pretty intense couple of months since the last Newsletter. I usually like to reply personally to notes I receive in response to Newsletters, but I have not found time lately to reply to many that I have received.

Coal Healing. My latest Pretty Good Shift Newsletter #39 gives an update on the 3D aspects of my Coal Healing work, which involved intense mental focus and many hours at the computer. I am seeing that our Mineral Elders (and Plant and Animal Elders) are coming in to help us as Teachers and Allies in new and powerful ways. Although the Coal work has had a 3D focus, I have also had a strong sense, (though hard to put into words, of its multidimensional aspects. I have felt a lot of energetic support from a continually shifting array of Mineral Allies created through EEH member Helena in France. Here is an image of the Array that formed during the most intense period of the project when I was spending ten and more hours a day at the computer:

These hard-working Mineral Elders are now resting, and a new Array has formed in my study, which feels like it is holding space for whatever if going to emerge next in this work.

Windgather Elemental Altar. There was a time when I would feel paralyzed by the many facets of my life that require attention, when I would be worried that there hasn't been much happening with the Elemental Points of Light Project, would feel anxiety that it is so close to reaching the magic number (144) and not much seems to be happening on that front. Now I take things a step at a time, trust in Divine, not my own sense of timing. In the meantime, the Elementals and I are engaged it an ongoing dance at the Altar on Windgather Glade. I visit the Glade and find that they (and the local critters) have played with the stones to keep the energies from growing stagnant, and a new array forms. I've documented the changes since the last Newsletter in the Windgather Glade Altar page. Here is the most recent one to form, a three-armed spiral with fossils, shells, and stones reminiscent of the ancient Antakharana Healing Symbol (here are several links with more information about this symbol: Antakharana1 and Antakharana2)

Earth Energy Networking. I remember a colleague of my Mother's saying once that Elise's favorite book was her address book which was filled with the names of people all over the world, and she had a gift for connecting people with similar interests who might not otherwise meet. We have had quite an influx of new members to the Earth Energy Healing Network in the last few months and I would like to find a simple way to let those who are interested in making personal connections with others in their country/state/province to do so. This has already happened in an informal way South Africa. For now, I'd like to test the waters, and find out who would be interested in connecting with others in geographic proximity in countries other than Australia (27 members in 5 states), Canada (34 members in 6 provinces) and the U.S. (several hundred members in 42 states). If you aren't interested, that's fine. I know that folks have many different reasons for joining this virtual community which stays connected mostly through the EEH Newsletter.

If you are interested in making a possible personal connection with other EEH members in your country, please respond to this Newsletter with the following information: 1) your full name, 2) location (city and country), and 3) whether you might be willing to serve as a local geographic coordinator (i.e., be the initial contact for new members in your area and introduce them to others). To give you a feel for the geographic scope of the EEH Network, here is a list of the 39 countries other than Australia, Canada and the U.S. (I've marked with an asterisk countries/states where my records indicate only one member, and the number in parentheses when there is more than one member):

Austria*, Belgium (2), Brazil (4), British Virgin Islands*, Chile*, China*, Cuba*, Czech Republic(2), Denmark*, Finland*, France (3), Greece (2), Hungary (2), India*, Ireland (9), Italy (3), Israel (2) , Jamaica (2), Japan*, Korea*, Lithuania*, Mexico (4), Nepal*, Netherlands (4), New Zealand (3), Norway (3), Panama*, Peru*, Philippines (2), Portugal*, Romania (2), South Africa (10), Spain (3), Sweden*, Switzerland*, Taiwan*, Turkey (2), United Kingdom (England--8+, Scotland--2+, and Wales--3+; 24 total, I'm not sure where everyone is located ), and Viet Nam*

Let's see what happens.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #49
June 27, 2010

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 372 members, in 40 countries, forty-four states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia.

Three days ago my Mother Elise Boulding parted from her physical body, staying much longer than the nurse who cared for her thought possible. She departed at 4:40 pm (4+4+0 = 8, the number of balance, infinity sign, which folded in upon itself is a circle, Oneness). My Mother was not one to pay much attention the restrictive conventions that Society places on us, and she remained and pathfinder to the very end as I've chronicled in Elise's Journey with Alzheimers.

As soon as I recieved the news from my sister Christie (to my great delight, also a member of the EEH Network) I went down to Windgather Glade. I had not been there since the Spring Equinox and found the Elemental Altar had been cleared in preparation for my Mother's passing:

Before I went down a Dolomite Elder from the Bighorn Shelf on the west slope of the Teton Mountains, a place with strong Lemurian Energy, asked to be part of the new Array as a placeholder for my Mother. Bear energy was very strongly present with her in the final weeks of her life, and I was quite amazed (but then not really surprised) to see the profile of a bear head emerge when the new Array formed:

Here is the full Array:

It would take a book to describe all that has transpired in the Healing Journey I have taken with my Mother (Spirit willing it will be written some day). My Mother and Father were great Peacemakers and Lovers of the Earth, in many ways far ahead of their time. When I was growing up I saw them often disagree about the details (never the fundamentals!) and whenever they disagreed I always agreed with my Mother, so for most of my life I felt that I inherited more from my Mother than my Father. It wasn't until after my Father died in 1993 that I came to realize how much he contributed to who I am. Now that they are reunited it is with Awe and Wonder that I hear them asking me (and All of us) to carry on their legacy and bring their work, and the work of the many Great Souls of their generation to fruition as we co-create a New Earth..

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS Over the Fall Equinox my wife Bonnie and I have felt called to join a Sacred Earth Tour in Newfoundland. If any else feels drawn to this and is able to join, I would love to see you there.

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #48
May 24, 2010

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 360 members, in 40 countries, forty-four states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia.

It's been a while since I sent out a Newsletter. I can't remember a time in my life when things felt so challenging and yet in Divine Harmony at the same time. I know that I am not alone in feeling this. I have been spending much my time stretched painfully and joyfully between Being with my Mother as she makes her Transition from the mortal plane (photo taken while listening to a duo singing songs from the time of my Mother's youth):

and Being with my granddaughter Petra, who has moved next door to us:

My Mother is very close to the age of 90, the number of completion, and Petra just turned one.. I am blessed to be a bridge between the two.

Many energetic shifts happened around the time of the Spring Equinox. Eight Elemental POLs were activated during a lovely Ceremony on Windgather Glade with participation from a distance by EEH members in South Africa and three states in the U.S. As you can see from the images below of the Array that formed on the Elemental Altar at Windgather, and the Sites Activated, the Ceremony felt very much about energetic balance. Please also see EEH member Juanita's nice sharing of her experience activation POL #125 at the Silvermine Nature Preserve in South Africa.

The Coal Array also shifted to a new place of Balance on the Spring Equinox. My 3D coal work continues:

During these chaotic times, may each of you find places of Balance.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #47
February-March, 2010

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 346 members, in 40 countries, forty-four states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia, including our first member from Sweden. Welcome!

Whew! What a wild ride it continues to be for a lot of us, and if you have the good fortune to be in a tranquil place, thanks for serving as anchors for the rest of us.

In early January my own work took an abrupt shift when I was inundated with 3D environmental work. The most satisfying of this is that I'm now working as a consultant to the Environmental Integrity Project focusing on how the U.S. EPA can remedy past failures in protecting human health and ecological damage from disposal of coal combustion wastes. This is a very polarized issue, and recently the two elements of the Coal Healing Array came together:

Last Newsletter I indicated that the 144 Elemental Points of Light Project felt poised to take off. You can see some of the magic of the Dauphin Island POL one that sort of snuck up on me in early January. On February 1, EEH Member Brigitte from Austria wrote to say she had been guided to activate four POLs during a visit to India in January. This was a nice confirmation that it's not necessary for me to know when someone activates a POL. Time is fluid enough these days that I found it easy to "go back" and be present when the activations took place. In preparation for my connecting to the India POLs, a lovely little array of rocks and shells from Dauphin Island (POL#118) and St Francis Bay, South Africa (POL#91) formed:

The next day I went down to Windgather Glade and activated POLs at the Burren, Ireland (#123) and Pentre Ifan, Wales (#124). The Windgather Glade Altar was buried in snow with only a leaf and patch of moss exposed, premonitions of Spring:

After the intensity of my recent 3D environmental work, it has been wonderful to have the POL project moving forward again. Only twenty more places are required to reach completion of this initial stage. Please keep the nominations coming.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #46
January, 2010

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 335 members, in 39 countries, forty-three states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia.

This Newsletter will be brief, though it seems like the intensity of incoming the planetary energies continue to be, well intense. Amidst wonderful family time over Christmas and the New Year, I have been focused on making the shift from a PC (since 1982) to a Mac, which I knew would take a lot of time, and it has taken a lot of time.

The 144 Elemental Points of Light Project feels poised to take off, with lovely shifts in the Windgather Glade Elemental Altar between the Winter Solstice and the New Year. Here is what it looked like on Christmas Eve:

I have created a new page that shows the changes the altar has gone through since it first formed on July 4, where you can see more images of the recent shifts: Windgather Glade Altar. Another indication that it is time to actively resume the POL project soon is that I received a nomination for a location in a remote location in South Wales which I "happened" to visit with my children in 1994, and I have just returned from a visit to Dauphin Island on the Gulf Coast where I made a magical connection with the Elementals there with my 8-month old granddaughter.

Right now, however, Spirit has me working on three 3D environmental projects this month, including some work with the Environmental Integrity Project related to coal combustion waste. If you feel inclined, please check out the latest postings on the Coal Healing page. I'll close with an image of the latest shift in the Coal Healing array.

The environmental work can get quite intense, and I am grateful for the energetic support the I feel from our Mineral Allies, and the Elementals.

Blessings, Love and Light, Russ

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #45
December, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 324 members, in 39 countries, forty-three states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia.

Whew! For those or you who don't receive my Pretty Good Shift Newsletter I'll repeat what I said there:

Lately I find myself more in a state of Unknowing than Knowing, where I don't feel fully in synch with the date-related energetic alignments, find I am straddling coexisting realities with as much grace and balance as I can muster. It's not always a pretty sight, but it's all Good.

In the link above you can find my *reading* of how we're being affected individually and collectively by the energetic shifts that are taking place.

When We Heal Ourselves... I've added my oft-repeated sentences at the top of the home page to this website:

When we heal ourselves we heal Mother Earth.
When we heal Mother Earth we heal ourselves.

My own personal healing seems to have taken precedence over just about everything else lately. I know many others for whom this is the case as well, and I appreciate equally those who are in a place where they are able to focus primarily on healing Mother Earth. To paraphrase the anthropologist Gregory Bateson, we are all part of the pattern which connects. I am so much in the middle of this right now I don't have much in the way of words to share what is happening, except to say that I have already shared with a few friends that by a very circuitous route I feel I like a have *arrived* at a new place in my journey on this vale of Joy and Tears that is Earth when it is time to reinvent what it means for me to be an energy healer. As part of this process I seem to be dealing increasingly with releasing that which no longer serves in my ancestral Motherline and Fatherline, and woundedness experienced by aspects of *myself* in parallel realities. I feel well-supported in this process at many levels and am grateful for the connection I feel with all members of the EEH Network however you found your way here. Thank you friends.

Earth Healing Focus: Coal. Earlier this month several cherished Mineral and Rock Elders asked to come into the Coal Array:

At the top is green Apophylite from Brazil, the lower right is a waterworn Golden Gneiss cobble that has been with me since I first became a geologist (I have never seen such a golden color in other rocks of this type), and the lower left is Golden Calcite from South Africa. The Earth Energy Healing--Coal page was constantly being updated through the first half of November. The *activist* aspect has been helpful for me as a way of grounding myself in the physical plane. There are so many political issues calling for engagement with love and compassion I only offer the links on this page for those who feel *called* to these particular issues as I have been. The request for prayers for coal miners globally, especially in China and Ukraine, came from an unexpected awakening of parallel life *memories* as a coal miner.

'Nuff said for now.

Blessings, Love and Light, Russ

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #44
November, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 317 members, in 38 countries, forty-three states in the United States, five provinces in Canada, and five states in Australia.

Blessed Full Moon to All. I recently ran across a message channeled from Earth Mother in 1991 that fits my situation for the three months since the last EEH Newsletter:

When you heal yourself and assist others with their self-healing you heal the Earth. You do make a difference*

My recent focus on personal healing was triggered in part by receiving a Reiki I attunement from a friend. Much to my surprise the attunement precipitated a *reaction* which took a while for me to recognize as a deeply implanted virus of the mind, an attachment to being a Wounded Healer, one who heals others but not oneself. Its not that I haven't engaged in personal healing, but this realization opened up the way for even deeper levels of healing, including woundedness from both my ancestral Motherline and Fatherline.

144 Elemental Points of Light Project. There has not been a lot of activity in the Elemental POL project during the past few months, though I have felt the Windgather Elementals supporting me in my personal healing work, especially through ongoing shifts in the Elemental Altar on Windgather Glade. One POL was activated in Newfoundland in August and another in Texas in September (Latest POL Activations) and a number of nominations in new locations have been made.

Earth Healing Focus: Coal. In the last newsletter I shared an image of a Mineral Array focused on Coal Healing. Here is a closer look at the left side of the array, which consists of pieces of subbituminous coal from the Wyoming Coal fields where I started my environmental work, and in the center is a Pyrite Sun Disk from an Illinois Coal Mine (these disks are thought to form by pyritization of fossil lily pads).

Here is a closer look at the right side of the Array. In the center is a water-worn piece of Bituminous Coal and next to it is a delicate Calcite stalactite from a cave in Jamaica I visited in 1970. A beautiful mystery is that these two have always seemed to wish to be together from the first time they met.

For a good fifteen years of my life reducing the environmental and human harm the mining and use of Coal was the major focus of my life. In my Coal work I was young and passionate, full of the *rightness* of the cause as I worked with National, State and local environmental and citizen's groups standing up to the powerful economic and political clout of the Coal Industry. In the end I moved on to other environmental work feeling I hadn't made much of a difference, burned out from so many *lost* court cases and administrative appeals, angry with the federal and state regulators who fell so far short of providing the environmental protection they could have. When the Coal Array first formed, my sense was the focus was on healing the harm to Mother Earth and the human cost of tearing Coal from Mother Earth's body, polluting her air with acid elements and toxic trace elements. Yet our Minerals Elders help us heal in ways we may not expect. On August 26, a hardness in my Heart created by the anger carried hidden for so many years melted and I drew a Circle around the mine owners, the power plant owners, the environmental regulators who fell short and I felt compassion and forgiveness for the them and myself. The same day I received a message from the person I worked with on my last coal-related project asking me to become involved again. On September 5 the energy of the array shifted to the configuration below with a circle of double-terminated Tibetan quartz crystals outside a circle of coal fragments:

Then on October 15 the energy shifted again, and ten minutes later I received a call about another coal-related issue and since then, after fifteen years of working on environmental issues other than coal I have received multiple emails asking for action of a variety of coal issues. When the Coal Array first formed I had no idea where this was going to take me. You can check out a new page I have posted on the website, which has the latest images of the Coal Array and an invitation to ground our Earth healing work in the physical plane: Earth Energy Healing--Coal.

Blessings, Love and Light,


*Laurel Steinhice in Diane Stein, Dreaming the Past, Dreaming the Future: A Herstory of the Earth, 1991.

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #43
August, 2009 (Includes Addendum sent out August 6)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 307 members, in 38 countries, forty-one states in the U.S. five provinces in Canada and five states in Australia.

Blessed Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse to all! I don't know many people whose plates don't seem to be very full at all dimensional levels lately. This is the second month I haven't gotten this newsletter out until the Full Moon and so I trust this is the Divinely appointed time to get it out.

144 Elemental Points of Light Project. The response to my invitation for others to nominate and activate Elemental Points of Light has been wonderful. When I compiled the geographic index the lack of any POLs in Ireland jumped out at me and wouldn't you know that right away I received several nominations. In fact on the New Moon, EEH member Stephanie, her friend Nora, with me tuning in from Windgather Glade, activated three on the New Moon. A number more activations seem likely to happen in the next couple of months: Elemental POL Page

A fun aspect of the way this project is unfolding is watching how the array on the Altar for the Elementals on Windgather Glade has evolved. When I visited it around the time of the New Moon last month (July 22) the flowers of the Full Moon array (see last month's newsletter) had scattered. We have had so much rain in southern Indiana this summer it has been a bumper year for mushrooms. For the New Moon I gathered many varieties of mushrooms to make an offering. The stones and shells on the main altar reformed to form an infinity sign.

The next day I returned and the local Critters (or perhaps Pixies?) had made a meal of some of the tastier mushrooms and scattered the stone/shell array a bit. The offering was accepted!

When I checked the Altar today virtually all of the mushrooms had been taken and the stones and shells scattered a bit more. It feels like the Array may have served its purpose, but who knows, perhaps there is more to come? I will keep you posted.

Addendum: The evening of August 6 I was called down to Windgather Glade and the scattered rocks and shells reformed to a new pattern:


Addendum continued: Also, when I was writing the Newsletter I knew that a small group planned to activate an Elemental POL at West Kennet Long Barrow in Wiltshire, south of Avebury at the exact time of the Full Moon (0:56 am GMT August 6). I have just received a report that the energy there was palpable and audible. It felt like Wiltshire lit up like a beacon. I'll be posting more about this on the POL page when I find time. Here is an interesting link about Earth energies in this area: Avebury-West Kennet Long Barrow

[Back to original Newsletter In the meantime, please feel free to make additional nominations for Elemental POLs. It has been nice to receive reports from several people who live near activated POLs and I have started a new page where people can share experiences/observation/information about POLs: POL Sharing.

Earth Healing Focus: Coal. In March and April of this year the human and environmental harm from mining for gold was a focus for those in the Earth Healing Network who felt drawn to send healing energy to places on the planet where this woundedness exists. Lately the human and environmental harm from mining of Coal (sometimes called Black Gold) has come up strongly in my own healing journey. I have much more I would like to share about this in the coming months, but for now I offer this Full Moon array for Coal Healing.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #42
July, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 296 members, in 38 countries, forty-one states in the U.S. five provinces in Canada and five states in Australia.

Blessed Full Moon to all.

3D things have been keeping me pretty occupied lately and as July 1 arrived and passed I started wondering when Spirit would provide some Guidance for this Newsletter. It came a few days ago and related to the 144 Elemental Points of Light (POL) project. When the 111th Elemental Point of Light was activated on April 9 I had a feeling that a phase of the project had been completed, but wasn't sure what the next step would be. On July 4th I felt called to go down to Windgather Glade and commune with the Elementals about the project. There is a neutral energy vortex with a piece of sandstone that I have used as an altar for ceremony in the past. I carried with me a collection of stones, shells and feathers, and picked up leaves on the way. In a gentle rain this array magically emerged from the materials at hand:

Here is a view of the Altar looking south:

In last month's Shift Newsletter I shared a bit about how I have been releasing layers of the Chosen One virus of the mind. During the ceremony I recognized how I allowed my ego to introduce feelings of "significance" and "importance" to my role in this project. It also now feels a bit grandiose to speak of anchoring the crystalline energies of the New Lemuria, New Atlantis and New Hybornea. There is more than enough involved in co-creating the New Earth.

I have learned to not beat myself up when I come to such realizations, and as my own bandwidth increases I appreciate more deeply the importance of relating to our Mineral, Plant, Animal, Elemental and so Many other Helpers with gratitude, appreciation and respect. With this particular project it feels like some sort of Divine Grace was operating and any *missteps* I may have taken rather than being offensive were viewed with knowing glances ("so human!") or tolerant amusement.

So now it feels like time to move into the next phase of the project where "I" am less important. There are 33 Elemental POLs remaining to be activated. A few of the 111 that have been activated so far have had the participation of others who made the nomination and it feels to me that this should be the case for the remaining ones. What came to me during the ceremony on July 4 was that it would be nice if future activations be performed in ceremonies at the location, or the lead taken by individuals who know the place well if done etherically. I would like to tune from Windgather Glade at the time of the ceremony, but perhaps even that isn't essential. The numerology at this stage is interesting:: 111 + 33 = 144 and both = 9, the number of completion.

I have prepared an Geographic Index by country (and state/province for the US, Canada and Australia) of POLs activated so far. Please don't hesitate to make a nomination anywhere (you can reply to via this Newsletter), but I will point out that there are EEH members in the following countries which have not had POLs activated: Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Korea, Lithuania, Nepal, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, and Viet Nam.

Today for the Full Moon the Altar for the Elementals on Windgather Glade shifted and grew to include the moss-covered rock next to the Altar. The leaves were replaced with several dozen species of flowers from the vegetable and flower gardens and prairie:

Blessings, Love and Light,


PS. On a personal note, I turned 62 on June 30 and our six-week-old granddaughter Petra lit up the day for me. See Photos

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #41
June, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

I write with a full heart, so grateful for the many, many Blessings all around. In December 2005 I wrote in the first EEH Newsletter:

With this first newsletter we begin as a fledgling community of about eighteen like-minded souls in seven States and two Canadian Provinces. I envision us as growing to become a world-wide network focused on the healing and wholeness of planet Earth and all her living inhabitants. Our human and Mother Earth's energy fields are intimately connected, and the beauty of the network is that our physical separation is no limitation to our ability to join in this sacred work.

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 286 members, in 38 countries, forty states in the U.S. and four provinces in Canada. What a journey this has been!

Last month I wrote:

This past month I have been in the midst of as profound a shift in my life as happened at the time of my "spiritual awakening" on November of 2002, arising from the painful realization that during this time I have neglected my relationship with my wife, family and the physical side of this good Earth. I am regrounding and recreating my marriage with my beautiful wife Bonnie. I am attending to housecleaning at many *levels,* gardening for the joy of it rather than viewing it as a distraction from my higher dimensional work, practicing Being rather than Doing.

When I was at Yellowstone for the summer solstice last year I met a couple and their son, Earth healers who have been quietly traveling around the world to wherever Mother Earth calls them, often not knowing exactly where or what they will be called to do until they arrive. It was a privilege to have an opportunity to work with them one afternoon. The most lasting effect they had on me was to say that they considered themselves Balance Workers rather than Light Workers. Since then I have preferred to think of myself as a Balance Worker, though it is only quite recently that I have gained any depth of understanding what it means to be a Balance Worker..

