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EEH Network: Elemental 144 Points of Light Project
Sharing of Information About and
Experiences with POLs
(New August 2009)

POL #19 Friends Lake Community, Chelsea, MI (Activated March 28, 2006). On July 13, 2009 EEH Member Barbara shared the following:

I'm sitting in my cabin and want to give you some update about POL 19 here in the valley below. At the very bottom of the hill, there is now a pond with many downed trees. As you'll remember, it's a basin. They have come down from all four sides, falling into the middle, criss-crossed. There is much energetic activity in the wet area, both positive and negative. I just keep pouring in Light to it all. It feels like a place of big transition, a place where the earth is allowing itself to release negativity, knowing it won't do harm there, and can move on to Light. There are many elementals helping in this transition, so I'm a minor member of the group (no Chosen One) but I do sense that human participation is valued. With so many trees down, there is more sunlight coming in to this area now. The bottom is too wet for new growth, so I think it will be a gradual process, perhaps of many years.

POL #63 Table Mountain, Capetown, South Africa. (Activated January 31, 2008). On July 28 EEH member Dehon shared the following information about

Hoerikwaggo is the indigenous Khoekhoen word for Table Mountain, meaning "mountains in the sea". The dramatic mountains indeed rise out of the sea on three sides, and on the fourth side the mountains tower majestically over the growing urban sprawl of metropolitan Cape Town.

The Cape Peninsula is rich in the first peoples' history of the past 100,000 years when the nomadic Khoekhoen and San hunted and gathered on these mountains and beaches, then herded in a subsistence lifestyle that touched the earth lightly. The mountains oversaw the arrival of the Nguni people 3 000 years ago, and then the Europeans 300 years ago. Today Table Mountain protects the resulting mixture of cosmopolitan citizens in a custodian role known as "Umlindiwengizimu" -- the watcher of the south -- placed by Qamata -- our creator -- looking after all of Africa.

The origin of the name is evident from the one pic where one can see that the mountains are surrounded by the two Oceans - Pacific and Indian, with only on the north-eastern side a low-lying land-link link to the rest of Africa [Dehon live at the location marked A on the photo].

The following is from http://www.rajunasrefuge.com/vortexes.html

There are also four vortexes that govern the four elements. These are spinning energy portals where rituals done in a circle can open and heal the Earth, the participants and people at large. These four vortexes are sitated at:

Another picture of Table Mountain, taken by Dehon:

POL #116 Port aux Choix, Newfoundland, Canada Activated August 10, 2009. EEH member Alison wrote when suggesting this location:

I visited this place last summer with a group but this time I'm alone and offering prayers in a Andean despacho ceremony