Looking back at many of the experiences I have reported in these Newsletters and related archives I have to smile at the extent to which I was caught up in the Game of Polarity, best exemplified by the giant 30-foot Polar Bear that appeared in March 2006 while I was engaged in Earth healing work on Windgather Glade. Polar Bear, bearer of polarity, how much might I have learned from this Animal Ally if I had had the bandwidth at the time to see him as a teacher? In the past few months I have come to recognize how often I was out of my depth with the energies I was working with, the extent to which I functioned out of mind/ego rather than Heart Resonance, how often I "thought" I knew what I was "doing" and didn't.

As a geologist I always felt a affinity to certain landscapes, rocks would call to me (though I wouldn't have said it that way then) and I would pick them up and bring them home. For all the Earth energy work I have been engaged in since the EEH Network formed, I am only now beginning to be able to hear when Stones and Mineral Elders speak to me. In short, I find myself a Beginner, with Mother Earth, our Mineral, Plant and Animal Elders as my Teachers and Helpers. Along with my own shift I am sensing a shift taking place with the EEH Network, though I don't have words to describe it yet because it is so much in process. For those of you who feel called to work actively with the Earth energies of the Summer Solstice, blessings on you! For now, I continue to simply *hold space* for what is unfolding. I welcome hearing from any of you about how you may feel the energies of our Network are shifting, directions/possibilities that might emerge.

In the meantime, I would like to share some images of a piece of Kambaba Jasper from Africa, sent me by an EEH member in Hungary. As I gazed on these images I felt the joy or remembering Being here when this beautiful planet was first created. In the first image the lower center swirl jumped out at me like in a 3D image, and I felt the potential of the primordial mass of rock fragments and ice before they coalesced as Earth. I also felt some pain in my body, where the Earth's skin has been carelessly torn by humans for fuels and rocks and minerals, taken without respect or appreciation. And then another EEH member, who had also seen these images, pointed out to me that it looks like Earth from far far away .. the ocean, islands and continents. What do you see/feel when you look into these images?

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #40
May, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 277 members, in 39 countries.

This past month I have been in the midst of as profound a shift in my life as happened at the time of my "spiritual awakening" on November of 2002, arising from the painful realization that during this time I have neglected my relationship with my wife, family and the physical side of this good Earth. I am regrounding and recreating my marriage with my beautiful wife Bonnie. I am attending to housecleaning at many *levels,* gardening for the joy of it rather than viewing it as a distraction from my higher dimensional work, practicing Being rather than Doing. The Earth Energy Healing network remains near and dear to my heart, but personally I am taking this month as a time for integration.

Working with the Devas of Yellowstone National Park and the Magma Dome. Yellowstone has been a focus for the EEH Network on and off since May 2006. EEH member Jennifer Vyhnak with the Earth Healing Insitutute in Vermont has been working with the energies there even longer. I would like to share part of a mailing I received from her on April 21, and offer this as an ongoing focus for those who resonate with this information:

As many of you may know, there is a focus for our work right now on the Deva of Yellowstone National Park and the Deva of the Magma Dome at Yellowstone National Park. This most recent direction became apparent in January of 2009, although we have been working in this area on and off since 2002, 2003. The focus will remain here until Summer Solstice, 2009, and at that time we will see what is next.

Elemental Points of Light Project Update. On the post-equinox Full Moon ten more Elemental Points of Light were activated.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #39
April, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 271 members, in 39 countries. Welcome to our first member from Lithuania!

Ongoing Magno-Crystalline and Geomagnetic Shifts. The period between the Spring Equinox on March 20 and the upcoming Full Moon on April 9th continues to be a time of intense energetic shifts on the planet. If haven't read Archangel Metatron message about these energies here is the link again: The Return of the Firmament of the Dove.

On the Spring Equinox I activated twelve Elemental POLs at the primary sacred magnetic code points for the intial phase of the magno-electric band of firmament of the New Earth (two other codes points already had activated Elemental POLs). It was a wonderful, but quite intense experience tri-locating to four groups of three POLs during a relatively short period of time. On the Full Moon on April 9th I will be activating Elemental POLs at the seven of the nine Cosmic Light Trigger points for these energies (two of these Trigger points already have activated Elemental POLs).

The focus for the EEH Network on easing Earth's geomagnetic changes will continue through this month. Last month I gave a preview of my analysis of geomagnetic storm data. Those who are interested can find a detailed discussion of that data and data on increasing solar activity at my Great Shift website: Solar and Geomagnetic Activity. Next month I will be presenting a detailed discussion of changes in the Earth's magnetic field on my Great Shift website.

Gold Energies. The precious metal gold has energetic properties that bring out the best and the worst in us as humans. It is also a metal of great significance to certain extraterrestrial civilizations. The post-equinox Full Moon on April 9 will mark the second full Lunar Cycle that a Gold Healing Grid has been in place in my study. My conscious mind has little understanding of the significance of this Grid, but I would like to share several images of the Grid which were taken on the day of the Spring Equinox:

Blessings, Love and Light,


Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #38
March, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 265 members, in 38 countries. Welcome to our first member from Mexico!

Thanks for your kind responses to my Brief Note explaining the delay in getting this Newsletter out. Lately I've been feeling maxed out energetically and know others who are feeling the same. At the same time I have been feeling a remarkable sense of Well Being, following the energy flow, often not really knowing where it is taking me. So much continues to happen energetically I will offer some information here and encourage you to tune into your own guidance as to where you feel drawn to align your own energies.

Gold Energies. In the brief note I sent out I mentioned feeling very strongly the human and environmental harm from mining for gold. It may be simply because recently I have done some karmic healing around my experiences working as a miner in a gold mine in North Central Ontario in 1968. I'm really not sure where Spirit is taking me with this, but at least until the Full Moon I am actively working with these energies. If anyone else feels drawn to send healing energy to places on the planet where this woundedness exists, I have already mentioned that China, South Africa, Australia and the United States are the largest producers of gold where cyanide leaching of talings contaminates surface and ground water. However, the human and environmental the cost is especially high in third world countries where mercury is used to separate gold (see January 2009 National Geographic Article, and the article Third World Gold Mines Spawn Global Mercury Threat).

March Focus: Easing Geomagnetic Shifts. A major influx of energies will be coming into Earth related to the Spring Equinox on March 20 and continuing through the post equinox Full Moon on April 9. Those of you who have received my latest Great Shift and Earth Changes Update know that I have updated my analysis of solar and geomagnetic activity but have not found time to post a detailed analysis. Here is will give a little preview, because major geomagnetic shifts are taking place this month and I would like to set the focus for the EEH Network on helping make these shifts as gentle as possible as they affect 3D Earth. Archangel Metatron, through Tyberonn gives a good overview of the nature of these electro-magnetic energies: The Return of the Firmament of the Dove

Very briefly, the intensity of solar energies reaching Earth over the last fifty years has been increasing. An *expected* consequence of this would be an increase in the number and intensity of major geomagnetic storms, which would disruption telecommunications and the electirical grid which remain vital at this stage for the increasing global interconnections between people. There is something called the Apstar Index is a measure of geomagnetic storm activity with a value greater than 40 indicating a major geomagnetic storm. The first graph below plots the number of major geomagnetic storms over the last sixty years:

And here is a plot of the average intensity of severe geomagnetic storms over the same time period.

It is astounding that both the number and average intensity of geomagnetic storms show a downward trend when the intensity of solar activity has been increasing over the same time period. I consider it the most dramatic 3D evidence that I have found that human consciousness is helping ease the potentially disruptive effects of necessary geophysical changes that accompany Earth's dimensional shift.

Spring Equinox, March 20-21. So many *significant* events are taking place on the Spring Equinox this month I will simply offer links, and encourage you to follow your own leading as to which to participate in:

Fifteenth Annual Solar Wave organized by Aluna Joy's Center of the Sun. Lot's of good information and links on this page.

Earthheal's Equinox Group Distant Healing Event organized by EEH member Edna Spennato in Brazil. Good additonal information and links here.

Children of the Sun Planetary Grid Transmissions Full Moon March 11, Equinox March 20 and new Moon March 26.

Clearing America's Mistakes II Saturday March 21 organized by EEH members Antera and Omaran. I participated in the first karmic clearing at the Winter Solstice and found to be a powerful experience.

Golden Water Dolphin Meditation for Planetary Healing Spring Equinox orgainzed by Debbie "Takara" Shelor. This page also has a link to David Adam's Equinox Global Marine Meditation.

Elemental POL Project Resumes. After a hiatus since the Summer Solstice the Elemental POL Project resumed on Valentine's Day with an activation in St Francis Bay in South Africa.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #37
February, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 257 members, in 37 countries. Welcome to our first member from Portugal!

Those of you who have received and read my latest Great Shift and Earth Changes Update Newsletter will know that major changes are afoot in my work. I will quote from that Newsletter:

This month marks a major Shift for the Great Shift website. Some dear friends recommended my book to the Senior Editor of one of the publishing houses that was on the top of my list of places I would have liked to publish it and I received the following response:

Unfortunately, the genre of books on shifts in human consciousness is too crowded for us to take any new titles on.

This *rejection* turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I felt only a mild sense of disappointment and actually a bit of a sense of relief. When I tuned into the feelings I realized that my passion for Service to the Great Shift lies in my Earth healing work. Heart and Soul I take joy in assisting Mother Earth's dimensional shift. The No Catastrophic Earth Changes focus of this website dovetails nicely with this passion and will continue, but henceforth I will be focusing my energies primarily on my Earth Energy Healing Website

The *new* look you will see in this website is that it is now formally called the Earth Energy Healing website and is focused entirely on our work and related Earth healing topics. At the present time I have eliminated all the pages that relate to services I have offered in the past for personal healing (though the Starseed/Lightworker Miasm pages remain). I will not preclude the possibility of resuming working with individuals some day, but if/when that happens is up to Spirit.

I am still feeling my way as to how this re-newed focus will unfold. For me our work becomes the *center* from which my commitment of Service intersects with the work of others. In the December 2007 Newsletter I spoke of the Sacred Geometry of our intersections:
Connections and Reconnections and Intersections (2). In my latest Great Shift Update Newsletter (www.preparingforthegreatshift.org/Newsletter.htm#Newsletter21) http://www.preparingforthegreatshift.org/Newsletter.htm#Newsletter21 I say a bit about the sacred geometry we create by the intersections of the different groups we belong to. The Planetary Grid Project feels to me to be an especially valuable intersecting circle with the EEH Network and many of the new members who have joined us in the last month have come through that network. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. We can't be all things to all people, so it helps to tune into one's own guidance so as to remain centered rather than scattered by the networks we join.

The Children of the Sun's Planetary Grid Project has an Earth Geological Balance Transformation team that is being formed, and I will probably be connecting with several other teams more intentionally now. I am also feeling drawn to work with energetic grids associated with Crystal Skulls, which I will share more about in upcoming Newsletters. For some time I have had on the back burner adding more information to this website about the many Earth-related energetic grids, so you can look forward to more posting related to these topics.

Yellowstone Report. Last month on the January 10 Full Moon I tuned into the Yellowstone energies. The recent increased seismic activity had already dropped off considerably, but I felt further easing of stresses taking place. For those who are interested, I have updated the analysis of Yellowstone earthquake activity.

February Focus: Sunda Megthrust, West Sumatra. The Tsunami from the earthquake in that area in 2004 was the most devastating event in terms of loss of human life since Earth's dimensional shift began in earnest in the early 1990s. A recent paper in the journal Science reports:
Records of relative sea-level change extracted from corals of the Mentawai islands, Sumatra imply this 700-kilometer-long section of the Sunda Megathrust has genearted broadly similar sequences of great earthquakes about every two centuries for at least the past 700 years. The moment magnitude 8.4 earthquake of September 2007 represent the first in a series of large partial failures on the Mentawai section that will probablybe completed within the next several decades (Sieh, K. et al. 2008. Earthquake Supercycles Inferred from Sea-Level Changes Recorded in the Coral of West Sumatra. Science 322:1674-1678, December 12)

For the month of February I would like to encourage EEH members to include easing of geophysical stresses in the Sunda Overthrust area in their personal meditations. I also invite all who are so inclined to set the intention to join me to support energy channeling I will do focused on this area for the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on Monday February 9.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #36
January, 2009

Dear Earth Healers,The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 236 members, in 36 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales), the United States (39 States), and Viet Nam. Including first members from Germany, Israel and Panama. Welcome!

Happy Gregorian New Year! I'm not much of a numeralogist but I couldn't help notice that the first Newsletter of 2009 is also a 9 (3+6), the number of completion. Although I still have some significant loose ends to tie up before I will feel ready to resume working energetically with individuals, Spirit has indicated in several ways that it is time to refocus the work of the Earth Energy Healing Network on where it started: working with Earth energies to help ease geophysical stresses that Mother Earth continues to experience as a necessary part of her dimensional shift in ways that minimize harm to all living Beings on the planet.

Yellowstone. Long-time members of the Network will remember that Yellowstone first became a focus in May 2006, and that on my Great Shift website I presented data suggesting that the May 2004 Grand Tetons Blessing Ceremony organized by Bennie Le Beau had the effect of easing geophysical stresses in the Yellowstone area (Earth Changes Data Graph3). Last summer I went to Yellowstone and had the opportunity to work with several Earth Healers who had been drawn to the area at the same time to continue working with easing geophysical stresses (July 2008 Yellowstone Report).EEH member Yamuna several days ago brought to my attention that there is renewed concern among some people of a catastrophic explosion in the Yellowstone area. Again, I will repeat my advice whenever anyone hears of such *scary* predictions. Just say Not in my timeline! For the month of January I would like to encourage EEH members to include easing of geophysical stresses in the Yellowstone area in their personal meditations. I also invite all who are so inclined to set the intention to join me to support energy channeling I will do focused on Yellowstone during the Planetary Grid Transmissions as follows:

Full Moon (Saturday, January 10) 9 pm EST (other times for unified focus are Sydny 8 pm and Paris 8 pm).

New Moon (Monday, January 26) 9 pm EST (other times for unified focus are Sydny 8 pm and Paris 8 pm). I may feel guided during the month to focus in on Yellowstone at other times as well.

Several months ago I mentioned that the Children of the Sun Planetary Grid Transmissions Project has started a new phase with the organization of Transformation Teams each with a specific focus. I considered joining the EEH Network as a Transformation Team. As this has evolved, the Transformation Teams function as groups within the Children of the Sun ning. Since not all members of the EEH Network are members of COS, it feels better to me now to keep the EEH Network as it is. If anyone else has any feelings about this, please let me know.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Network: Personal Update
November 14, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

We are still in the midst of the powerful mid-November energies coming into the planet and I am still in the midst of a personal healing process deeper than any I have experienced since my first spiritual awakening in 2002. I am well-supported at many levels and want you all to know that I am doing fine. However, I have recognized (despite great resistance on my part) that there are instances where I have not been a clear channel. I have amends to make before I will be able to work with Mother Earth and others in the capacity as a *Healer.* I don't know how long this will take, so I ask for your patience as my own process unfolds, and a new direction for the Earth Energy Healing Network emerges. Many of you have heard me say many times: When we heal ourselves, we heal Mother Earth; when we heal Mother Earth we heal ourselves. My sense is that now more than when the EEH Network was started, personal healing is the best way we can support humanity and Mother Earth as the energies of the Great Shift continue to accelerate.

Blessings, Love and Light,


Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #35
October, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 224 members, in 33 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), the United States (39 States), and Viet Nam. Including first member from India. Welcome!

The last newsletter contained premonitions of change for me, which translates into changes for the EEH Network. In the last few weeks (is it only two weeks since I sent the last *late* newsletter?) many things have fallen into place, and I would like to propose a somewhat new direction/focus for our work, which would allow it to continue as I shift my main focus elsewhere.

Those of you who receive my Great Shift Update Newsletter have heard me express puzzlement over the vicissitudes of my book, which could have been finished and published a year-and-a-half ago. I have received signs from Spirit in many forms that it is time to finish the book and refocus my energies on my Great Shift work. My 3D job continues to keep me busy. In order to free up time, I am restricting my private energy healing practice to offering only the AAA (Activation for Accelerated Ascension) initiation (not for the faint-hearted!), and below I describe a new focus for the EEH Network.

Planetary Grid Transformation Team. The Planetary Grid Project of Children of the Sun in entering a second phase in which Transformation Teams focus on a certain issue of separation/conflict/suffering/imbalance/geographic location in the world in conjunction with the New Moon and Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions. Tiara Kumara at COS is enthusiastic about the EEH Network becoming a transformation team. The main thing I need to get this set up is an initial Transformation Focus and location and geographic region of focus, if relevant. The focus can change but initially I would like to set a focus that could be maintained for several months at least. I would welcome suggestions from everyone. I will send out notices/reminders before each new moon and full moon transmission, but the newsletter will become an occasional thing.

Another Worthy Project. In my last email I commented on the proliferation of groups doing work similar to ours. Now I am starting to see convergences, where multiple groups are joining their energies together to focus on positive change. Another example is the WiseUSA '08 program, a collaboration between Gaiafield.net at CIIS in San Francisco, CommonPassion.org, World Peace Prayer Society, Culture of Peace Initiative, Vessels of Peace and many others. You can view the complete program and other collaborators here: http://gaiafield.net/.

So, my friends, the journey continues. If this new focus does not appeal to some of you, I will not be offended if you unsubscribe.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #34
Mid-September, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 219 members, in 32 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), the United States (39 States), and Viet Nam, including our first member from Denmark. Welcome!

I'll say a little more about why I'm two weeks late in getting this newsletter out in the personal reflections later.

Upcoming Earth Energy Healing Dates. I am aware of much more happening this month than I am reporting here, and trust that each of you receive the necessary information you need to know about where you can focus your attention for Earth healing. I will mention this one event below:

THE 14th Annual SOLAR WAVE 2008 ~ Phase Two ~ Reclaiming Paradise The Living Gaia Prayer Wheel Activation! Equinox ~ September 22nd, 2008 ~ 1 to 3 PM your local time all across the Earth: http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/solarwave2008.html

8-8-8 Conference Call Report. There were eleven of us on last month's conference call, the most ever and the perfect number to help bring in these energies. During the session it felt like we were clearing blockages that had been placed in various locations around the planet to interfere with the reception of the intense energies that were coming in and then when the blockages were cleared we helped the energies move deep into the ancient Earth energetic grids I have spoken about in earlier Newsletters, all the way *back* to the Pangean grid.

A few days before I had received an email from and EEH member in England who going to be at Glastonbury for the 8-8-8 and she wondered whether there would be a special crop circle for the occasion. Well there was. Check out this link: http://cropcircleconnector.com/2008/080808/080808.html

Personal Reflections: Where We Have Been; What Now?

In the first EEH Newsletter in December 2005 I wrote:

With this first newsletter we begin as a fledgling community of about eighteen like-minded souls in seven States and two Canadian Provinces. I envision us as growing to become a world-wide network focused on the healing and wholeness of planet Earth and all her living inhabitants. Our human and Mother Earth's energy fields are intimately connected, and the beauty of the network is that our physical separation is no limitation to our ability to join in this sacred work.

Thanks to each and every one of you, that vision has become a reality. When the EEH Network began, the idea of focusing the attention/intention of a group of people for Earth healing had a new feeling to it. Now I receive so many notices from so many groups that are puttiing this idea into practice, I can't keep track. The same is true of conference calls that bring people together in voice contact for planetary healing.

At a personal level, this leaves me wondering, What now? If I tried to organize and plan what I do, I would be paralyzed because there are so many possible directions to go and so I live in the Now, proceeding from task to task, trusting that Spirit knows how I can be best of service. That part of me that observes and tries to make sense of what is happening, and what that might indicate as to *where* I am going has had plenty to scratch its head about lately.

My 3D job has had me so busy juggling a half-dozen environmental projects that most of my higher dimensional work (which lately has been in the category of "behind the scenes") seems to have to fit into the cracks in time and my *usual* work feels like it is falling farther and farther behind. This newsletter is two week late and I have more than 1000 emails in the in boxes of my three email addresses (I apologize to the many I would like to write personal notes to and have not found time). New members continue to join the EEH Network but lately there has actually been a decline in total number of monthly visitors to my EEH and Great Shift websites. I feel fully in alignment with my purpose for being here at this amazing and wonderful time to be alive on Earth. Yet I find myself wondering, are those purposes different than I thought, or are they changing?

Right now I have many more questions than I have answers, but I do want you all to know that the Earth Energy Healing Network is near and dear to my heart. We shall see how it continues to unfold.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #33
August, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 202 members, in 31 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), the United States (37 States), and Viet Nam, including our first member from Norway. Welcome! Passing the 200-member number feels like a real milestone.

I want to apologize for the confusion surrounding last month's full moon conference call. A message came on saying there was a problem with the old number and gave a somewhat confusing message about using a new number to call for future calls. The old number actually worked and several people joined me on that number. Apparently the new number worked as well and several waited at that one. To make things more confusing, I just tried the old number to get the "new" number again and it worked fine. See below for details/contingencies for the next call. I'll say a bit more about that call below in my personal update.

Upcoming Earth Energy Healing Dates. In addition to the New Moon Planetary Grid Transmission on August 1 (and full solar eclipse) and Full Moon Transmissions on August 16 (and partial lunar eclipse and start of the 21st anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence), the big energetic event this month is on August 8. Many different sources have identified 8-8-8 as significant. Here are links to higher dimensional perspectives and events scheduled for that day:

Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman (8-8-8 Opening the Galactic Infinity Gateway): http://www.ronnastar.com/latest.html

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn (Energies for August 2008): http://starchildglobal.com/ (scroll down)

Lord Sananda through Judith Moore: http://healingsoundmovement.com/main.php?q=dHlwZT1pbnRlcm4mbWlkPTY4 (this is John Consemulder's Dutch website; scroll down)

Master Kuthumi through Michelle Lightweaver (several related messages). Michelle is building five new fluid collective grids which focus on abundance. The key dates for the grounding of each grid are August 8, 13th, 18th, 22nd and 28th: http://www.thelightweaver.org/

Arkansas Crystal Grid Activation: http://www.atlantishealthcenters.com/arkansas/ (see, also remarkable story of the Sami-created World Drum, which will be in Arkansas at this time: http://www.manataka.org/page1563.html.

Bee Here Now http://www.astrojourneys.com/autumn_equinox.html

8-8-8 Conference Call. As noted above, Friday August 8 will be a big day energetically, so I am scheduling a conference call for 9 pm EDT. The teleconference number is 641-678-3400 and at the voice prompt enter the 3-digit conference call code: 165 (anytime during the cal you can press "5" to mute your own phone and "4" to end mute). If another number is given, as happened last time, that will be the one I use. If you aren't sure what your local time equivalent is you can use World Clock Time Converter, setting it to Indianapolis, Indiana which is 50 miles from where I live: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html). Depending on how this call goes, I may schedule another one for the full moon.

Targeted Earth Healing Work. Lately EEH member Dulcita has been having dreams that relate to locations where the potential for harmful geophysical stress relief exists (or other events), which she has been passing on to me. Here is an example:

ocean, dynamite, 1/2 mi below surface, 3/4 mi wide, straight line near higher point of earth terrain subsurface, water blast, unnecessary, for development, commercial

When I have tuned in, my body responds and clears the energies. This is easy for me to do, and although the messages don't always make much sense, this seems to be part of what the EEH Network can do. I encourage anyone else who gets a sense that a particular location needs attention to send me whatever information comes to you, and I will tune in.

Personal Update. Last month's conference call, for all the confusion surrounding it, turned out to be deeply personal for those who were on the line together (thanks to those on the other line who held the energies for us). I was in my Mother's one-room apartment in Needham, MA. Her Alzheimers, which was diagnosed last September, has progressed much faster than anticipated and she had just moved into the skilled nursing facility at the Retirement Center. I understand Alzheimers to be a way that individuals can work higher dimensionally on healing that needs to be done while still in the physical body, and that helps me to feel fundamentally at peace with what is happening to my Mother. Yet being in her apartment surrounded by the many awards she has received as a peacemaker, when I was channeling I felt and expressed great grief. The others on the call had their own reasons for grief and it was healing to be able to share and express it. The grief was very personal, but we were able to transmute it to a transpersonal level.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #32
July, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 188 members, in 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), the United States (36 States), and Viet Nam, including our first members from Brazil and Hungary. Welcome!

My plate is pretty full right now, so will give a brief report on my time at Yellowstone over the solstice. I will plan a Full Moon conference call and will send out details closer to the time.

Yellowstone Report. I had an amazing time at Yellowstone, and can report with reasonable confidence that my main missions were accomplished. The energetic support of the Earth Energy Healing Network made a difference. Thank you! Other Earth Healers had been guided to be there at the same time and it was a joy to work with three of them in Yellowstone Park one afternoon. The number of synchronicities and validations that I experienced were too many to count. Let me share one example among many.

A traditional Northern Cheyenne elder was speaking to the Gathering about the courage and hardships of those in his nation who were forced to go to Oklahoma after the Battle of Little Bighorn and how his great grandfather against all odds led some of his people back to Montana where they remain today. I was channeling very intense emotions as he was speaking and had to get up and go outside. I stood on the grass and cried and cried, releasing many aspects of the pain of the violence, oppression, and injustice experienced by native americans. At one point I opened my eyes and saw that two women were on either side of me, holding there arms toward me, helping hold the energetic space for this release. Afterwards we introduced ourselves. One was a red (root chakra--everyone at the Gathering took on one of the seven chakra colors as an indication of the special gifts that they had) and lived by the Pacific Ocean in California. I was a green (heart chakra) from Indiana (the Heartland of the U.S.) and the other was a purple (crown chakra) who lived by the Atlantic Ocean in Connecticut.

I was able to spend one day at the Yellowstone Star Dance organized by Bennie Le Beau, and am happy to report that a number of people were able to serve as energetic bridges to connect the energies of the Gathering of One and the Star Dance. It was a joy to meet my Shoshone Brother Bennie in the physical plane. Here we are standing together, the newly lit fire for a sweat lodge in the background:

144 Elemental Points of Light Project. Thirteen new POLs were activated in May in locations that seemed related to the ongoing ancient Earth grid work, geophysical stabilization in the Yellowstone, Pacific Rim and Midwest. I'm not much of a numerologist, but it can't be accidental that 13 POLs were activated this month and that Old Faithful was the 90th to be activated.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #31
June, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 183 members, in 28 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), the United States (35 States), and Viet Nam.

Ten days in bed with the flu (processing personal and planetary energies) has left me a little behind, so I am getting this out on the day of the New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Upcoming Earth Energy Healing Dates. So many events are happening these days its hard to keep track. Here are a few that seem significant to me in June:

--Tuesday, June 3: New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions with Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation during 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm. Focus: Expanding and Strengthening our Grid Networks of Light.

--Friday, June 6: Venus Passage Midpoint Global Link Process.

--Wednesday, June 18: Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions with Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation during 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm. Note: usually I do a conference call on the full moon, but will not this month because I will be in Yellowstone Area.

--June 18-21, Global Eden Event/Gathering of the Eagle and the Condor, West Yellowstone, Montana.

--June 20-21, SuperYellowstone Star Dance Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming.

--June 21, Summer Solstice World Peace & Prayer Day (Wolakota Foundation), and Worldwide Digeridoo Meditation (sunset).

Yellowstone Calls. I will be traveling to Yellowstone June 17-22 for the Global Eden Event and Bennie LeBeau's Super Yellowstone Star Dance (see links above). All I can say right now is that both feel to me to be very significant energetic events for the planet, but that the energies are complicated. My new job pays the monthly bills, but not much more, so it was an act of faith to purchase the plane ticket to Bozeman, where I will be renting a car. As most of you know, I do not charge for personal energy sessions. In fact I have removed any reference to accepting donations for my work because I found people were reluctant to schedule sessions when they felt they couldn't afford to make a donation. In this particular situation it feels OK to ask for contributions to help me cover the cost of this particular trip, which I estimate will be about $2500 (less if I decide to camp): http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/Contribute.htm (this is the only link to this page on the EEH website).

Continuing Healing of Ancient Earth Grids/144 Elemental Points of Light Project. Five new POLs were activated in May in locations that seemed related to the ancient Earth grids that the EEH Network (and others) have been working with: Stone Mountain, Georgia; Medicine Wheel, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming; Mt Denali, Alaska; Damanhur, Italy; and Tiahuanaco, Bolivia. During the May 19 Full Moon conference call it felt like we were working mostly with the Atlantean grid.

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #30
May, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 175 members, in 28 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), and the United States (32 States), including our first member from Viet Nam. Welcome!

It's not easy keeping up with my Lightwork and my new job which is currently running close to full time, but somehow things get done even if its not when I would like them to get done. There seems to be some Divine timing in the fact that I am sending this Newsletter out on the day of the New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions (focus: Opening to Receive the Language of Light). This new moon is particularly potent:

This year we have an exact New Moon occurring on May 5 at the same time as Solar Beltane increasing the power and potency of this seasonal time. Beltane celebrates the start of summer. In ancient traditions this was a time when all the fires were extinguished on the Eve of Beltane and new fires lit at Beltane sunrise. Often these fires were lit on the hills and in the Standing Stone Circles found on hilltops marking the ley lines of the Earth Grid. The Beltane Fires on the Hills are the beacons or points of light intended to alchemically activate the energy of the Earth and those who dwell here (from http://celestialtimings.com, but I was not able to access to confirm this source).

I will be sending out an Alert with information about the second Wesak Full Moon EEH Conference call on Monday May 20.

April 15 Buffalo Nations Prayer. EEH member Meg shared the following about the Buffalo Nations prayer which I sent an EEH Alert out about:

It is very busy here but I was directed to sit here at the computer and open your email. I looked at the clock and it was exactly noon April 15. I found myself standing in a circle with many people and slowly dancing round. There was no leader, but the buffalo was at the center of the circle. Great love and appreciation were streaming towards the animal and the buffalo was returning the energy with strength and vitality as that was it function in the past and continues in this way. The Buffalo seemed full of energy and very pleased with the ceremony and there was no bad feelings that I could determine. It was a very pleasant, lovely experience. I have not participated in the Earth Healing sessions as my health and energy were just not there, but this felt really good and I was glad to be a part of it

Healing Ancient Earth Grids. This is the last section of the Newsletter I am writing and it is getting late and I have to get up at 4:30 am tomorrow to be an Inspector at the polls for the Indiana primary. Much has been happening here (and continues), which I hope to write more about next Newsletter. For now I will say that the Wesak Full Moon EEH conference was an incredible experience for me. There was a balance and attunement of energies in the Lemurian-Atlantean Grid that felt sweeter to me than since the earliest days of Atlantis.

144 Elemental POL Project Reaches Half-Way Point. I have been so busy lately the POL project has been on the back burner since January. In early April I was doing some energy work on Windgather Glade and checked in with the Elementals apologizing and I said that if it was really important that I refocus on the project, that I would like to receive a sign. A few days later, I received an email from someone in Texas with the subject header "5 Points of Light" which said:

I know that this may sound crazy, but I bolted out of a dream night before last and actually said out loud, "Indiana, 5 points of light". It has been bugging me because I have never been to nor do I ever think about Indiana. I do not even know anyone in Indiana. I have always lived in the south. I googled Indiana 5 points of light and got your site. Where ya'll doing anything lately that would effect me like that?

When I wrote back saying that I had asked for a message from Spirit and that this seemed like a hilarious way to receive one, my messenger responded:

That is too funny. The reason that I was bugged over saying that out loud in my sleep is that I have been asking that I be used for whatever purpose best serves the world. I will have to stop and listen to see what I do with this. Maybe I am to be used as a messager service for the universe. ;)

I trust that the Elementals will understand if I don't find time to describe quite as much about the activations as earlier. Seven were activated in April: 144 Points of Light Project

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #29
April, 2008

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 160 members, in 27 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), and the United States (30 States). Including our first member from Taiwan. Welcome!

By now it seems like I should know better than try to anticipate what Spirit has in store for me. Last month I indicated that I wasn't sure when I would be sending out another newsletter, I suppose because it felt like too much to deal with along with my new 3D job. Since I said that there has been an increase in the rate at which people have been joining the EEH Network. So...no rest for those who have been wicked (I trust that those of you who have been receiving this Newsletter for a while can sense that I am smiling when I say this).

Upcoming Earth Energy Healing Dates (times EDT unless otherwise indicated).

Sunday, April 6

New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions with Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation during 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm. Focus: Activating and Receiving the Divine Blueprint for our Life's Mission.

Moses Code Global Meditation: www.commonpassion.org

Sunday, April 20 Full Moon

6-7am, Passover full moon, 1 degree Scorpio (Sun entering Taurus) Harmonic 31 connects to the Mira stargate, suggesting that we call upon the angels & the elementals. Pneemah meditators will have a special assignment at this portal working with the Shem 72 petals of the heart... This portal is for purification of the soul, a birth canal for the light body... Pneemah

Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions with Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation during 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm.

Full Moon Earth Energy Healing Network Conference Call, 9 pm EDT (I will send out an Alert with more information closer to the time).

April 22-23: Global Concordance aligned with the official opening of the One Temple, Golden City, India. www.commonpassion.org.

So far the EEH conference calls seem to have been Divinely orchestrated to have a small group participating, and each call has had its own energetic flavor. EEH Member Cynthia from the Catskill Mountains in New York shared the following about the last call:

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience this evening. I wasn't quite sure what to expect...very pleasantly satisfied! I loved it!!! The palms of my hands quite literally pulsated to the rhythmic beat of the universal heart! (along with my entire light body) I'm feeling much joy...(and know) I'm exactly where I'm meant to be...doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing!

I have listed above several featured programs of CommonPassion, and I would like to welcome Joseph Giove, Executive Director of this organization as a new member of the EEH Network. He leads, with various guests, a monthly Teleconference the third Thursday at 6 pm Pacific and 9 pm Eastern time. You can use the link given above to sign up to receive announcements with details concerning featured programs and the monthly TeleConcordance calls.

Personal Update. Life is good. Now that I have let go of my initial resistance, my 3D job is interesting, and gives me high speed internet access at the office. My life seems topsy turvy in many ways, but I'm learning to go with the flow. For most of our married life I was the bread winner working from a home office able to comfortably support a family of six, as Bonnie devoted her energies to homemaking. Now we both have jobs outside the home that we like, but the pay is modest so there is always a little uncertainty as to whether we will be able to pay each bill as it comes due and we now have no savings to fall back on. We now know what it feels like for the large majority of people on the planet.

Presently I am able to view most of what I experience at a transpersonal level (i.e. I don't take what appear to be *difficult* situations personally). If I can accept what would *normally* feel like a stressful situation with equanimity, it becomes easier for others in similar situations to do the same. I have developed an affirmation that helps me in such situations

I accept all that happens without resistance. Nothing is difficult.
I am in equilibrium. I feel calm.

I developed this affirmation when I was driving into work and muffler fell off the car I drive which has 180,000 miles on it, and Bonnie told me that the engine of our other car (with 240,000 miles on it) wasn't running right. For the first time in our married life we really need two cars. For the record, we were able to get both cars fixed without having to miss any work. Will we be able to pay the repair bills when they come due? Tune in next month.

The other good news is that my Great Shift work seems to be moving forward again. For those of you who receive my Great Shift Update Newsletter, which hasn't gone out since February, I will soon be sending out the next one, and two more chapters of the Great Shift book will also be going out to those who have been receiving those installments. I have also resumed scheduling personal energy sessions and it feels very good to be working in that way again as well.

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #28
(March, 2008)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 149 members, in 26 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom (England and Scotland), and the United States (29 States). Including our first member from the British Virgin Islands. Welcome!

This newsletter may be the last you hear from me for a while (see personal update below). Please know that the EEH Network will continue to be active higher dimensionally, even if you do not receive any communications from me to bring our work into conscious focus.

Upcoming Earth Energy Healing Dates (times EST unless otherwise indicated).

If you would like a good energetic overview for March I recommend AA Michaels message through Celia Fenn: ACTIVATING THE SACRED GRAIL CODES WITHIN THE DNA THE ENERGIES FOR MARCH 2008

March 7: New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions. with Unified Meditation and Light Body Activation during 3 world times: New York 9 pm, Paris 8 pm, Sydney 8 pm. Focus: Our Economic Freedom: Plugging into the New Matrix.

March 8: 3-4 pm Sun conjunct Uranus at 18-19 Pisces with a Mercury/Neptune/Venus conjunction at 22-24 degrees of Aquarius. This portal or double stargate that brings in healing frequencies from the stellar Dolphins of Atlantic & Mediterranean waters, goddess of the sea. Pneemah

March 20: Spring Equinox 5:48am UT

March 21 Full Moon/Mayan New Year
14th Annual Solar Wave, 13:20 to 13:52 local time.
Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions
2-3 pm post Spring Equinox full moon at 2 Libra. Celebration of the Hebrew holiday of Purim along with the Christian Good Friday. Harmonic 182 takes us to the Supergalactic Core "where all our ancestral voices souls memories dream dances are stored" (M87 Coma Berenic). Pneemah

23rd March : Easter Sunday--see link to AA Michael message above.
24th March : Easter Monday

Personal Update. I didn't realize it at the time but my posting in last month's newsletter about public and private aspects of Lightwork was in some way preparing me to accept that Spirit is asking me to move out of the public arena at this time. Last month I announced that I would not be sending out a Great Shift Update Newsletter again until I see some concrete evidence that the Shift is manifesting in a positive way in the physical plane. This past month I kept wanting to send out Earth Energy Alerts, but never found the time to do so, or to activate any new Elemental Points of Light (although I have started posting locations of activated POLs on a world map). Even this newsletter is late because I simply haven't been able to get around to doing it.

I want to emphasize, what I said in my last Great Shift Update Newsletter: at the present time I see nothing happening to change my positive view of the future. As best I can determine, the No Soul Left behind program is still on track. It seems likely that some time this year we will start to see concrete positive evidence that the Shift is manifesting in the physical plane.

In an earlier Newsletter I commented that I am increasingly seeing Lightworkers returning to more conventional physical plane-type work, I think as a way to help ground the high-frequency energies that are present on Earth at this time. Today I assumed responsibility for the environmental work done by a local engineering-architectural firm, which will require me to focus most of my attention on making a living in the physical plane now that our savings have run out. I will continue my Lightwork on projects that are out of the public eye. Of the various potentialities I have been creating to allow financial resources to flow, this is at about the bottom of the list of what I would choose, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is what Spirit is asking me to do at this time.

So, before I sign off until Spirit knows when, I have one request to make of you. In the past few days I have been processing energies of feelings of abandonment (by Spirit) and failure. Deep in my heart I know that I am not a failure and have not been abandoned, but the place in my heart that feels human emotion is really hurting right now. I really don't need reassurances, or for you to take on some of the pain unless you are an empath and feel called to do so (feeling the pain is my job please see last month's Newsletter for more explanation if you are curious). However, your compassionate love for me and the many others on the planet who are feeling these emotions may ease the pain and help us move through them more quickly. Thank you.

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #27
(February, 2008)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 145 members, in 25 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States (29 States). Including our first member from Nepal. Welcome!

Many of you have heard me say more than once: when we heal Mother/Father Earth we heal ourselves and when we heal ourselves we heal Mother/Father Earth. In this newsletter I want to focus on the human side of the equation because that has been most in my awareness lately. In December I reported that I had been working double-overtime working with the energies of transformation. This past month it felt like triple-overtime, and now I am taking some time to reflect and share as the dust of the latest activity seems to be settling.

I will start with an Alert and and identification of some energetically significant dates in the upcoming month. I will send out additional Earth Energy Alerts as new items come to my attention.

Earth Energy Alert: Whales: Yesterday BBC reported that Japan had resumed whaling and has killed at least five whales. The following link is a petition by Humane Society International seeking one million signers: http://www.whalesrevenge.com/poll.php?show_all=1. When I signed more than 906,600 people had signed.

Earth Energy Healing Network Update. Last month I activated seven more Elemental Points of Light. I welcome further nominations. The following are energetically significant dates in February:

February 2 Lightweaver energies
February 7 New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions/Solar Eclipse
February 14 Lightweaver energies
February 16-17 Crystal Light and Activation, Chihuahua, Mexico (Downloading of the 8th Arcturian Crystal--David K Miller: http://www.cybertrails.com/groupofforty/pages/calendar.html
February 16-19 Linain Stargate Opens (pathways between Orion, Arcturus and Sirius): http://www.spiritlite.com/messages.php
February 21 Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions/Lunar Eclipse
February 22 Lightweaver energies

If you feel drawn to participate in the Planetary Grid Transmissions ((http://www.childrenofthesun.tv/planetary-grid-transmissions.html) or the energies the Master Kuthumi has been bringing through Michelle Elof (http://www.thelightweaver.org/), I suggest that you sign up to rececive direct mailings.

The Game of Duality: Two Positive Spiritual Paths. In March of 2006 (feels like several lifetimes ago) I wrote some material that never made it into my Great Shift book, but which seems worth sharing now. When I actually tracked this material down I laughed out loud when I re-read it, and I am going to reproduce it as originally written with a few editorial comments in [brackets] so that others of you who know me well now can have a good laugh as well:

The Sweetness-and-Light (SL) Path. This is my primary path [little did I know what was in store for me]. The SL path focuses on the positive, yet remains anchored in the Game of Duality through sixth density/dimensional experience. Just as the name "Quaker" was used as a derogatory term and was embraced by members of the Society of Friends, the phrase "sweetness and light" is used dismissively in the Warrior-of-Light literature (my perception). For me, the slightly contracted energy others give to this phrase serves as a useful reminder of the primary pitfalls of this path-reluctance to acknowledge the shadow/dark side of oneself and others, and the failure to differentiate conditional and unconditional love.

The Warrior-of-Light Path. As the name implies, the Warrior of Light plays the Game of Duality with relish. She or he (I have encountered more women who follow this path than men) does not hesitate to confront the dark side of humanity and the larger cosmos with the intention of serving a higher good [although they may not be consciously aware that they have chosen to do this]. From my perspective they are positively polarized souls who seek to engage negatively polarized energeis in the Game. If followers of the SL engage in the Game of Duality with some reluctance, the Warrior of Light works to become a master of the Game. The primary pitfalls that I perceive in this path include (1) emphasis on the importance of the pursuit of truth and objectively (left-brain functions) almost to the exclusion of intuition and love, and (2) an "us-vs.-them" frame of mind that loses sight of the fundamental unity of consciousness.

How did a nice Quaker-raised boy like me end up in the thick of the game as a Warrior of Light? I did a lot of foot-dragging at first, but the simple answer is that I have been unwavering in my commitment to serve the highest larger good to the best of my ability. Having been in the thick of it for a while, I have realized that there is a variant of the WL path that I will call the No-Pain-No-Gain path. I know many activist Lightworkers who have chosen this path and still are not consciously aware that they have done so, nor do they fully realize how much postive energy they have created by continuing on in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Being a relative newcomer to this path myself I deeply honor those of you reading this who recognize yourselves as on this path.

Kahil Gibran speaking through the words of the Prophet describes this path beautifully:

Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.
And the selfsame well from which your laughter rises was oftentimes filled with your tears.
And how else can it be?
The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.

When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.
When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

As I will be describing below, December was not an easy month for me, but I would not characterize it as a dark night of the soul as I have sometimes described my experiences in previous newsletters. What has made the difference are the following wise words from a Lightworker friend:

The emotional pain is about expanding your heart further open. The heart is the transformational chamber that purifies and revivifies darkness & what we call ‘negativity’ and transforms it back into light. The larger the heart, the more ‘energy’ we are able to transform.

These words allowed me to accept with gratitude what initially felt like unbearable sorrow.

Public and Private Aspects of Lightwork. It's hard to keep track of all the energetic transmissions, activations, anchorings, portal openings, unified meditations and who knows what that are happening on Earth now. These are all just the tip of the iceberg in relation to the work that hundreds of thousands of Lightworkers are doing quietly behind the scenes in their own individual ways and with small groups of others. It is easy for those of us who make a more public presence to forget this, and get caught up in the feeling of the significance of our public work. Here I want to honor those of you who choose/have been guided to work mostly outside of the public eye.

Its not just either/or. There is much that I do that I do not share publicly and prefer to keep it that way. In the New Earth there will be little need for such privacy or "hiddeness," but the Game of Duality is still being played out in dramatic ways and many Lightworkers I know find that they can be best of service by keeping a low profile and off the radar screen, to the extent possible, of our friends in the Loyal Opposition.

On the other hand, when it comes to group dynamics, when we try to keep conflicts hidden and private it creates a playground for mischievous energies. And what dramas it creates! Which, of course, provides abundant opportunities for learning and forgiveness.

Personal Update. I don't like to focus so much on myself here, but at the present time this is the only public forum I have to address some issues that a number of you in the EEH Network may be wondering about. Perhaps others of you may glean something useful from what I have to share as well.

The first lesson I have to share is one that most of you wouldn't be so foolish as to try. It is:

When you set yourself up as a lightning rod, don't be surprised when you get struck by lightning.

You would think that one would a no brainer, but it wasn't until after the lightning had hit that I realized this is what I had done. Consequences: being publicly accused of being an energy predator on one Lightworker internet community site, and being summarily banned from it and a second one.

On the one site I had introduced myself as someone who had entered more deeply into the Game of Duality than most, voluntarily taking on bad guy roles (conscious karma I call it) in order to be an instrument of healing at this time. I presented myself as more experienced and capable than many in dealing with mischievous energies and offered to assist anyone who felt they were being especially challenged by such energies.

When a letter was sent out warning that there was an energy predator on the site (you know who you are), I ran through my mind the individuals I perceived to be subtly doing this on the site, wondering which one it was. The shock came when I was contacted by the adminstrator of the site asking me to explain myself. Eventually I was told that seven women reported feeling harmed/traumatized by working with me. Soon I was publicly named and the next day found that I had been banned from the site.

From my perspective the concerns could have been better handled by creating an out-of-the-way forum on the site to allow all a safe place for those involved to address the issues openly, but I feel no ill will towards those who chose to deal with it differently. When you set yourself up as a lightning rod...

Nevertheless, for someone who works as an energy healer, being called an energy predator is a serious accusation. The only way this could possibly be true would be that I inadvertently allowed mischievous energies to come through when I channel energies. I have looked deeply inward and sought the counsel of those who know me well to consider whether this could have happened. I am 99.9% certain (as certain as I ever allow myself to be) that I have been a clear energy channel and that my interactions with all involved have been grounded in Divine Light and Unconditional Love.

Even though I am confident that I was and will continue to be a clear channel for healing energies, to have so many react in a contrary way has shaken me up. After the initial shock it took me a few days to regain my equilibrium and eventually feel some amusement about the dramas I had stirred up. But it is no fun when I work at a personal level with someone and they feel no obvious benefit, or feel that I have harmed rather than helped them. So here is the second main lesson I have learned for myself, but also serves as a warning to anyone who might feel drawn to work with me:

Anyone who works energetically with Russell Boulding may get a lot more than they bargained for.

I am revising my website accordingly. Any one who feels drawn to work with me personally needs to carefully consult their inner/outer guidance before proceeding.

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #26
(January, 2008)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 139 members, in 26 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States (28 States), including our first members from China and Japan. Welcome!

December was an intense month energetically. Those of you who read my Great Shift Update Newsletter will know that my Great Shift work has been put on indefinite hold. My Earth healing work has intensified in ways I could not have imagined even a month ago. The Earth Energy Healing Network is near and dear to my heart, but even here it feels that for the coming month at least I will not be doing the Planetary Grid Transmission conference calls and probably won't be sending out Earth Energy Alerts. After reporting on last month's activities, I will share a bit more about my personal situation.

December 9 New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions (PGT) People joining the conference call spanned the globe from Austria to Australia. In addition to the PGT focus, concern for our Cetaceans brothers and sisters, and the Pacific Rim and Ocean were brought in. EEH member Brigitte reported the following:

Indeed, "Spirit" wanted me to participate in the conference call. I slept until late afternoon to be ready at night [3 AM her time!]. I saw a ring of fire expanding around the earth and oceans after some lightning's. Dolphins and whales joined us happily. For my personal healing I wished to be able to activate people's light bodies with my simple presence. What happened? When I turned on the radio in the morning and sat down for breakfast, the topic of the news was a "beam of fire" above Schwechat near Vienna at the time of our call. In order to close a refinery the remaining natural gas was burnt off. Excited people called the fire brigade to tell of the "fire skies" over Vienna. Our work is successful! It is a great feeling.

December 24 Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions Christmas Eve is a time for family in my household, so I did not schedule a conference call to work with these energies. However, many responded to the email I sent out to the Children of the Sun (COS) groups I am a member of on Christmas Eve asking for forgiveness. I can report that I experienced huge positive energy being released that night as a result of those of you who responded. For those who are not members of the COS ning I wrote several follow-up blogs: [Note: These links no longer work; eventually I will post them somewhere on this website]

:Healing Ourselves, Healing Gaia (1): Forgiveness: http://sunchildren.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1298026:BlogPost:33071

Healing Ourselves, Healing Gaia (2): Conscious Karma: http://sunchildren.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1298026:BlogPost:33420

The Dark is Rising

I don't watch many movies, but this past week my children led me to watch three: The Dark is Rising, The Golden Compass, and The Tin Man (a retelling of the Wizard of Oz). In each a child or young adult protagonist is the chosen one to save humanity from evil. I saw each as representing the many New Children born since 1987 who are just now coming of age as instruments of change in the world. During this time of profound transition there is still much that is required of us older, more experienced Lightworkers. I have recently sensed an interesting shift in the energies of the Game of Duality on Earth at this time. My sense is that our friends in the Loyal Opposition have conceded the game as lost from their perspective at the third dimensional level, although mischief continues. However, as competing timelines/realities increasingly overlap and converge with the approaching dimensional shift I am seeing an intensification of the Game at fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional levels. Many powerful Lightworkers have helped create the amazing energetic shifts that are happening on Earth at this time, and these shifts are attracting very powerful dark energies--some of which have not concerned themselves with Earth before.

For the past sixth months there has been a steady decline in the number of visitors each month to both of my websites. Now this makes some sense to me. My energies need to be focused elsewhere. In December I was working double-overtime in the ethers dealing with our friends in the Loyal Opposition in many different ways, and this intensity does not seem likely to diminish any time soon. I have been working clearing energies in more energetic grids and matrices than I can keep track of consciously. To give you one example see the following blog I posted on the COS ning: [Note: This link no longer works; eventually I will post it somewhere on this website]

Healing Ourselves, Healing Gaia (3): Lightworker Abundance Grid: http://sunchildren.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1298026%3ABlogPost%3A33590

I have also been assisting other Lightworkers who have become the focus of dark energies that are more powerful than they are used to dealing with. This is what I am here for, and if any of you in my beloved Earth Energy Healing Network are experiencing psychic greetings (a term I prefer to psychic attack) that are more than you feel you can handle yourself, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am taking things one month at a time right now. I am committed to continuing to send out this Newsletter, but, as I noted earlier, probably will not be able to send out EEH Alerts. Please do not be concerned about me. I am well equipped for the work I am doing. I have posted a couple of blogs on the COS ning that say a little more this work, but most of it must remain behind the scenes. [Note: These links no longer work; eventually I will post them somewhere on this website]

The Game of Duality (1): Personal Experiences: http://sunchildren.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1298026%3ABlogPost%3A36014

The Game of Duality (2): ERFTs and ENRFTs: http://sunchildren.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1298026%3ABlogPost%3A36292

Reactivating the Mode 5 Circle. From November 2005 to June 2006 a small group of individuals gave me permission to bring in their Higher Selves to energetically support Earth Energy Healing work that I was doing. I would welcome the assistance of any member of the EEH Network who would feel comfortable giving this kind of permission, and will not be offended in the least by those who decline this request. The following link gives more information about the Mode 5 Circle: EEHMode5.htm. The only difference with the newly activated Circle is that I will not be able to give detailed reports of what I am doing, although I hope to be able summarize some of this work in the next EEH Newsletter. If you would like to join the Mode 5 Circle, please send me a short note to that effect. Thanks

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #25
(December, 2007)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 127 members, in 24 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Czech Republic, England, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United States (27 States). including our first members from Czech Republic, Finland, Ireland, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Spain, and Switzerland. Welcome!

Connections and Reconnections and Intersections (2). In my latest Great Shift Update Newsletter (www.preparingforthegreatshift.org/Newsletter.htm#Newsletter21) I say a bit about the sacred geometry we create by the intersections of the different groups we belong to. The Planetary Grid Project feels to me to be an especially valuable intersecting circle with the EEH Network and many of the new members who have joined us in the last month have come through that network. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities. We can't be all things to all people, so it helps to tune into one's own guidance so as to remain centered rather than scattered by the networks we join. Below are the major networks I have chosen to join in my own Earth Healing work:

Children of Son Network Planetary Grid Project (http://sunchildren.ning.com/group/planetarygridproject)
Earth Healing Institute, Jennifer Vyhnak: http://www.earthhealinginstitute.com/ (Jennifer is a member of the EEH Network; email Jennifer to be placed on her mailing list)
Lightweaver Network, Michelle Eloff: http://www.thelightweaver.org (Lightweaver eNewsletter)
Ascension Hologram Network: (1) Amaru Crystal Seeding Project (http://ascensionhologram.ning.com/group/amarucrystals) and (2) Isis Eye (Aeriopax) Ascension Program (http://ascensionhologram.ning.com/group/aeriopax

If others of you are part of networks that focus on Earth healing you are part of and would like to bring to the attention of others in the EEH Network, let me know and I'll post them in future newsletters.

EEH Network Activity Report.

The November 9 New Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions had Forgiveness and the Freedom of Letting Go as a focus. In preparation for the EEH conference call, each of us who participated was given opportunities for healing and forgiveness in personal relationships that seemed connected in some way with the event. My vocalizations at the beginning felt like they were expressing and releasing a lot of emotional pain. Suzanna from Pennsylvania shared this about this first call:

I felt there was profound forgiveness work being done and a letting go. I felt a shift during the call and hope it not only helps me but others and the planet.

And EEH Network member Brigitte from Austria shared this:

During the call I was in a light mediation and concentrated fully on the motto "Forgiveness and Freedom of Letting Go". When you opened the crown chakra, I saw that Archangel Michael joined us, too.

The personal healing aspects of our work together during the call was expressed by Janet from Indiana:

Thanks for doing the last call I know it did more heart healing for myself.

The November 24 Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions had the Spirit of Graciousness as a focus. For this conference call (and future ones) participants were invited to also bring any additional focus for planetary healing that were close to their hearts. In this call we had EEH members and others from Austria, the continental U.S. and Hawaii. Concern for our Cetacean brothers and sisters was brought into the circle. Usually I don't receive much information about what is happening when I am channeling the energies for the group, but at one point I felt like we were connecting with a Japanese whaling ship and offering those on it the opportunity to understand the harm they were doing. Cynthia from Hawaii shared that one of the group there also connected with this:

Kalama said that she saw the whole whale-boat event--the incoming compassion and the softening of the hearts of the whalers. Even the staunchest of the crew felt the unconditional love that swept over the boat--to allow more whales to live! Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo!!!!!!!

In Earth Energy Alert #48 I invited EEH members to participate in an experiment for healing the waters of San Francisco Bay from the effects of a toxic fuel spill. Many in addition to the EEH Network participated in this. The following message from EEH Member Valerie Donner, dated Wednesday, November 28, 2007 share the following good news:

Our experiment with sending clearing and healing energy to the San Francisco Bay is working beyond my wildest expectations! This morning, after having been out of town for a few days, I read the paper and saw that the beaches had been re-opened! What is even more exciting is that my friend Da Vid, MD (www.thelightparty.com) who lives in Marin County and exercises at Baker Beach, told me that he "could tell the difference in the water around last Tuesday the 20th or 21st". He said "The water was clear and really beautiful on Thanksgiving day (November 22). It felt different and looked different. I could feel the water was really pristine." He said when he went there he remarked "My God, the energy of the water is so clear and felt great." Prior to that he "hated to go there because is was so gooey with oil." We started our experiment on the 18th of November. See how powerful we are when we use our collective Light consciousness! We have done "Excellent work." Da Vid and the whole San Francisco Bay Area thank you for your great work. Let's keep up the good work. We are powerful beyond measure.

Mother/Father Earth Follow-Up: Although I was aware of the work Michelle Lightweaver has been doing with the Androgyne Grid since October I didn't really make the connection with the shift in perception to Mother/Father Earth that I reported in the last Newsletter until after I sent it out. Between October 11 and October 18 Michelle and participating Lightworkers anchored seven Androgyny Templates in the British Isles: (1) Hill of Tara, Ireland, (2) Mary's Chapel, Glendalough, Ireland, (3) Merrion Square, Dublin, Ireland, (4) Avebury Stone Circle, England, (5) Wayland's Smith Long Barrow, England, (6) Woodhenge, England, and (7) Chalice Well, Glastonbury, England. Then on October 22 the Androgyne Grid was fully anchored at the Androgyny portal located in Dubai. Michelle has released an eBook, The Seven Chakra Androgyny Grids. For more information check out her website (www.thelightweaver.org), where you can also read a transcript of Master Kuthumi's message on the New Earth grid anchoring in Dubai.

Love, Russell

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Earth Energy Healing Newsletter #24
(November, 2007)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 110 members, in 15 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (2 Provinces), Chile, England, France, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United States (25 States). Quite a few people from the old mailing list did not make the switch, but we have had more new members join than in any single month before. The energies of the Network feel more focused to me know, so this has been a good process.

I am doing well. Thanks to the many of you who offered spoken and unspoken support during the challenges I have experienced the last few months. Spirit still seems to have me pretty much in a holding pattern, with the Earth Energy healing work seeming to receive the highest priority.

Mother/Father Earth: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine. The reawakening and reempowerment of the Divine Feminine is central to the energetic shifts that are happening on Earth at this time. Equally important is a balancing of the masculine and feminine at all levels. A number of female Lightworkers I know have been experiencing pain on their right (masculine) sides which seems to be related to bringing masculine and feminine energies into balance in their bodies, but also for Mother Earth as well. Conversely, I have felt physical discomfort on the left (feminine) side of my body, which I understand to be part of a similar balancing process. In my own experience, each major energetic shift I have made seems to have required further balancing and integration of my masculine and feminine aspects.

EEH member Meg, who has a deep connection with the Earth and Elemental energies, recently shared with me her sense that it was time to start thinking in terms of Mother/Father Earth as she/he also engages in this balancing process. E'Lara, another EEH member who links Earth and cosmic energies in a profound way, had a vision that convinced her to start refering to our planet as Mother/Father Earth:

I saw a circle of gold --- like a heavy gold braid. There was also a big gold spot in the middle and there was blazing white light filling in the circle between the circle and that gold spot. In the process the circle morphed into a 6-pointed star and at the end the gold spot in the center became two hearts connected from the center down. I saw 4 lobes at the top (with clear differentiation of 2 and 2 --- like the lobes at the top of the heart symbol) --- but only the one representation of the bottom of the heart shared between them starting about the middle of the symbol. It was clearly 2 hearts side by side joined from the middle down.

I was moved by this image of two hearts joined from the middle down, so don't be surprised if you find me saying Mother/Father Earth in the future.

Report on Friday EEH Sessions at Windgather Glade : October 26 was the first of regular Friday, 9 am EEH sessions focusing on the Pacific Ocean as discussed in Earth Energy Alert #44. When I am channeling energies my conscious mind gets out of the away and observes what my body and vocal chords are doing. The session began on the upper male polarized vortex and it felt like a LOT of energetic clearing of old energies was taking place. The area in my heart chakra that transmutes dark energy were very active. Then I walked down to lower female-polarized vortex and while facing west did melodic toning to bring in healing energies as a gentle rain started. Session lasted about 20 minutes. When I got back to my study I realized that I had set this time to also focus on the Divine feminine group in southern France. I went back down to Windgather Glade and stood on the upper-female polarized vortex facing east. My body felt oddly unbalanced with the left (feminine) side smaller than right (masculine) side. As the toning progressed I felt a shift take place with the feminine side larger that the masculine, and then a final adjustment that brought them into balance. While this was happening I was toning a tune that I created in Lemurian times that I now associate with anchoring and balancing of energies.

Today's session (November 2) focused on the Pacific Ocean again. We have had a beautiful fall in southern Indiana and the session on Windgather Glade was brisk and sunny. There were very intense energetic clearing vocalizations that echoed through the Glade for most of the session. I did not sense dark energies involved, but more like opening things up for energies to move more freely (if you have joined since June, you might want to read the June Newsletter #19 for my take on working with dark energies).

Working with Unsustainable 3D Energy Systems
In Earth Energy Alert #44 I wrote the following:
The Group (http://lightworker.com/beacons/2007/2007_10-PeopleofEarth.php) is asking each of us, but especially Americans, to examine our lives and lifestyles to consider the impact on Mother Earth. My training as an environmental scientist led me many years ago to recognize that the ecological footprint of my lifestyle as an American caused disproportionate harm to the planet. This continues to be true even though my wife and I have made lifestyle choices that give the appearance of leading an ecological lifestyle--living in an energy efficient house, heating mostly with wood, growing a lot of our own vegetables. Many of our friends who are concerned about such thing s seem to look to us a models, while I feel like a fraud because we continue to be heavily dependent on fossil fuels. We live out in the country and do a lot of driving for the activities we do with our friends and religious community and plane travel to visit our children who are scattered all over the country. Also, our electricity comes from coal-fired power plants which are the most polluting of the fossil fuels. Lately I have rationalized the unsustainable aspects of our lifestyle by thinking that the work I have been doing supporting Mother Earth at an energetic level more than compensated for the carbon dioxide and pollution that is emitted for the long, hot showers I like to take. Now I am not so sure. I am still wrestling with these issue for myself, and don't have any answers yet. A guilt-driven response doesn't really help, so while I am engaged the activities that have the most harmful environmental impact (driving, showering, etc.) I am trying to open myself to guidance from Spirit for indications how I can make changes.
I want to share two interesting experiences, one that happened in the shower, and the second while driving my car, that make me feel differently about showering and driving now.
In the Shower. Water cleanses us both physically and energeticially, and hot showers are actually an important part of my personal energy practice. I always give thanks and say Masaru Emoto's water prayer: Water I thank you, water I love you, water I respect you. The next shower I took after sending out Earth Energy Alert #44, I asked my inner guidance whether I should make my showers shorter and got a NO. I then found myself energetically connecting to the water stream coming out of the showerhead, followed the hot water line to the electric water heater and then followed the house electrical wiring to the electric lines that feed into the house, and traced the transmission lines to one of the coal-fired power plants in southeastern Indiana that feeds the electrical grid. When I got to the power plant I connected with the Deva of the power plant and asked if there was anything I could do energetically to improve the efficiency of the turbines or other parts of the generating system or improve the efficiency of air pollution control equipment. The toning and vocalizations that I did indicated to me that something was happening which seemed to relate to improving the operation of both the flue-gas desulurization equipment and the electrostatic precipitator which controls particulate emissions. When I "returned" to the shower stall the hot water had been about used up. I concluded as I usually conclude an energy session by thanking and honoring the five sacred elements (earth, water, fire, air and ether), giving thanks in the seven sacred directions (E, W, N, S, below, within and above), and thanking all those from higher dimensions who assisted with the session. I also gave special thanks for having worked on projects as an environmental consultant that gave me the knowledge to conceptualize what happened when I started tracing the energies.
Driving my Car. The shower experience prompted me to try something similar the next time I drove into town, which turned into a remarkable experience. I was home alone around lunchtime on a Saturday and got a yen for one of the local co-op's turkey and Swiss sandwiches, and needed to do some grocery shopping anyway. My personal preference was to go to the downtown coop because I like their T&S sandwiches, but is a longer drive. Being conscientious, I asked my inner guidance, should I conserve gas and go to the nearer coop and got a NO. I considered the possibility that my personal preference has interfered with the answer, but it didn't feel so, and I started off wondering why I was going the long way. While driving I did the same thing I did in the shower. As I began toning, I traced the energetic connections from the gasoline in the car to the gas station, to the tanker truck that delivered it to the distribution center to the refinery. All of a sudden in my minds eye I saw a black, web-like grid that connected every car to the infrastructure of the petroleum energy system and all the environmental damage and human suffering that results all over the planet. This was a little overwhelming, but I simply set the intention that the energy I channeled, processed, transmuted into/from this huge, dark energetic grid serve the highest good of Mother Earth and all beings upon her. Then I focused on the car I was driving (a Honda Civic with 175,000 miles on it) and began tracing the connections of all the metal in the body and engine to the mining, milling and manufacturing activities and the environmental damage caused by those activities (another specialty of mine as an environmental consultant). With the electrical energetic grid it felt like energetically supporting improvements in efficiency were a reasonable short-term action. It felt like something more than channeling a bit of light into this dense petroleum/metals manufacturing grid was required. I asked myself, what would be better than this car to go the same distance? I imagined myself driving a hybrid, but that still is connected to petroleum grid, so I changed the hybrid car to using hydrogen fuel from water as the supplement to the electricity. Then I focused on the car itself and replaced most of the metals that had been mined with metals that had been recycled. So, now I'm driving down the road in two vehicles, the gasoline powered Honda in the third dimension and the hydrogen-fueled-most-component-parts-recycled in the fourth dimension, feeling pretty good. Then I get into town and get stuck in some of the worst traffic I have every seen in Bloomington (it turned out to be homecoming weekend at the University). I'm in bumper-to-bumper, stop-and-go traffic wasting even more gas than usual, and I asked Spirit: What is this all about? The answer I got was: Think bigger! I realized that after we make the shift to fourth dimensional Earth for a while at least there will still be football games that ten of thousands of people will want to drive to get to. I shifted my focus to the fourth dimensional car I was driving, and saw that all the other cars around me were similar to the one I was driving. I felt myself in fourth dimensional Earth and it was BEAUTIFUL! Tears filled my eyes. I extended my awareness out to see how far this bit of 4D reality had been created and when I got to 10,000 cars I started getting dizzy and needed to refocus on 3D reality again. When I got to the co-op I had a nice lunch feeling gratitude for being alive on Earth at such a wonderful time.
Caution: Unless you are experienced in maintaining multidimensional awareness I do not recommend trying the sort of thing I did while driving. Since I often find myself in the trenches of the Game of Duality, I have an angelic IMF (Impossible Mission Force) team which assists me when I am in unfamiliar energetic territory. It was only after the fact with both the shower and driving experiences that I realized I had put myself in a position of possibly attracting unwanted attention from our friends in the Loyal Opposition at various dimensional levels who might not take kindly to what they would perceive as interference. It took a little fancy energetic footwork, so to speak, to cover my tracks.
I have developed a simplified procedure for connecting into the electrical and petroleum energetic grids that I now use when I shower and drive. My initial impulse was to formalize it and post it on this website. In the past I have not hesitated to act boldly (some of my Lightworker friends might say foolhardily) when engaging our friends in the Loyal Opposition. I have had a few experiences in the past few months that have chastened me, so I am proceeding somewhat more cautiously (eventually I will be sharing these stories in Autobiography of a Cosmic Explorer). If there are any courageous souls who would like to work with me to test out the procedures I am developing, please contact me (jrb-eeh@bluemarble.net). The main thing to test out is the energetic frequency scrambling technique I use to feed the healing energies into the grids in a way that doesn't allow the source to be pinpointed.
I don't continue to tap into the parallel fourth dimensional energies when driving like I did the first time, but a really neat thing about that experience was that no one was stressed or aggressive in the traffic jam at that dimensional level. The football game was going to be played in a completely different way. Rather than people rooting for one team to win over the other, everyone rooted equally for both sides and took equal pleasure in all good plays. A really good game was one that ended in a tie, or only a difference of one point (the perfect game ending in the Japanese game of Go).
The experiences above are not a substitute for mindfulness in our usage of electricity, water, and liquid fossil fuels, but I have found them helpful as I try to balance my physical plane and higher dimensional perceptions during this time of great transition on Earth.
144 Elemental Points of Light Project Update. Thanks to EEH members Claire and Brigitte for their nominations for locations to activate POLs in New Zealand and Austria. This project is moving forward in a really interesting way as I report on the POL page: http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/EEH144.htm#October07. If you are unfamiliar with this project, you might want to start at the top of the page: http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/EEH144.htm. If any of you have a slow, land-line connection like I do, I apologize for the long time it takes the photographs to download. Eventually I will size all the photographs so they will be able to load quickly.

Love, Russell

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EEH Newsletter #23 (October 2007)

Dear Earth Healers,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 173 members, in 23 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (28 States), including our first members from Belgium and India. Welcome!

EEH Network Mailing List Changeover. The only thing in my life right now that seems to have forward movement is that the EEH Network continues to grow. Please bear with me as I make a shift to a new system for managing the email list and mailings. Soon, you will be receiving an email from me asking you to signup again, which will involve a couple of steps to complete. Once this is completed the system should work more smoothly all around.

The Journey Continues. As I say in the beginning of this month's Great Shift Update Newsletter, I'm still here, feeling more chastened than sheepish. For those who are interested, I give a more analytical assessment of the planetary energetic shifts that have happened in the last three months in that newsletter and also information on the exceptional earthquake activity in the last month: Great Shift Update Newsletter #19. Those of you who have received my recent Earth Energy Alerts know that the past month or so has been as difficult and challenging for me as any time since I said, almost five years ago, "I'm ready, take me as far and as fast as you can." A sort of dark night of the soul as I described in one communication. This was all the more confusing because I could discern nothing that would indicate I was doing anything counter to my openness to letting Spirit guide my life. After the Eclipse window ended there was a period of time when I felt blocked in every direction. At a time when it felt like my hard work in service of the Great Shift and Mother Earth should start yielding dividends, the number of visitors to my Great Shift and Earth Energy healing websites dropped substantially and were bringing in no income as we approached the end of the savings we had been living on for four years. At the 3D level nothing seemed to go right--an overdrawn checking account racked up substantial fees before I realized it had happened, and I received a bill for $1100 from the Indiana Department of Revenue for failing to file necessary paperwork for the Foundation (this was later canceled). I did have the opportunity to collect firewood for the heating season. Around this time I was driving home with a trailer load of firewood, feeling pretty sorry for myself, when I thought brightly, "at least I am taking real pleasure in setting up firewood." As soon as I had this thought a tire went flat on the trailer, and it took several days to get the rust-locked lug nuts off and a new tire in place. I can look back on it now and laugh, but at the time I felt crushed.

In many indigenous traditions the apprentice-shaman must experience a terrifying death in the astral plane and a rebirth as the rite of passage to become a shaman. Looking back on my experiences this past month, I experienced a death of sorts, a feeling of being crushed, with nothing that I had created giving me support (a significant exception to that feeling has been the love and support of my wife and many of you in the Earth Energy Healing network who sent me messages of encouragement). I now recognize what happened as a preparation for whatever is to happen next. Critical junctures in the spiritual journey require letting go of old attachments and beliefs to make way for the new and unknown. For the time being, I have come to a place of feeling at peace with where I am, having no idea what the future holds, as described below by Mark David Gerson. Having come to this point, I still feel like I Spirit has me in a holding pattern, which I trust won't last forever. It almost feels like the planetary energetics have shifted so profoundly in the last few months that even Spirit isn't quite sure how I can best be of service.

Wise Words from Mark David Gerson. Sound healer Mark David Gerson offers an excellent perspective on all the energetic shifts that have been happening lately in his September 13, 2007 Newsletter:

In recent weeks, my inbox has been flooded with messages about this portal or that, this eclipse or that, this major shift-point or that. A large number dealt with the implications of this week's powerful new moon/solar eclipse.

In the past, I would have carefully read through all the articles so as to understand the meaning of these events. I even would have written a few of those articles myself. In the past, I also would have searched out names and explanations for the specifics of my experiences.

Today, though, it's barely possible to keep up with all the energetic shifts barreling through my life and the life of the planet. Today, I recognize that adding names and explanations does little for me other than offering my mind some degree of assurance that I'm not going insane.

Today, I see that all I can do is surrender fully to all my inexplicable symptoms and yo-yo emotions, to all the sudden collapses and revolutionary beginnings within and around me, to all the unravelings, reformings and contradictions that eddy through my day.

Today I see all that's going on for what it is — a radical rewiring, rebuilding and rebooting of every aspect of what it means to be human.

Today I see that that my only call is to be in the moment with all that is occurring and to give up any need to figure out, understand or explain. Today I do my best to be in the wonder of all I'm seeing and experiencing — including this week's eclipse — and to recognize the higher good in it all.

Love, Russell

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EEH Newsletter #22 and Great Shift Update Newsletter #18
(August 29 to September, 11 2007)

Dear Earth Healers and Great Shifters,

For the first time I am sending out a joint Newsletter to the Earth Energy Healing Network and Great Shift Update subscribers. The Lunar/Solar Eclipse Doorway from August 28 to September 11 feels to me to be an unusually important time period in the dimensional shift that Earth and humanity are experiencing. Spirit has brought two wonderful, intersecting, groups of people together through my two websites, and for the first time I am inviting all of you to join together with me to provide an energetic presence through a daily 20-minute meditation at 9:09 am EDT focusing on Mother Earth, ourselves (humanity) and all other beings on the planet asking simply that the energetic shifts during this time happen in as gentle a way as possible. For those who are not familiar with the procedure to connect with sessions that I do (these will be mostly done at Windgather Glade, but I will be in Boston from September 7 to 10) please follow this link: http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/EEHNetwork.htm#Schedule. I also encourage anyone who sets the intention to join these sessions to review the thoughts I have shared about the clarity and purity of our intentions: http://www.earthenergyhealing.org/EEHNetwork.htm#Intentions. Later in the newsletter I share some information from other sources about the significance of the Eclipse Doorway period.

What I have to say now is making me feel very vulnerable. I have Lightworker friends who seem to start feeling uncomfortable when I place myself in a situation of vulnerability, perhaps because they have many memories of being hurt when feeling vulnerable as part of the karmic dance of 3D human experience. The vulnerability I am feeling comes from a place of strength which recognizes that there are opportunities for growth when one is willing to take risks. Yesterday I was given what felt like a choice as difficult as any I have been given since I said almost five years ago "I am ready, take me as far and as fast as you can." On very few occasions have I hesitated when given an new opportunity for growth. The choice I was given yesterday felt comparable to the time I was asked to make a commitment to playing the Game of Duality as "high" as it goes. In some ways the commitment to playing the Game of Duality to its completion was easier because I was pretty much clueless as to what I was getting myself into by making that commitment.

I have considered carefully the possible consequences of choice I was given yesterday. One possible outcome is that I will look very foolish to a lot of people (you, my dear readers). That actually is the best case scenario as far as I'm concerned. The worst case scenario is that this is the last you will hear from me. I shed some tears considering this scenario, but I cannot rule out this possibility with the choice I ended up making.

Many higher dimensional sources that I am reading indicate that many are in for a very bumpy ride between now and the end of the year. This is entirely consistent with my understanding of how the Great Shift is happening. Our economic, political, social and religious institutions need to be shaken up in order to be transformed, and the best information I have at this time is that the time is "soon." Nevertheless, many people continue to be tapping into the old catastrophic timelines and information came to me yesterday indicating that our friends in the Loyal Opposition, see the Eclipse Doorway as their last chance to divert a sizable segment of Earth's population into a timeline that manifests the fears of the conspiracy buffs.

This information posed me with a dilemma, given my commitment to the No Soul Left Behind program. If such a timeline split occurs, and the Russell in this physical incarnation on Earth has to make a choice, which one do I choose: the positive timeline of the Great Shift, which is already well-anchored from my perspective, or the timeline that I perceived in the early 1990's where a Great Dying of humans takes place? When that was my vision of the future, I prepared myself to carry love and joy through the monumental suffering of such a timeline. Yesterday it felt like I was being asked whether I was still willing to be a part of such a timeline. It is entirely possible that I do not need to make a choice, but it feels like I have to make the decision as if it were a choice. I am declaring now that if a timeline split occurs, and I have to make a choice, I will be going with those who have been expecting the the worst for the future.

In the meantime I invite you to join me during the daily 20-minute sessions at 9:09 am EDT through September 11. If you hear from me after then, it will be a sheepish Russell who greets you. If you don't hear from me after then, know that I am where I can be of greatest service to humanity and Mother Earth in the physical plane, and that I will always be available energetically to support you as the Great Shift unfolds.

Love, Russell


August 27 Message from the Star Elders regarding the upcoming Lunar/Solar Eclipse doorway:
The lunar eclipse on August 28 and the following partial solar eclipse on September 11 is a very important doorway for humanity. In the last few months the light workers of the planet have seriously undermined the forces of darkness. Thank you very much for this. Because of this, it has created a huge shift in the construction of the mass consciousness of humanity. It has also created a great up-liftment in your spirit.
During this eclipse doorway everyone will have the opportunity to reboot an upgrade their entire being. You will be able to reboot an upgrade your body, your spirit, your soul, and your evolution. This is a very powerful time.
Rebooting your life is very much like rebooting your computer. When you upload a new computer program you have to turn off your computer and started up again so that the new program will work properly. That's exactly what's going to happen to all of you in this doorway. No one is exempt from this reboot. Once rebooted, the old programs systems and manifestations will no longer work properly. So if you're finding that certain areas of your life are not flowing or manifesting in the way they should, maybe this is the universe saying that it is an old virus ridden program, and it is time to delete it from your consciousness. Why would you want to keep it anyway?
From the June 21 solstice, to the Perseid meteor showers culminating on August 12, you have received, if you were aware of it or not, new programs in your consciousness. Now it is time to put them to work. If you are feeling the building pressure in your chest, almost to the point where you feel like you can't breathe, then you are already feeling this reboot.
We don't have to tell you this because you already know, but those old programs you've been running for many, many centuries were flawed. They had viruses that created fear, lack, anger, grief, shame, despair, poverty, war and all other atrocities against spirit and humanity. These faulty programs pushed you into corners in which your reactions were not coming from a place of light within you. It's time to forgive yourself and others for the perceived wrongful things you felt you had done, or have done to you. It's time to realize that living in a dualistic world is a great challenge. But you also must know that we see you as the brave courageous souls, the ones that dared to traverse the reality of extreme light and dark.
To ease the effects of this collective consciousness reboot, it would be greatly beneficial to you all to take some time each day to let go of the old you. Let go of the old world. Let go of your past, your wounds, your betrayals, your insecurities, and even your beliefs that you are somehow not a brilliant masterful being. Take time each day to remember who you truly are, not what you've been told by others, or what society would make of you. Remember if the Great Creator made you just the way you are, then it should be good enough for you… yes?
By the year 2008 you will have completely crossed the bridge and have begun acclimatizing to the New World. It is a much higher altitude/frequency than you are used to. It will take some adjusting. This is what you might call the shift to the ages. You have pushed the evolution envelope by your strong will, tenacity and strong intense spiritual focus, by an entire four years from our predicted shift dates in 2012. So we don't want to hear you thinking to yourself that you are less than a lighted master. You're the first human beings in a dualistic 3-D reality that has been able to push the envelope, and to push the envelope by four entire years is still astonishing to us.
Be open to the fact that what lies ahead of you in the very near future is wildly astonishing, beautiful, wonderful, peaceful, and harmonious, and a place you remember deep inside as home. Why will it be this way you ask? Because you not only wanted this new reality, and believed it was possible, but are now beginning to act as if this amazing new future is already here. When you do act as if, you quit being an initiate, and step into the role of the living master. We are always with you. (Special mailing of the Center of the Sun Newsletter; to sign up for this newsletter use this link: http://www.kachina.net/~alunajoy/joinnewsletter.html).
Valerie Donner in her August 27 Straight from the Heart Newsletter identifies September 9 as an especially significant date within the lunar/solar eclipse doorway (numerologists translate 9-9-2007 to 9-9-9 (2+7), and this date also the 36th week of the year (3+6 = 9) and the 252nd day (2+5+2 =9). I'm not really all that much into numerology myself, but many higher dimensional sources that I respect place significance in the Divine mathematics of numbers, so I pay attention when dates are identified as significant numerologically. In the practice of numerology, the number 9 is the number of completion. Valerie concludes by saying:
So 9-9-9 will be a very powerful day. It will be the turning point for humanity and this planet. The 9-vibration is about letting go, about transformation and about starting a new cycle. Humanity will let go of duality, of three-dimensional thinking and embrace unconditional love and detached compassion, which are fourth and fifth dimensional qualities. Straight from the Heart Newsletter (http://www.thegroundcrew.com/updates/vdonner/2007/082707_print.htm)

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EEH Newsletter #21 (Late-July, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 156 members, in 21 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (26 States), including our first member from Austria. Welcome!

Fire the Grid. Thanks to all EEHers who set the intention to connect energetically at 11:11 am east-coast time on July 17 at Windgather Glade (the link is for newer members who would like to know more about the Glade). Many of you also connected in at 11:11 GMT and 11:11 at your local times. The fifth dimensional corridor on the Glade encompasses a small place flat enough to stand upon on a very steep eastward-facing slope where two streams come together. A number of red-capped mushrooms at the base of the hill gave a splash of bright color below me as a low canopy of Redbud trees with heart-shaped leaves swayed above my head. It rained the entire time as I toned almost continuously. The energies felt very gentle. Time will tell, but it did feel to me that the overall event, of which we were a very small part, was of a significance comparable to the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987.

Vacation Time. I will be traveling on vacation in the Black Hills and Rocky Mountains and doing Earth healing work in the Pacific Northwest from July 24 to August 18. In 1970 I climbed Long's Peak (14,257 ft) in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, with my father when he was 60. At the time I was so impressed that someone so old could make the climb (this is not techincal climbing, but nevertheless has some very challenging stretches). Now, of course, 60 doesn't feel at all old, and I am celebrating my own coming to this age by climbing Long's Peak with several of my children. I do not expect to have access to the internet to check emails, and I do not expect to be sending out any Earth Energy Alerts until late August at the earliest.

Blessings, Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #20 (July, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 147 members, in 20 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (25 States), including our first member from Germany. Welcome!

Planetary Healers Call. It was nice to make voice contact with the six EEH members who joined the Planetary Healers call yesterday evening (Friday, June 29). EEH member Meg shared the following in an email:

It was so cool, Russell, I saw a Native American holding the Earth in its hand and dancing while it smudged the Earth. It was such a cool image. Such a wonderful perspective for what you were doing.

The next Planetary Healers call I will lead will be on Friday, August 24.

The Gyroscope Effect. I remember as a child being fascinated by a gyroscope toy I received. Once the inner sphere began spinning the outer framework would resist attempts to shift the orientation of the axis. Many Lightworkers have been reporting feeling intense energetic shifts inside. As I have been experiencing these energies the image of a gyroscope keeps coming to mind. Within me the energies have been spinning at a dizzying speed, yet my external daily life seems to have moved at a snails pace, which has not allowed me to accomplish the amount of work that I have become accustomed to doing. I think the gyroscope analogy applies to Mother Earth as well. Those with high sense perception are seeing huge energetic shifts. New energies are coming into Earth, energies which have never been possible before. At the same time, on the 3D physical plane things don't seem to be changing much at all-- the wars, violence, disease and injustice continue. I am seeing something similar happening with Activist and Anchoring Lightworkers (see my Great Shift August 2006 Newsletter for more on these two types of Lightworkers). Most Activist Lightworkers right now are experiencing intense personal challenges right now (the spinning inside of the gyroscope) while the anchoring Lightworkers that I know (most of whom aren't even aware that the Great Shift is happening) are leading generally stable, peaceful lives (the stable outer structure). The faster the rotation-speed of the inner part of a gyroscope, the harder it is to shift the axis of the outer structure. So my message to Activist Lightworkers is that it is OK to let up and slow down. The energies of the New Earth are well anchored now, but things need to slow down a bit to let the patterns of the Old Earth (the outer structure of the gyroscope) to shift.

The Big Six-Oh. I am writing this Newsletter on June 30, my sixtieth birthday. To celebrate, I am offering a preview of my next major writing project, Autobiography of a Cosmic Explorer. This is a spiritual adventure serial that will come out in monthly installments. If I presented this as non-fiction, most people wouldn't believe it, so I give the readers the option of dismissing it all as fantasy. This new project will be pure fun for me, and I trust will be found entertaining by those who are drawn to read it: Preview the Autobiography. Blessings,

Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #19 (June, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 145 members, in 19 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (25 States), including our first member from Greece. Welcome!

Working with Light and Dark Energies. After I posted the last Newsletter describing the work at the Miamisburg Mound, EEH member Meg reminded me that the common understanding of the term "dark energy" in the context of Earth energy healing is different from the way I have come to understand it. It is a Divine Dichotomy (two apparently contradictory coexisting truths) that energy is energy is energy (i.e. it is all the same), while at the same time, from the perspective of those engaged in the what I like to call the Game of Duality, energy may be light or dark. For many, there is an emotonal energy attached to the word dark that equates it with evil. If anyone reading this experienced this kind of emotional reaction when I used it in last month's Newsletter I would like to share my own understanding of the term dark energy. For me it has a neutral connotation, similar to the way astrophysicists formulated the concept of dark energy to explain the behaviour of the mass and energy that can be observed and measured in the universe (I find it a delicious irony the mainstream science must define something that they have not been able to measure in order to explain the behavior of what they can measure). To an astrophysicist dark energy is not bad, it just is. Another analogy might be the nature of day and night. Day is light, and night is dark. There is nothing bad about the darkness of night.Those who are most emotionally caught up in the Game of Duality tend to view conflicts in terms of good versus evil, or light versus darkness. Those who have been reading my Newsletter for a while know that I am fully committed to playing the Game of Duality until it can be fully resolved on Earth. I have recently taken to refering to the opposing teams as the good guys and the bad guys like in the movies that Hollywood used to make about the Wild West. In those old movies the good guys always wore white hats and the bad guys always wore black hats, and you knew that in the end the good guys would win. In real life that actors who played the bad guys weren't evil, they were just playing a role, and that's the way it is on Earth right now. I have seen the sweetest Lightworkers become quite mean-spirited when they start talking about the political leaders in the United States because they have done such a good job playing the role of bad guy, many have become convinced that our leaders are actually bad people (please don't construe what I am saying here as in any way condoning the actions of our leaders). Anyone with more than a few lifetimes on Earth has played the role of both good guy and bad guy. When I realized this was true in my own incarnational experience I could no longer be judgemental or feel superior to those who have taken the role of bad guy on Earth at this time. I honor them greatly, because it is actually a harder role to play. I am so grateful to be serving in the role of good guy this time around, which is more closely in tune with the Being of Light that I am. Whatever role we have chosen, we are all Beings of Light. As my own spiritual journey has continued it has been disconcerting to discover how often I have chosen the role of bad guy. In the last Newsletter I didn't mention (because it would have required the background I have now given you) that before going to Miamisburg I realized that I was the Black Magician from Atlantis who found the powerful energies in the area of the Mound and created the original distortion that created a dance between the dark and light energies that has been going on for many thousands of years. Before going to the ceremony in April, I had to do major karmic clearing to prepare myself because in multiple incarnations after the original distortion was created I continued to play the bad guy while the Sisters of Light, who invited me to lead the ceremony, were the good girls who saw me as evil in those incarnations. It was very moving for me to be with them and the others who participated in the ceremony as they finally were able to see me as I truly am.

Resolving Energetic Distortions at Moundville, Alabama. Before the Miamisburg Mound ceremony in April I received information that some sort of energetic connection existed between Miamisburg and dark energies at Grave Creek Mound, West Virginia, to the east, Moundville, Alabama, to the south, Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, to the west and the copper mines at Isle Royal, Michigan, in Lake Superior to the north. As the fool who sometimes goes where Angels fear to tread (this has taken me to some very interesting places) I was all set to connect in with these other sites during the Miamisburg ceremony. Those organizing the event wisely felt that focusing on the site itself was enough, and I am glad that I accepted their counsel because I continued to process dark energies through my body at full capacity for another 36 hours after completion of the ceremony.On May 23, during a visit to my daughter and son-in-law in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, I had the opportunity to continue the work begun at Miamisburg at the Moundville site. Mainstream archaeologists date this site as later than Miamisburg, and National Geographic has called it the "Big Apple" (New York City) of the 14th Century. The famous sandstone snake disc from this site, a powerful symbol of duality (although not recongized as such by mainstream archaeologists), and the abundance of copper artifacts from Michigan that have been found there confirmed for me the connections that came to me in relation to Miamisburg. When I arrived at Moundville, it was something of a relief to find that this was a place where I had no particular karmic connections. In other words, I didn't get the feeling that I had been either good guy or bad guy here, but that my work at Miamisburg allowed me to help clear two types of energetic distortion that had affected the sites: the distortions of the misuse of secular power, and the misuse of religious power. There are 26 mounds at the site, but there is no question where the power centers are. The Chieftain's Mound (secular power) towers over all the others, being almost as tall as the Miamisburg Mound (57 feet vs 65 feet). The 23-foot tall soccor-field-sized Temple Mound (religious power) lies within the circle formed by all the other mounds. When I began the energy work I called in the Eagle and the Condor, representing North and South America, and the two huge Guardian Serpents of the site representing the East and West directions and masculine and feminine energies. I began at the top of the Chieftain's Mound, toning as the dark energies flowed through my body and were transmuted to white light. Once these energies were cleared a male-polarized vortex activated at the middle of top as the energies of St Germain's Violet Flame connected with the vortex. Next I moved down to the Temple Mound, climbing up the north slope. At the top I walked clockwise around the perimeter with Black Jaguar walking on the left side and White Polar Bear walking on my right side, toning as I went. In the middle of the platform the two huge Guardian Serpents were intertwined and coiled in opposite directions. The dark energies flowed through me and were transmuted as I occasionaly paused to twirl in a counter-clockwise direction. Once the perimeter circuit was completed I went to the center of the platform as a second, female-polarized vortex activated and the Violet Flame energies came in. At this point I was in the center of the coiled Serpents--each bit each other's tail and began to swallow until the two became a circle with one head at the north and one head at the south. While this whole ceremony was happening at the Temple Mound I had the sense that many thousands of the spirits of those who had lived there were gathered and rejoicing, as many who had felt bound to the site for these many centuries were released from bondage. At the very end of the ceremony I was surprised when the Elementals at the site began clamoring to have an Elemental Point of Light activated (see POL #43).

Blessings, Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #18 (May, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 137 members, in 19 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (24 States).

Miamisburg Mound Healing: Rempowerment of the Divine Feminine. Five EEH members were present at the Earth healing ceremony on Saturday, April 28, Gail and Anne from Ohio and Matt, Will and myself from southern Indiana. I will give a brief report of my perceptions of what happened, and hope that others who were there whose perceptions of energies is more well-developed than my own will report theirs. Miamisburg Mound is the third tallest ancient Indian mound in North America, and its position on an east-west line half-way between the first and second tallest mounds (Monks Mound, Cahokia, IL and Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville WV) makes it a sacred power point of major significance. Such powerpoints can be used for good or ill, and dark energies have coexisted with light energies at this location since Atlantean times. The Mound laboratory adjacent to the Mound, which manufactured triggers for atomic bombs, is only the most recent example of misuse of these energies. For the last twelve years of so various Lightworkers have been working to clear the dark energies from the Mound, often not aware that others were doing this as well, and those with high sense perception have observed a gradual improvement in the energies there. EEH member Mel and companions in Australia made a significant contribution to this process earlier this year. When EEH member Gail told me that the group she was working with sensed that the time was approaching when a "final" clearing of energies could be done, and asked me to help with this process I agreed willingly. It was only as I focussed my attention on the Mound as the date approached that I realized what a major Earth healing event this was going to be.Spirit gently dismissed what we humans planned for the event and what unfolded played out with Divine perfection. We had hoped to have at least one hundred people to encircle the Mound. We ended up having just the right number to form a circle around the platform at the top of the Mound, creating an intimacy that would not have been possible around the base. I planned to have a balance of the masculine and feminine with two women (Gail and Tammie) and two men (Matt and Will) positioned in the four directions. Just as the ceremony was about the start Anne (who had told me she wasn't sure she would make it) came breezing in and positioned herself to the west, Tammie took the north, and Gail the east. As we started I had to smile when I realized that Matt, Will and I were huddled together on the south side of the circle. The Divine Feminine had definitely taken charge! Afterwards Matt reported to me that he was amazed when he saw Anne stand solidly on the spot where he had earlier sensed some of the strongest masculine energies he had ever encountered. When I went into channeling mode and focused on the Mound it felt like a lot of energy was going through me and the vocalizations and contortions my body went through gave some physical expression to the energies that needed to be transmuted. As I was moving around the altar of diverse crystals and sacred objects that had been placed in the middle of the platform and observed those in the circle who were also helping transmute these energies, I realized that there seemed to be about the same number of men and women (usually there are quite a few more women than men doing this kind of Lightwork). After it was done, I counted and there were nine men and nine women in the circle. I should also acknowledge Karen who sat at the base of the Mound to help ground the group. So at one level there was a balance of masculine and feminine energies, but at a higher dimensional level, I have never seen the Divine Feminine express herself so powerfully. Our sense is that what we set out to do was accomplished--a major clearing of energy took place, although it will take a while for some residual energies to fully dissipate.

Geophysical Activity. Those of you who are interested in geophysical aspects of our Earth energy work may find the Earth Changes Update in my Great Shift Newsletter of interest.

Blessings, Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #17 (April, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 134 members, in 19 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Turkey, United States (24 States), including our first members from Egypt and Singapore. Welcome!

A Bit About Hybornean Energies. I have mentioned the fact that the EEH Network has recently started working with Hybornean energies, but that there isn't much good information available about these ancient energies, which pre-date Atlantis and Lemuria. Judith Moore has given me permission to share the following information related to a crop circle that appeared at Etten Leur, Holland on July 16, 2006:

The formulas in this crop circle and star glyph opens the Hybornean Archives of Wisdom; the Hybornean Galactic Star Gate; and downloads the planetary grid and ley lines from the high vibrations that emanated at this location during the Golden Age of Hybornea. The area where the crop circle appeared is a fifth dimensional portal. The Earth is once more evolving into a fifth dimensional planet and this portal was opened for fifth dimensional energies to enter the world grid assisting in the planetary evolution. This crop circle appeared at the location of The Hybornean Temple of Wisdom. This ancient center for wisdom and enlightenment sat on this spot. The Hybornean age was at the peak of evolved consciousness, called the Golden Hybornean Age. The Hybornean archives were downloaded etherically at this location. The Hybornean Temple of Wisdom was a center for the gathering of the great minds of that age; it was the Hybornean Libraries of Alexandria. Earth has never known such wisdom and knowledge since the decline of Hybornea. The site was an Inter-galactic Star Gate. The Hybornean Masters carefully protected the star gate. None entered there except those of the purest of heart and spiritual wisdom. Thus it became a galactic center for exchange of wisdom and philosophy for the masters from other realms and dimensions. The Temple of Wisdom attained a seventh dimensional vibration. During the Golden Age of Hybornea the Earth was a fifth dimensional planet. The third dimension is a dimension of separation and duality the dense energy vibrations express themselves in the third dimension as controlling energies, emanating fear, greed, hatred and anger. The Earth entered the third dimension to resolved duality, and certainly as a school for souls that needed to experience the extremes of good and evil. The fifth dimension is a dimension of harmonic balance of polar opposites. Duality still exists in the fifth dimension but opposites are able to maintain balance. The vibrations in the fifth dimension will not sustain the dense energy vibrations of terror, hate and greed, which are low electromagnetic frequencies. There is a soul group that will work with this set to open the archives, energize the star gate and facilitate the flow of fifth dimensional energies into the world grid from this point. Certain individuals working with this set will experience a feeling of alignment with the information, which may come in the form of body signs. Certainly everyone may participate in this long awaited activation. Basically the energy from this set will act as a boost for the energy body of the planet, facilitating the fifth dimensional awakening of Heaven on Earth. (Laiolin and the Arcturian Circle Makers Through Judith K. Moore, Etten Leur Crp Circle, July 16, 2006).

A Personal Note. My superficial physical recovery from my hernia surgery was very rapid. I chose not to use pain killers at any time after the surgery was completed in order to keep fully in tune with what was happening with my body. The first night I could feel the healing energies that many of you sent my direction. The nurse and doctor were surprised at how well the incision had healed one week later when the stitches were removed. The pampering I received from my wife Bonnie also played no small part in my recovery. Spirit seems to be using this time to focus on some major personal energetic changes, and my guidance continues to indicate that I should not resume daily Earth energy healing work until the middle of April. However, I will continue to send out Earth Energy Healing Alerts when significant events come to my attention

Blessings, Love and Light, Russell

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EEH Newsletter #16 (March, 2007)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 125 members, in 17 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa, Turkey, and the United States (24 States), including our first member from Korea. Welcome!

As you can tell from the number of communications I sent out in January and February, those months turned out to be very much a working vacation, during which I also finished writing the first volume of the Great Shift book (there are still a lot of production details to finish before it will be actually available). The new development of EEH members sharing information about work they are doing and requests for networking reported in the last Newsletter continues. I will not have time to place this information on the website, but as information comes in, I will periodically send out an EEH Sharings mailing.The Planetary Healers conference call on February 23, which I led, had a major focus of working with anchoring the New Atlantean, Lemurian and Hybornean energies into the New Earth in a way to prevent their misuse as happened in the past. I'm not sure when Spirit will place saying more about that work on the top my "to do" list, but I can say that last month a major clearing of distorted Atlantean energies took place. Participants in the call also set intentions for healing of the waters of the planet and easing geophysical stress on the U.S west coast where a major earthquake has been predicted to happen in the near future. Several people reported visions of waterfalls and fountains of pure water flowing as I was toning. Because of the concern about a west coast earthquake I have been monitoring earthquake activity in that area. I find it interesting that on February 23 there were three earthquakes in the Gulf of California ranging from 4.3 to 4.7 and one 4.4 quake off the coast of Oregon, and several other clusters of earthquakes in the Gulf of California on February 25 (4.7, 5.0 and 5.9), a 5.4 earthquake off the coast of Northern California on February 26, and two more earthquakes in the Gulf of California on February 27 (4.2 and 4.8). As far as I have been able to determine none of these earthquakes caused any serious harm (all the information above comes from the Edinburgh Earth Observatory Current Quake Report, which is updated daily). We (and many others who are doing this work) are making a difference!The Earth Energy Healing Network is one of eight projects I connect in with energetically on a more-or-less daily basis. I would like to give you a general picture of what has been happening when I connect with the Earth Energy Healing Network portion of the session. Several wonderful crystals have come into my energy work. AA Michael's Pride is a 9-1/2 inch long 12-faceted smoky and clear quartz crystal. The clear quartz part refracts beautiful green colors from the fractures within. More recently EEH member Barbara Brodsky gave me two crystals from the John of God Casa in Brazil who she said were "pretty emphatic" in their intention to join my work. Elder Brother is a double-twinned clear quartz crystal about 2-1/2 long and 1-1/4 inches thick and carries Hybornean energies. Little Rainbow Brother is a quartz point around three inches long and feels to me like it carries Atlantean energies. The EEH segment of the energy session usually has three parts 1) connecting with the activated Elemental Points of Light to join our human energies with the Elemental energies to nurture the POLs as we co-create the New Earth, 2) connecting with the crystalline energies of the New Atlantis, Lemuria and Hybornea, and 3) connecting with Mother Earth to offer whatever would best serve her at the time. I often end up laughing when I connect with the Elemental POLs--the Elementals have great fun making my vocal chords do bipping, beeping, and bopping sounds and make my body do silly things. Last night I was prancing like a macho male Balkan line dancer. Another night I sat down cross-legged on the floor and held Star Maker and Michael's Pride loosely in my fingers making them vibrate up and down and look like they were made of rubber. Elder Brother and Little Rainbow Brother usually ask to come in and be held in my hands when I connect for the second part, and I usually hold Star Maker and Michael's Pride when I connect with Mother Earth. I noticed a huge increase in the amount of energy the flows during these session when Michael's Pride joined this work, and it is a powerful tool for clearing dark energy.

Blessings, Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #15 (Special mailing sent to EEH Network on January 23)

Dear friends,

Those of you who have been reading the EEH Newsletter for a while know that Spirit has a way of throwing me off balance when I try to take control of my own life. After telling you in the last Newsletter that I was going "on vacation" and that you wouldn't hear from again until March, the number of people joining the EEH Network increased suddenly, including our first members from Mexico and Turkey (welcome!). The EEH Network now has 116 members, in 16 countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada (3 Provinces), Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa, Turkey, United States (23 States).

More importantly, however, and this is why I am sending out a Newsletter now, before the usual time at the beginning of a new month, several EEH members have written asking specifically to connect local Earth healing work they are doing to the global EEH network. This is a wonderful new development, and perhaps others of you will feel inspired to share information about work that you are doing for which you would like to request energetic support from the EEH Network. [I don't have time to enter these communications into the website, but will periodically be sending out EEH Network Sharings to those on the EEH Network email list]

Blessings, Love and Light,Russell

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EEH Newsletter #14 (January, 2007)

Dear friends,The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 108 members in fourteen countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, France, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa). A New Phase in the Evolution of the Earth Energy Healing Network. My sense is that some major energetic shifts during the last few days of 2006 make it possible to move the work of the EEH Network in a new direction that will allow me to remain actively involved energetically, but less visibly so through this website as I take a "vacation" during January and February as described below. I will not be sending out Earth Energy Alerts or post a Newsletter in February. However, I will be connnecting energetically with the EEH Network daily, while letting go of my urge to document what happens during these sessions. This is part of my New Year's resolution to let my Doing arise from by Being. As each of you follows your own guidance as to where there is a need for healing, I encourage you to call upon the energetic support of the EEH Network. A Respite From the Fast Track. A little more than four years have passed since I said "I'm ready, take me as far and as fast as you can," and its been a wild ride. In my Great Shift website I recommend looking to the future with anticipation, not expectation, because we are creating the future as we go and our expectations are limited to what we can imagine, not what is possible. In my wildest imaginings I could not have come up with the things I have experienced, a small part of which has been documented in these Newsletters. It's time for a break, and Spirit seems to agree that my commitment to serving humanity and Mother Earth durinng this time of great change can best be fulfilled by cutting back on my outward focus, and using January and February as a time for inward reflection and healing. As a new year begins...

Blessings, Love and LightRussell

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EEH Newsletter #13 (December, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 106 members in thirteen countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa).

No Cause for Alarm. I considered carefully before I sent out Earth Energy Alert #20 about the Cosmic Cloud. It contained information that I realized could be interpreted as alarming. I carefully scan everything I read for energetic encodements intended to create feelings of anxiety or fear (a lot of information from mainstream media has this), and I detected none in Judith's message. I did not perceive the Cloud as a threat, but felt guided to send the information out because my sense was that some, perhaps only a few, members of the EEH Network had a role to play in ensuring that the possibility for harm to Earth remained remote. I received one response to that Alert which made me realize that it might have triggered a fearful response in some members of the Network. If this is the case I would like to suggest that the response was coming from within, and not from the message itself. If others of you see this differently I would like to hear from you. In meantime, I will reiterate that it is fine if you don't resonate with the information in a particular Alert that I send out.The Earth Energy Alert That Wasn't. In this month's Great Shift and Earth Changes Update Newsletter I give some information on Sunspot 927 as the "catastrophe of the month." When I first received information about this I asked my guidance as to whether I should send out an Earth Energy Alert and got a "my choice" response. I was busy enough that I didn't end up sending one out, and so far, the situation seems to be under control. However, if you feel guided, there would be no harm in setting a conscious intention that Sunspot 927 support the energetic shifts that are happening on Earth with a minimum of disruption.

Blessings, Love and Light, Russell

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EEH Newsletter #12 (November, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 97 members in thirteen countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa).

Below I will report briefly on our work with the October 17 energies, but first I would like to share an experience that I interpret as evidence that many others are now consciously taking on the work of easing geophysical stresses on Earth to as to minimize harm. Earlier this month I received a message from a Lightworker friend who is very in tune with Earth energies saying that the Pacific Rim was under a lot of stress at that time, and asking for my support in easing them. Right away I went down to Windgather Glade, set my intention and went into the expectant state of openess to let my body help shift the location, timing and/or intensity of geophysical stress relief so as to minimize harm. Nothing happened! my body just stood there doing none of the things that indicate energies are moving through it. The thought came to me: others have the situation well under control, you are not needed for this particular work. In that situation, it was a wonderful feeling knowing that I wasn't needed. In this month's Great Shift and Earth Changes Update Newsletter I report that October was an intense month in terms of major earthquakes, but not in locations that caused major harm.

The October 17 Energies. Judging from the number of emails from different sources that I received about the UV energies from Universe 2 that bathed Earth on October 17, many around the planet were ready to use these energies in a positive way. The energies had a very odd feeling to me most of the day that I couldn't quite put my finger on. When I went into channeling mode on Windgather Glade for the EEH Network session at 5:10 pm EST a LOT happened, but not in the way I expected. I started gagging and retching, and the intensity was such that I called upon the EEH Mode 5 Circle for additional energetic assistance, which I had not done in a long time. As this was going on (and it lasted for almost half an hour), I realized why the energies had felt odd to me throughout the day. The information about these energies indicated that power of all intentions would be amplified, and all day I had been transmuting negative energies to make them unavailable for amplification. This process was ramped way up during the EEH session and I want to express my thanks to all who joined in. I have not been sending out so many Earth Energy alerts because I continue to focus my energies on finishing the Great Shift book. The Earth Healing Meditations/Events page identifies a number of events sponsored by others during the month of November, and I encourage you to carefully read the schedule and mark on your calendar events that you would like to support.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #11 (October, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 90 members in thirteen countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa. Last month we had our first member from Jamaica join.I continue to focus my energies on finishing the Great Shift book. The Earth Healing Meditations/Events page identifies a number of events sponsored by others during the month of October, and I encourage you to carefully read the schedule and mark on your calendar events that you would like to support.

Toxic headaches and fatigue: In the February Newsletter I included an article about making our bodies available for Mother Earth's healing, which may result in physical discomfort, and mentioned the what I call "Mother Earth migraines" have been one the more challenging aspects of my own spiritual journey. E'Lara S Hannah, a Lightworker friend recently wrote the following:

When I get a headache the first thing I ask is whether or not I need to do a clearing bath/soak. Usually that is exactly what I need and the headache is gone once I do the soak. It's much easier on the body to have the toxins released through the skin than to wait while the inner organs and systems such as lymph, kidneys, and intestines clear out the toxins. Extreme fatigue is another sign of need for a soak. Since our bodies are spending so much energy on the detox process, it just makes our bodies tired. These soaks are an amazingly easy fix for toxicity and I think few people understand the value of them.
Headaches, flu-like symptoms and fatigue are very common symptoms of spiritual awakening which may be eased by soaking. E'Lara has kindly shared the cleansing soak procedures she recommends to her clients (see Earth Energy Practitioners page for more about her work)
CLEANSING SOAKS: A CRITICAL TOOL TO SUPPORT ENERGY WORK All forms of energy work have the potential for the release of blocks and stagnant, dark energies into one's auric field. Cleansing soaks are a very effective tool for supporting this release in the most comfortable manner possible. Without the soaks, these releases can manifest as physical pain such as headaches, muscle aches, diarrhea, or other flu-like symptoms. However, even if you don't have this physical reminder, the detoxing process is still most likely going on. Just because you don't feel it doesn't mean that these energies are not there, and the sooner they are transmuted or released the better.
When doing a soak for clearing such as this, it is a good idea to set up a sacred space in the bathroom because there are many different kinds of energies that will be released during this process. Some of them can be quite negative, and it's good to be prepared with sacred tools to help in the transformation of these energies into Light. Water rules the Emotional Body and many of our issues on earth are bound up in our Emotional Body. I use candles (as the flames are excellent for transmuting), sacred and/or healing music as I am led each time, drops of essences/gem elixirs/oils as led each time, mineral bath salts, and possibly even healing stones in the water. You can also call in the Violet Flame to blaze through you and the bath to transmute all into light upon release. All these things have various frequencies and healing potential, and I am not shy about using these wonderful tools. While cleaning your tub in preparation for this healing process, you can begin setting the intention and focus for this healing.
Fill the tub to maximum water level (considering water displacement upon your entry) with water as warm/hot as you can handle. Hotter water is especially good for releasing the toxins. I believe that the sweating process is a major source of toxic release – and the sweating can continue even after you are out of the bath. However, heat is not essential. Just go with guidance and know that it will be perfect. Add your essences and oils to the bath as led.* Epsom Salts or a combination of sea salt and soda bring great benefit to the bath as well (from 1 to 4 cups of Epsom Salts is the normal range depending upon your level of toxicity – however it can be even more). If you are vegetarian, you might need to use apple cider vinegar instead as the pH for vegetarians is often alkaline rather than acidic. Ask for guidance to see which is most appropriate for you.
*To keep the oils from clinging to the sides of your tub, it helps a lot to put some apple cider vinegar in a small jar and drop your oils, essences, and elixirs into the vinegar. Then, percuss the closed jar against the heel of your hand about 100 times to break up the oil droplets so that they are more evenly suspended in the solution. This will also potentize the oils, essences, and elixirs at the same time to make them even more powerful for your soak.
Say a prayer to set your sacred space before entering the tub – calling in your angels and guides to be with you during your cleanse to help keep you and your space clear and filled with Light. During the soak use an inflated pillow or a rolled towel behind your head, as you do not want your head resting on the hard surface of the tub. This can restrict blood flow and is potentially hazardous – given the length of time you will be in the tub – generally 25 min. to 45 min. (but can be longer!).
During your soak make a point of having each and every part of your body under the water during some part of the soak – and don’t forget your head! I often submerge the head at the beginning (with just the nose out of the water) and then make a point of doing that one more time near the end of the soak. Energies are being constantly released, and when you are doing lightwork there can be an immense amount of activity going on in the upper chakras – heart, throat, brow, and crown. These soaks are invaluable for helping with clearing and cleansing these areas.
At the end, drain the tub and then shower if you like. Do not use this water on anything else as it is contaminated water! You then say a prayer of thanks for all who participated in your cleanse and release.
This practice of cleansing soaks is good on a week-to-week basis, but during intensive energy work it can become essential – and often they are needed even more frequently. It will speed up your healing process, and at the same time you will be more comfortable so it is well worth the time.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #10 (September, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 85 members in twelve countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa. Last month we had our first member from Israel join.For reasons explained further below, I am will be placing less emphasis on my Earth Energy healing work, which means that these Newsletter will be shorter for the foreseeable future, and I am likely to be sending out fewer Earth Energy Alerts. The Earth Healing Meditations/Events page identifies a number of events sponsored by others during the month of September, and I encourage you to carefully read the schedule and mark on your calendar events that you would like to support.

To Many Irons in the Fire. Around the middle of August I received indications from several directions that I have gotten myself overextended energetically. Consequently, I sat down and drew up a list of things that I have been actively engaged in, and on my "to do" list. It included 24 items and every single one of them was something that I was really enjoying doing, or looked forward to getting involved in. It's not even that I was feeling stressed or overtaxed by what I was doing. However, Spirit communicated in no uncertain terms that if I didn't drop and cut back on some activities, that I would create unnecessary difficulties for myself. The upshot of this discernment process, is that seven items from the list ended in the drop category, four in the reduce category, and 13 in the maintain category. The most significant change is that Spirit has put finishing Volume I of the Great Shift book right at the top of my "to do" list with the notation "ASAP" (as soon as possible). Most aspects of my Earth Energy work will continue, but this Newsletter and the Earth Energy Alerts and the 144 Points of Light project were placed in the "reduce" category. In the meantime I will keep you posted with brief monthly progress reports.

Several Good Earth Healing Meditation Techniques.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #9 (August, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Energy Healing Network now has 83 members in eleven countries: United States-23 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, and South Africa. Last month we had our first member from New Zealand join.

Human Healing in the Middle East. As most of you know, on July 16 I invited the Earth Energy Healing Network to offer energetic support to energy sessions I have been doing every evening at 9 pm EDT with a focus on helping clear the energetic underpinnings of violance in the Middle East and the misuse and abuse of nuclear energy. I have done 16 sessions so far at Windgather Glade, the sacred place where I do much of my energy work, and will continue through at least August 6. I also led the Planetary Healers conference calls with a similar focus on July 21 and July 28. This has been a remarkable process, and I would like to give a progress report on what has happened to date.The sessions during the first week were about as intense as I have experienced. My body was twirling in a counterclockwise direction most of the time while making the explosive sounds that clear energetic blockages. I would be allowed to pause just long enough to catch my sense of balance to keep from falling over and the whirling would continue. My sense was that this was intended to set old ingrained energetic patterns off-balance and provide an opportunity for new patterns to be established when the sense of balance is regained. At the end the first few sessions my hands began to slap the back of my head hard and rapidly rub the top of my head in a process that seemed to be clearing energetic blockages of spiritual energies. During the first weeks my body was completely soaked by sweat by the end of the sessions, which generally lasted 45 to 50 minutes (lately they have been lasting 35 to 40 minutes). Since the first week I have observed a shift from vocalizations to clear energy blockages to toning that is bringing in positive energy to fill and anchor the energetic "space" that has been cleared. I have still continued to turn in a counterclockwise direction most of the time, but at a measured pace and have the feeling that there is a balanced flow of energies being clear away from the Earth and anchoring energies coming in. Participants in the Planetary Healers conference calls also noted an overall shift between the two sessions toward "finer" energies being channeled.My sense is that we are among many groups of Lightworkers around the planet who are engaged in many different ways helping heal at a distance what is happening in the Middle East. As individuals and groups who are not directly involved in the conflict, there is a limit to what we can do from a distance, and in observing the gradual shift in the energy sessions we have been doing I feel that we are making a difference, even if it's hard to find evidence in the 3D mass media. One of the most interesting higher-dimensional perspectives I have seen recenty about what is happening in the Middle East is a message from a person named Michael titled The Portals in the Middle East Are Shifting! (www.choosepeacenow.net--scroll down to Thursday, 20 July 2006 message).

New: Earth Energy Practitioners Page. I have created a new page that identifies and provides links to others who work with Earth Energy at a global, regional, local and personal level: Earth Energy Practitioners. I you would like to be included, or would like to recommend anyone else for inclusion, please send me the information to me at: jrb-eeh@bluemarble.net.Our Soul Origins. Those of you who do not also receive my Great Shift Newsletter, may find my observations on Anchoring and Activist Lightworkers of interest.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #8 (July, 2006)

Dear friends,

The Earth Healing Network now has 71 members, in 22 states, Argentina, Australia, Canada-3 Provinces, Chile, Ecuador, England, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa. So many wonderful things are happening in my life that there are scarcely enough hours in the day to fiit them all in.

For this Newsletter I have just time to share a few things. If you don't also receive my Great Shift/Earth Changes Update Newsletter, the article titled "To What Dimension Are We Going?" may also be of interest.

The Earth Healing Continues. In June I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest and arrived in Seattle on the summer solstice to where crystal clear skies formed the canopy for a Summer Solstice ceremony at a magical place called Magic Hill where my musician brother Philip and his wife Pam of Magical Strings live. I then drove up to British Columbia to visit a Starseed friend and with the assistance of a number of her Lightworker friends did an energetic clearing of the Clearwater Valley which is located at the south end of the beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park.At first I wasn't sure why, but after I arrived in the Northwest I felt guided to stop by Sun Lakes/Dry Falls State Park in central Washington on my way back to Seattle. The Dry Falls, are one of the more dramatic remains of one of the great catastrophes in Earth history. 13,000 years ago a huge glacial lake in Montana formed by a glacial ice dam broke free and released a flow of water greater than the combined flow of every river on Earth today in a cataclysmic flood that carved the 400-foot tall Dry Falls in a matter of hours. Today no water flows over the falls at all, a mute testimony to the power of the Element water. It came to me when I arrived at the site that this was not a natural event, and that Mother Earth holds trauma in her energy field as a result of it. I can offer no independent corroboration for this information at this time, but the timing coincides roughly with the disappearance of the continent of Atlantis. The fall of Atlantis was precipitated by the extreme geophysical stresses caused by the misuse of highly spiritual technologies that harnessed the energy of crystals. The great flood in the Pacific Northwest seems to be related to these stresses, and consequently was not a "normal" event for Mother Earth. Standing at the edge a the cliff looking down at the valley carved by the flood was a powerful Earth Energy channeling experience for me, and my body and vocal chords expressed and released distortions in Earths energy field that resulted from this event. After the clearing was finished, I had the sense that a large circular portal was opened at the base of the falls that will allow healing energy to be more freely transmitted to Mother Earth.

The Elemental 144 Points of Light Project Update. Its been a while since I gave an update on this project. 29 POLs had been activated by the end of June. Personal family matters put this project on the back burner in recent months, but the story of how this project resumed after almost a month's hiatus is worth telling. After the Serpent Mound session on May 27 (EEH Mode 5 session #76) I purchased a small nicely formed Tibetan quartz crystal at a nearby rock shop and got clear guidance that I was to leave it on the altar at the neutral (Elemental) vortex on Windgather Glade as an offering. When I got home, I put the crystal, which was in a small plastic bag, into my pocket and walked down to Windgather Glade. When I got to the Glade I found that the crystal seemed to have fallen out of my pocket. I retraced my steps many times, searching the ground by the path to no avail. Finally I offered the crystal etherically. Several friends suggested that the Windgather Elementals couldn't wait to receive it and had mischievously made it disappear. Several weeks later, after having visited Windgather Glade a number of times, the crystal in its plastic bag reappeared in plain sight by the side of the trail. I took this as a sign that I was to take the crystal back, and placed it on the altar in my study.As I prepared for a trip I was to take by myself to the Pacific Northwest, the Tibetan crystal and several others "asked" to be taken on the trip. I have already reported on some of the things that happened during that trip. I was surprised when the Elementals in the place I was doing some energy work on three occasions asked to have an POL activated (POL Nos 27-29). My wife Bonnie and I had done all the previous activations together, and I have relied on her wonderful ability to "see" and "hear" what happens during an activation when I prepare the descriptions for the web page. I was puzzled as to how the Elementals knew how to ask for an activation, since I did not have any thoughts in my mind about the project as a traveled. After the Dry Falls activation, the reason finally came to me. The Tibetal crystal had been returned to me by the Elementals at Windgather Glade as a passport, and has been coded with information that introduces me as an OK human to Elementals in any place I visit, and also gives information about the project so that Elementals (presumably with higher guidance as well) can request a POL if it is appropriate. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes when I realized what a special gift I had received when the crystal was returned.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #7 (June, 2006)

Dear friends,

The EEH Network now has 68 members in 22 states, Argentina, Australia, 3 provinces in Canada, Chile, Ecuador, England, Italy, Netherlands, and South Africa.

Since the last month's newsletter a lot has happened. From my perspective the EEH Network was able to offer amazing energetic support to the May 13-14 Uto-Aztecan Ceremony, which you can read about in the separate Crescent Moon Ceremony Report I've posted. The EEH Network helped the Mode 5 Circle bring its work to completion on June 2 as described below, the Wednesday EEH sessions have been discontinued, and it has become easier for us to join our intentions for Earth healing.

To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn. In the first Newsletter I noted that creating the EEH Network was an outgrowth of my own evolving journey as an energy channel for planetary healing. Up until now the use of my physical body as a channel for the activities of the EEH Network seemed important, and the experiences were always interesting, sometimes challenging, as recorded in the logs of the Wednesday EEH Sessions and in the Mode Five Chronicles. Spirit is now leading my energy work into new and uncharted (for me at least) territory, a direction that is orthogonal to the work of the EEH Network, although I will continue to facilitate the work of the EEH Network by sending out Earth Energy Alerts and maintaining the EEH website. As I noted in EE Alert #7, the Wednesday EEH sessions at Windgather Glade have been discontinued, and the procedure for energetically supporting any event identifies in the Earth Enegy Alert is quite simple, as described below:

PROCEDURE FOR CONNECTING TO AN EEH EVENT: When the Network began it felt important to pay attention to timing, and whenever possible connect at the appropriate local time. We are far enough into the dimensional shift that linear time is no longer a limitation for our energetic work. When you receive an Earth Energy Alert and it relates to something that you want to support, all you have to do is set your intention at the time you receive the information to join, asking that you connect at the perfect time for the event. This will work even if you receive the Alert after the event has "happened."

I invite EEH members to let me know of events you feel would benefit from our energetic support, and I will send out an alert (EE Alert #8 on the Wildcat Mountain, WI Medicine Wheel was brought to my attention by an EEH member). I will now use the same procedure as everyone else for supporting future events.

The work of the Mode Five Circle, which began as a "hidden" aspect of the EEH Network, and became public in April, stands out in my own mind as the most remarkable aspect to date of the unusual spiritual journey that began when I said in November 2002, "I'm ready, take me as far and as fast as you can." It was with great satisfaction that I saw the energies of the EEH Network as a whole become increasingly integrated with the Mode Five work in the Crescent Moon Ceremonies, and culminating Uranium Transmutation Session Nos 76 and 77 on May 27 and June 2.

Future Directions. I have already noted that Spirit is taking me into uncharted territory, which ancient mapmakers might leave as a blank space, with the notation "Here be Dragons." I have very little idea what lies ahead, but my sense is that this is a more private stage of the journey which I will not be publicly chronicling as it unfolds (the last Wednesday EEH session on May 10 give perhaps an intimation on this new territory). Neveretheless, the EEH Network and this website remain near and dear to my heart, and I will continue to post newsletters, and send out Earth Energy Alerts. Those who are supporting us higher dimensionally in this work assure us that the New Earth is ready and available to us. However, there still remains much work to be done to bring that beautiful etheric blueprint into humanity's collectively perceived physical reality.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #6 (May, 2006)

Dear friends,

The EEH Network now has 57 members in 19 states, Australia, 3 provinces in Canada, Chile, Ecuador, England, and Italy.

I had not realized when I began posting the descriptions of the Wednesday and Mode 5 EEH sessions that I would be presenting to the public eye the twists and turns of my own spiritual journey, but that is what has happened since the last newsletter. The session descriptions for April give an inkling of what was going on, but I'll fill in some more details for those who are interested at the end of the Newsletter in the section A Few Skirmishes in the Game of Duality.

New: Regular/Special Earth Healing Events Page. I have posted a new page the identifies regularly scheduled Earth healing meditations/events (in addition to the regular EEH Wednesday sessions) that invite people to join together at the physical or etheric level, and also significant dates/times in the upcoming month. I especially invite members of the EEH Network to join in spirit the ceremonies that will be conducted on May 13-14 in support of the Uto-Aztecan/Crescent Moon/Dophin-Whale-Bear Nations Ceremony to heal various sacred sites in the western United States. When the time comes closer I will be sending out an Earth Energy Healing Alert with the latest details.

Healing Ourselves, Healing the Planet. Elsewhere in the website I have talked about the intimate connection between the human energy field and the Earth's energy field. When we heal ourselves, we contribute to healing the planet, and when we act to heal the planet, we heal ourselves as well. This was vividly brought home to me this month as a result of an experience shared by Giorgio, an EEH member from Italy, and a personal experience described below. Giorgio joined the April 5 Wednesday EEH session by lying down on a sofa and looking at an image of the Earth from space on his computer monitor. His body started experiencing involuntary waves of contractions/relaxations. He felt no pain or fear, but let the energy flow, and felt that as part of participating in the EEH session he was experiencing personal emotional energy release that was contributing to his own healing.As I was writing this, I realilzed that it is no accident that recently a friend introduced me to the work of shamanic practitioner Sandra Ingerman who also emphasizes the interrelatedness of personal and Earth healing through the practice of Medicine for the Earth. She has conducted some fascinating experiments that provide empirical evidence for the beneficial energetic effects of personal healing on water, earth and food. Below I describe a healing experience that involves an interesting intertwining of personal and planetary energetics.

Healing Some of Mother Earth's Trauma. EEH Mode 5 Session #62 describes a healing event that my rational mind still has trouble dealing with (you might want to read the description of the session before going further). For some time I have understood that part of Mother Earth's service to humanity has been to take into her energy field human pain and suffering that was too much for individuals to endure and hold it until such time we humans can consciously accept and release it. Release of such energies has been a regular component of the Earth Energy healing sessions that we do. Although the idea seems a bit strange at first, conceptually I find a nice symmetry in the idea that some humans as a expression of gratitude to Mother Earth might agree to take on some of the energetic imprint of geophysical traumas that Mother Earth has experienced. When the notion came to me that I was holding in my energy field some of the trauma related to the comet that contributed to the extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous era, I had no other details to go on. During Session #62 Judith described Yellowstone as an unhealed wound from a fragment of that comet and the part of me that is a geologist became immediately intrigued. The Yellowstone region has produced three catastrophic caldera-forming eruptions in the past two million years, with two of them amongst the largest eruptions known to have occurred on Earth (the last catastrophic eruption having occurred 600,000 years ago): http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/Volcanoes/Yellowstone/description_yellowstone.html. For the past 15 million years the Snake River Plain-Yellowstone (SRPY) Volcanic Province has been functioning as a "geologic roto-tiller" moving northeast at the rate of 3.5 cm/year with the Yellowstone calderas now at the leading edge. The SRPY is the most dynamic area of volcanism in North America, with the last eruption having occurred 70,000 years ago. I have not encountered anything in the mainstream geologic literature that would suggest the origin in this unusual geologic feature resulted from a comet impact 65 million years ago (and the 50 million-year chronologic gap is a big one), but the image of a wound that is unable to heal seems an apt way to describe the SRPY. I have encountered a number of rumors on the internet that a catastrophic eruption at Yellowstone is imminent, although this has been consistently denied by the U. S. Geological Survey. In looking back over the Wednesday and Mode 5 EEH logs I see that I have reported the perception that we were relieving magmatic stresses in the area of Yellowstone on a number of occasions (Wednesday EEH sessions #2, #5, #17 and Mode 5 session #55). What happened in Mode 5 session #62 felt like much more than the short-term stress relief in the earlier sessions. Whatever it did for Mother Earth, the description of the session that followed on the same day (#63) confirmed my sense that it was a major energetic release and opening for me.

A Few Skirmishes in the Game of Duality. Since my own spiritual awakening about three-and-a-half years ago whenever Spirit has presented me with an opening or opportunity I have stepped into it without hesitation except for one time. About a year ago I realized that in order to be of greatest service to the humanity and the planet I had to commit myself to playing the Game of Duality as high as it goes (sixth density in the seven density/dimensional model I use for the larger reality). I knew enough about the game to know that it had no inherent fascination for me and that the game as it is being played on Earth right now has cosmically high stakes. This was not a decision to be made lightly, and I hesitated for the first time. I wondered, "why is a sweetness and light guy like me being asked to do this?" If I had known the answer to that question I might have hestitated longer, but as it was after thinking about it for five minutes I made the commitment to play. When I made that commitment I assumed that by saying I was willing to play the game as high as it goes that I would be allowed to gradually work my way up to "higher" levels, so to speak in multiple incarnations. In my wildest imagination I couldn't have anticipated what you will find described in April's Wednesday EEH Sessions 17-21 (the March 29 Session hints at what was to come) and Mode 5 EEH Sessions 58-63. I suggest reading these before hearing the "rest of the story."When the giant Polar Bear appeared (etherically) in Wednesday Session #17 I wondered, "What in the heck was that all about?" When the regular-sized Polar Bears and Native American Light Warriors began patroling the perimeter of Windgather Glade in the next Wednesday Session #18 I figured something was brewing, but it wasn't until the month was almost over that I really got it: polar bear--polarity! Some day I hope to have a chance to do a higher dimensional play-by-play review of what happened during April, but right now all I can offer is a view from the trenches. Although I am presenting this in a light-hearted manner, I can assure you that while it was happening it was no joy-ride and that I am fully aware that when our fifth and sixth density friends in the Loyal Opposition get directly involved the game can literally become deadly serious. My first encounter with the sixth density negatively polarized entity didn't even qualify as a skirmish, I beat a hasty retreat and very carefully declined a number of opportunities for contact. The first real skirmish occurred during Mode 5 Session #59 when I took in the particle of dark sixth density energy. For the first few hours after that session I wasn't sure whether I had done something very brave or very stupid. It soon became evident that our friends in the Loyal Opposition were not pleased by that gambit and took countermeasures that felt like a series of punches below the belt that sidelined me. The details aren't important in this context, except that I will say that our friends found a vulnerability that prevented me from being able to function as a clear energy channel, so I stopped conscious energy channeling for about ten days (chalk up a few points for "them"). I came very close to forgetting that this is just a game, but I pulled through, feeling pretty battered. As I have learned, time after time, when I most needed it, help was available in the form of a supportive network of Lightworkers and from higher dimensions. Apparently one of the purposes of all this was to give me direct experiences that I could pull together into a form that might be useful to other Starseeds/Lightworkers who are finding the Game of Duality especially challenging at this time. If your life right now seems to be unreasonably difficult, you might want to check out the Starseed/Lightworker Miasm webpage that I recently posted. Now, as we move into the merry month of May, I am feeling wonderful. I've earned my Boy Scout badges for the 4D and 5D levels of the Game of Duality, and my 6D Eagle Scout badge. I don't doubt that Spirit has many more surprises in store for me, but right now it feels like I am able to get on with the work at hand. I have expressed my thanks and gratitude to our friends in the Loyal Opposition for the many learning opportunities they have given me, and have made it clear that I will not tolerate any further distractions or interference. So far so good.

Blessings, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #5 (April, 2006)

Dear friends,

The EEH Network now has more than 50 members in 18 states, Australia, 3 provinces in Canada, Chile, and Italy.

My wife Bonnie teases me whenever I say the Earth/Solar/Galactic/Extragalactic energies are intense because thats all I seem to say. Nevertheless, its been an intense month energetically in this little backwater of the Milky Way galaxy. Beginning with the March 8 Wednesday EEH session (#14, link below) you will notice a change in perspective as I begin to refer to myself in the third person. Although I am writing to you as me, Russell, and am likely to do so in future newsletters, when I am channeling energy as part of the EEH Network it feels like WE are doing the channeling and my physical body is simply an instrument that connects/manifests the energies in third dimensional reality.

Something New: The Earth Energy Experience (EEE) Network. In my latest Great Shift/Earth Changes Newsletter I share some of the twists and turns I have experienced in relation to that project, the upshot of which is that Spirit has been guiding me to place more emphasis on the Earth energy rather than the Great Shift work at this time. One of the results of this has been the creation of an Earth Energy Experience (EEE) Network as an adjunct to the EEH Network. If you have any suggestions for additional listings in this page, please let me know.

Mode 5 Goes Public. In the description of the most recent Wednesday session (see below) you will find a cross reference to a "Mode 5" EEH session that happened that morning. This is a facet of the EEH Network that has run parallel to the more public aspects that I have reported in prior newsletters, and now it feels right to make information about it freely available. If you are curious about what Mode 5 is all about you can visit the Mode 5 page and the saga of how this aspect of the EEH Network has evolved is documented in the Mode 5 Chronicles. Some who have read the chronicles have expressed some concern for my physical well-being because the physical instrument that is Russell Boulding in our third dimenisonal reality has been pushed up to and, occasionally, beyond its physical limits. I want to emphasize that this work has an incredible amount of higher dimensional support, takes place within an absolutely safe multidimensional space, and that neither my physical body or vocal chords have experienced any harm during these sessions.

Wednesday Session Update. Brief descriptions of March's Wednesday sessions can be read in the Wednesday EEH Session Log page. I have already noted the shift in perspective that happened this last month. You will also note that the most recent session on the day of the new moon/solar eclipse was so incredible I felt a need to add some prefacing remarks. Please Note Time Change: On April 2 Indiana goes on daylights savings time (DST--forward an hour) and Australia goes off it. This has required me to rethink the scheduled time for the Wednesday EEH sessions. Rather than keep the schedule, which may require other EEH members to change the time they join the Wedenesday session I have, decided to set the time at 1700 UTC/GMT (12-1 EST, 1-2, DST). If you are in a different time zone and aren't sure what the corresponding time is, you can use the World Clock Converter (click on the arrow to the right of the Hour box and select 17/5pm, and then click on the second location box to select the closest location). If this seems too confusing, chose a time on Wednesday that feels right to you and ask that you connect at the time of the session in Indiana. These sessions are multidimensional and the limitations of linear time don't strictly apply.

The Elemental 144 Points of Light Project Update. In March Bonnie and I activated eight more Elemental Points of Light in March bringing the total to 20: 144 Points of Light Project. In addition to the delightful continuing experience of connecting with a diverse manifestations of Elemental energy, an unexpected development in the project has been their active presence and partication in the Wednesday EEH sessions beginning with Session #14 (March 8). When the idea for the project was forming I wanted to be careful not to seem bossy and impose a too-human task or goal-oriented energy to the process, so I was pleased when the Elementals on the south side of Crater Lake (POL #15) asked if another POL could be activated on the north side (POL#16) even though it wasn't on our initial list. This request also helped me to recognize that pairing of points was sometimes important and I think we will see more of this in the future.

Blessing, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #4 (March, 2006)

Dear friends,

The EEH Network now has 45 members in 17 states, 2 provinces in Canada and Chile.

As I describe in the Wednesday Session Update section, your presence in spirit during these sessions truly makes a difference. I will be out of town for the first week of March, so next Wednesday I will be connecting etherically with Windgather Glade for the first time.

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream. The higher dimensional Being Kryon often speaks of the "heavy lifting" that Lightworkers do to energetically support humanity and Mother Earth, and February felt like a month of especially heavy lilfting for me and many others. An increased need for sleep is one indication of heavy lifting and I have been needing nine or more hours a night, and often naps during the day. Other EEH Network members have also reported a need for more sleep. Sleep allows us to put our conscious minds on hold and function more freely at a higher dimensional level. When I feel the need for a nap I give myself permission to do so by telling myself that there I am being called to work higher dimensionally without the distractions of my conscious mind. One EEH Network member has reported that during the Wednesday EEH sessions she usually falls asleep, despite trying to stay awake, which to me is an indication that she is fully involved and engaged.

Our Bodies as Multidimensional Healing Vessels. In the last Newsletter I talked about offering our bodies to physically process energies for Mother Earth. In the Earth Energy Healing page of this website I say a bit about how Mother Earth has taken into here energy field human pain and suffering that was too much for humans to bear, and is holding it until such time we are ready to help release it. It is also possible to offer our emotional energy body to process these energies and also the energies of group karma. For example, Americans hold a considerable amount of group karma that needs to be balanced for abuse of power by our elected governments since the end of the Second World War. Lightworkers who offer their emotional bodies to process group karma in excess of that for which they are strictly responsible make it easier for other individuals to focus on issues related to their own personal karma. I know a number of Lightworkers who feel frustrated that they continue to deal with emotional issues despite many years devoted to personal healing. As we heal our emotional energy bodies we make room for the possibility of processing emotional energy for a larger good (which is not to say that all personal healing doesn't also serve the larger good). If you recognize yourself, perhaps this shift in perspective may be helpful to you: "Oh, that's not coming from me, I can just let that go." Actually, even if it is coming from you the best response is similar: "Oh, that's coming from me, I can still just let that go." In addition to the tried-and-true observation-release way of dealing with emotional issues something that is useful for both physical and emotional healing is the cleansing effect of water. Many Lightworkers I know drink lots of water (and pee a lot too!). Lately I have found myself taking long showers, staying until the hot water runs out. Another Lightworker friend prefers hot baths with epsom salts and apple cider vinegar.Wednesday Session Update. Brief descriptions of February's Wednesday sessions can be read in the Wednesday EEH Session Log page. I usually post the descriptions within a day or so of the session. It isn't my intention to keep the focus of the EEH Network on my own experiences but I would like to share with you in some detail what happened during the most recent session (Session #12). In the Log page I describe the session as superficially similar to the previous session, but that it was the hardest for me since the project began. Many sessions have been physically demanding, but I am blessed with a strong physical body so I do not perceive such sessions to be hard. The day before this session I had become aware of a shift in my energy channeling capabilities to be able to perform multiple energy flows simultaneously. In the previous Wednesday EEH session I first served as a transmitter for extrasolar energy, and then shifted to an energy release/transmutation mode. Session #12 started in the energy transmission mode, which then continued through the entire session when there was a shift to energy release/transmutation. That by itself would have been fine, but I also woke up that morning with a Mother Earth migraine headache of the sort I described in the last Newsletter. I slept most of the morning and would have preferred to continue sleeping, except that I had a strong sense that the regular EEH session should proceed as usual. The opening energy transmission phase was OK, and I accepted the pain of the headache as another kind of energetic multi-tasking. However, when the session shifted into the physically active mode, and the energy transmission flow and pain of the heachache continued I was pushed beyond the limit of what I could personally sustain and my conscious mind seemed to go out to lunch and not want anything more to do with this. This was interesting because although my conscious mind is not controlling what my body and vocal chords do, it has always felt that it was important that it remain conscious and aware and hold the intention to allow the higher dimensional control to take place. Then a wonderful thing happened. I sensed members of the EEH network transmitting energy to me from the Lightworker Consciousness Grid and the geophysical stress release continued although at a reduced level of effectiveness. After a while I stood still and felt a bone-deep weariness, which I have sensed in some long-time Lightworkers who are tired after many years of heavy lifting. My conscious mind, which somehow had been observing from a distance while "I" was still in my body, seemed intrigued by this. It perceived this weariness as not coming from me, and let that weariness drain from my body into the Earth for transmutation as the energy being transmitted from the EEH network filled my body. It also called upon St Germain's violet flame and using these energies, and the support of my conscious mind the session continued at full capacity, so to speak--vigorous geophysical stress release, extra-galactic energy transmission, and whatever energies were being processed through the headache. How can I express my thanks and gratitude to those of you in the EEH Network who helped sustain this session to completion?

The Elemental 144 Points of Light Project Update. As of the end of February Bonnie and I had activated twelve Elemental Points of Light. I think you can get a sense from the descriptions of each POL activation experience that it has been really fun for us to reconnect etherically with beautiful places around the planet and meet a wonderful diversity of Elemental Beings. 144 Points of Light Project. One EEH Network member has enthusiastically nominated a location for activation in Vermont. Our guidance is clear that Bonnie, I or both of us need to have a physical connection with a location, but we hope to be visiting that spot this summer.

Blessing, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #3 (February, 2006)

Dear friends,

I would like to welcome people who have joined the Earth Energy Healing Network since the last newsletter. We are now about 40 people in 16 States, 2 Provinces in Canada and Chile.

In this issue I will summarize my perceptions of what has been happening in recent Wednesday EEH sessions, say a bit about the signficance of physicality in the Earth energy healing work we are doing, and introduce the Elemental 144 Points of Light project.

Wednesday Session Summary. The previous Newsletter included descriptions of my perceptions of the first five Wedenesday EEH session to give you a flavor of what I am experiencing when we join together with the intention of Earth healing during that one-hour period. Below I share some insights that came to me during one of the more recent sessions as to why the energy channeling that I do has such a dramatic physical expression. Here I will just report the sessions have continued to address geophysical stresses around the planet. Particular locations for stress relief included (the Mariana Trench in the west Pacific Ocean and various locations along the 36th and 42nd parallels where energy activation and release is very active right now. In addition, I have noticed a stronger component of the expression and release of the energy of human pain and suffering that Mother Earth has been holding for us. I have added a new page to the website that includes descriptions of each session: Wednesday EEH Session Log. Session #9 was especially interesting.

Why so Physical? For some time I have wondered why my body and vocal chords are so active when I am channeling energy for Earth healing. We all have the capacity for giving physical expression to the energies that flow through us, although most people feel some inhibitions in doing so. A recent "Aha" moment hit me when I remembered that it is a well established principle of energy medicine that there is usually a lag-time between changes in a persons energy body and the physical expression of imbalance or healing of the energy body. Imbalances can be perceived by those sensitive to energy fields well before they manifest themselves physically and conversely, when the energetic basis for physical disease is removed, it can take some time for the physical manifestations to disappear. Tremendous positive energetic changes are occuring on planet Earth right now, but their expression in our third dimensional perception of reality is lagging behind. When we process and release "negative" energy through our bodies we speed up the process of bringing the fourth dimensional (and higher) Earth into the physical. When you participate in one of the Wednesday EEH sessions you are channeling energy through your physical body to my physical body, which has undergone intensive physical and energetic training to receive, process and release this energy. Thus we add strength to this sacred work by grounding it in the physical.

Making One's Body Available to Mother Earth. I feel some hesitation in sharing with you another very personal aspect of my Earth energy healilng work because this is not for everyone, and I want to be clear that no one should feel obliged to give this a try. I, and some other Lightworkers I know, make our bodies available to Mother Earth to process negative energy when there is special need for it. I will share with you my experiences with this, but want to make it clear that should you feel drawn to do this you can set limits on the amount of discomfort you are willing to experience. I can't claim to understand what is happening when I do this, except the general principle I described earlier about the value of physically processing energetic changes that are happening as part of the creation of the New Earth. The least obtrusive form of this service that I have experienced is pain in the area of my kidneys, organs in my body which have no history of dysfunction or weakness. The most intrusive form of this service for me are incapactating headaches which may last for 24 or more hours and usually can be handled only by going to bed. Headaches are a common symptom that accompany energetic bodily changes, and it is only recently that I have learned to differentiate the types of headaches I experience. My Mother Earth headaches go beyond what most people would accept as a reasonable form of service, but when they happen I trust that there is a need greater than my own short-term comfort. Since I learned to recognize them for what they are I also find it easier to accept the discomfort, reminding myself that it is a small thing compared to pain the Mother Earth has accepted uncomplainingly, for the most part, as a result of human cruelty, selfishness, and thoughtlessness. One indication that a physical symptom is serving this purpose is that when the "job" is done the sympto disappears completely with no residual effects.Some you on reading the above may realize that you have already been making your body available to Mother Earth in this way, having made the commitment at a soul rather than a conscious level. Mother Earth thanks you, and I hope that the conscious realization of what is happening can ease any worry you might have had that something is really wrong physically. For those of you for whom this is a new idea, I ask you not to take me as a model, which is too extreme. Nevertheless, I invite you to consider offering your body to Mother Earth for processing negative energy by setting clear terms and conditions. At a minimum I suggest the following terms and conditions: 1) all energy flows right through the body with no residual effects, 2) that physical symptoms be easily differentiated from physical symptoms that your body has predispositions to expressing (i.e., if you are prone to stomach aches, the physical symptoms should not be expressed that way), and 3) specification of maximum discomfort level (low, moderate--be as specific as you can). I apologize if anyone has been made uncomfortable by what I have said above. I overcame my initial reluctance to include this in the Newsletter because my sense is that the the next few years are especially critical for this kind of Earth healing service.

The Elemental 144 Points of Light Project. On a lighter note, I invite you to visit a new page on the EEH website that tells about a way EEH Network members can join with the Elemental Kingdom in co-creating the New Earth. My experiences with the Elementals so far in this project have served as a good antidote to my tendancy to take myself too seriously, and I hope those of you who are drawn to this opportunity can also experience this playful energy: 144 Points of Light Project.

Blessing, Love and Light,


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EEH Newsletter #2 (January, 2006)

Dear friends,

In this newsletter I will share my perceptions of the first five Wednesday EEH sessions. I sensed the presence and support of a number of you (I'm not sure exactly how many). Mother Earth thanks you. One person reported to me that she has been able to feel connected to a session both through focused meditation and while being outside and walking her dogs, which confirmed my sense that it is possible to participate while multi-tasking. Another EEH member who has been working in support of those in need in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina included the affected areas in her meditations, and through her connection with us provided additional energetic support to the healing process there. Just before session #5 I received a request to include the Atlanta area. In descriptions of the sessions below, when I have a sense of working with other specific geographic areas, I identify them.

Wednesday Earth Energy Healing Sessions Logs I include below the notes I have made after the first five sessions. This is to give you a feeling for the flavor of how I experience the EEH sessions. However, the EEH Network is not primarily about me or Windgather Glade (although it serves as a convenient focal point), so I trust that future newsletters will be more about what other members of the network are experiencing and doing.

Wednesday EEH Session #1, December 7, 2005. Drawn to lowest vortex [note: this vortex is female polarized and topographically at the lowest point of the six vortices in the Glade-all subsequent sessions have been at that location), sunny, cold (18 degrees F), 67 minutes. Toning mostly Lemurian Tune I falsetto and regular. Varied hand and body movements, mostly Tai-Chi like. Body twisted at times like I had neurological damage-image of Panama Canal having severed the spinal chord of the continents of the western hemisphere; felt like we were repairing damage at an energetic level. Sense of work being done in a lot of different areas, but not much else in the way of specifics.
Wednesday EEH Session #2, December 14, 2005 (full moon). Overcast, fresh snowfall, light rain falling, cold (33 degrees F), 62 minutes. Headache started just before session (strong energies starting to come in?). Stood still for most of session. Began with long-drawn out tones, had the feeling we were receiving and grounding feminine energy being transmitted from outside the solar system. For the first time since doing this work I sensed the presence of St. Germain. Following information from St. Germain via Omeran [more about this below], began to connect Windgather glade with arcs above and below the ground to the following sites: areas where EEH Network participants live, area of Pakistan devastated by recent earthquake, areas where I made an energetic connection in 2003 and 2005 trips west (Upper Panther Meadows vortex Mt Shasta, CA; Stouts Redwood Grove vortex, CA; Whale Rock vortex Sebastian Head, OR, North and South vortices at Crater Lake, OR; Paradise Overlook vortex, Mt Ranier, WA; Bearhead vortex St. Mary Lake, Glacier NP, MT; Mammoth Springs vortex, Yellowstone NP, WY; Medicine Wheel, Bighorn Mountains, WY; South Devils Tower vortex, WY). Period of horizontal, smoothing flat hand motions (have seen people participating in group EEH session do this, but I had not done this so clearly before) to smooth and dissipate atmospheric and other turbulence. Another period of vertical, smoothing flat hand motions with hands in line-felt like lubricating action along subsurface fault lines. For short time arms and legs twisted so that my body felt shriveled and crippled; body tension was released when I did a few retching dry heaves. Different: stood on right leg as left leg and arm lifted up and down in stepping/pumping motion-have no idea what this signified. Was quite chilled by the end of the session. The headache lasted through the session, but stopped soon after.
Wednesday EEH Session #3, December 21, 2005 (winter solstice). Lowest vortex, sunny, snow on ground, cold (26 degrees F), 55 minutes. The days leading up to the solstice have felt very intense for me energetically. Usually both my arms and hands and my whole body are active during a session, but during this one my right arm hung limply by my side while the left side of my body did all the moving. It was as if my rational/left brain functioning was disconnected and as a consequence my conscious mind that observes sessions seemed spaced out during the session. Because of this I don't have many perceptions to report, except that at one point I had a sense of grid-like connection to those who had joined the session and that they were channeling energy to Windgather Glade from each location on the grid. It felt like a LOT of energy was moving during the session.
Wednesday EEH Session #4, December 28, 2005. Today's session coincided with our family Christmas celebration. During the hour I maintained a dual awareness with my physical body eating lunch with the our children and my wife's extended family and my etheric body down at Windgather Glade, about an eighth of a mile away. I was aware of energies flowing, but this was a new enough experience that I can't report anything specific. I wasn't sure how this was going to work, but the experience convinced me that the presence of my physical body at Windgather Glade is not required for these weekly sessions.
Wednesday EEH Session #5, January 4, 2006. Partly sunny, 48 degrees F, 58 minutes. Very intense session focusing on deep magmas in the upper mantle, near surface magmas in the Yellowstone area, and fault stress release in various locations, including California. Extensive use of explosive breathes, which I just recently learned serve to disperse energetic blockages. Extended periods of rapid vibration of hands, arms, and at times my whole body. Closed session with period of standing completely still, breathing very shallowly. Took two-hour nap after session.

Local Earth Healing and Making Energetic Connections Since the last newsletter I have become aware of the wonderful land healing work of Antera and Omaran based at Mt Shasta in California (www.twinsong.us) and the Center for Soul Evolution (www.soulevolution.org). They have been doing land healing ceremonies since the 1990s and have put together a Land Healing Kit (www.twinsong.us/records/landhealer.htm). As described in their website:

This kit contains everything you need to do powerful land healing ceremonies anywhere, working with natural forces, elementals, Beings of Light, angels, and nature spirits. We have put this kit together to make it as easy as possible, guiding you in a ceremony that brings together many positive healing forces. By using these sacred objects, your efforts are insured to be very powerful, making a huge difference on the areas you choose. It can be done inside or outside, and alone or with a group.
Omaran recently gave me the following information that I have incorporated into my Earth energy healing work (see description of December 14 EEH session):
St. Germain has explained to us that we can connect the places that we and others have done land healing ceremonies by arcs both above and below the earth. They can all be connected and the more there are, the more we can begin to make this beautiful planet look like a star, which is our goal. We have been told it will also help bring in much more light, and easily as well.

In the December 14th EEH session, in addition to visualizing connections with members of the EEH network to Windgather Glade, I connected the Glade to energy vortices and sacred places that I have encountered in my travels. I encourage you to incorporate this into your own Earth healing practices. The EEH Network now includes more than two dozen people in ten states and Canada.

Blessings to you all during the coming new year.


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EEH Newsletter #1 (December, 2005)

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Earth Energy Healing Network. With this first newsletter we begin as a fledgling community of about eighteen like-minded souls in seven States and two Canadian Provinces. I envision us as growing to become a world-wide network focused on the healing and wholeness of planet Earth and all her living inhabitants. Our human and Mother Earth's energy fields are intimately connected, and the beauty of the network is that our physical separation is no limitation to our ability to join in this sacred work. The EEH Network is an outgrowth of my own evolving journey as an energy channel for planetary healing, and you are now part of that journey. Thank you for joining me. In this newsletter I describeWindgather Glade, the sacred space which serves as the physical location for our global work. My hope is that in the future this newsletter will serve as a means for members of the network to share experiences of our respective journeys as a way of enhancing our sense of connection with each other

Windgather Glade I want to describe Windgather Glade to give you something to visualize when we join in the weekly EEH sessions every Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:00 PM EST. [Note that in May 2006 these sessions were discontinued so the rest of this paragraph no longer applies]. Before I do that I want to emphasize that it is not necessary for you to spend the entire hour focused on the EEH session. Whether you join for a few moments, five minutes, ten minutes, or more you will be enhancing the energies that are being channeled, processed and released. I encourage you to post a reminder of the appropriate starting time for your time zone in your calendar or some place you see regularly Windgather, our 36-acre homestead, consists of several narrow ridge tops and steeply wooded ravines carved into siltstone bedrock in the unglaciated region of southern Indiana. I knew Windgather Glade was a special place long before my own awakening and awareness of higher dimensional realities. It lies on a narrow ridge about twenty feet wide that slopes to the east bounded by steep slopes to the north and south dropping to narrow U-shaped bedrock channels. Deep woods are all around, but the glade has remained open for the 24 years we have owned the property. At its edges, tall beeches, white oaks and maples reach majestically toward the sky, giving the feeling of being in a cathedral. Several years ago on Mt Shasta I learned that my body and inner knowing can find earth energy vortices, even though I have no visual and minimal tactile perception of energy fields. The glade has two triads of energy vortices, each triad consisting of a female and male polarized vortex with a neutral vortex between. The "strongest" vortex is female polarized in the middle of the glade, which is where I usually stand when I do an EEH session. As a scientist, I have observed with great interest how people are drawn to it, and the corresponding male polarized vortex, when I take people to the glade and suggest they go wherever they feel drawn to go. A Lightworker friend said that the only other place she had felt such strong feminine energy was on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Another friend with clairvoyant high sense perception said it was only the second place he had caught a glimpse of Little People. Windgather Glade serves as a place of balance and integration for the energies of the New Atlantis and New Lemuria. It also has a strong energetic connection to Saqqara Pyramid in Egypt, the Mayan Temple of the Giant Jaguar at Tikal in Guatemala, and Monk's Mound at Cahokia in Illinois. I have had many wonderful experiences at the Glade, and that is where I, and those who join me in Spirit, will be every Wednesday. Back to Top

What Will It Be Like? Every Earth Energy Healing session is an adventure for me, since I never know what is going to happen when I relinquish control of my body and vocal chords to my Higher Self to channel energy for Earth healing. My mind is fully conscious and observing what is happening during a session and in future newsletters I will summarize my perceptions of how we (I and all of you who join me for a session) have been working with Earth's energy field. I do not always have a clear feeling for what is happening during a session, but I sometimes receive quite specific information about the type and location of geophysical stress relief-cooling of magma, temperature adjustments in the atmosphere or ocean, earthquake stress relief, magnetic field adjustments. I have observed with fascination as my body has moved in ways that felt like African dance, Indonesian dance, ballet-none of which I had ever done on my own. Other time my body movement feels Tai Chi- and yoga-like, but rarely specific forms that I recognize. I continue to be amazed by the variety of sounds that my vocal chords are able to make during sessions. As an experiment, for the next four sessions, I would like to hear from you about any feelings and perceptions that you may have of what we are doing during sessions when you join me. I am curious to see if there are any correlations and will report the results in the next Newsletter. Each of us has places on the planet that are near and dear to our hearts, or places where we are aware of special needs for healing. Those who are guiding me higher dimensionally indicate that each EEH session will include a period of time when the energy work can be focused on geographic locations, ecosystems, and places of special human need, as requested by EEH Network members. You can make requests by replying to me via this Newsletter, and I will summarize these requests in future Newsletters.

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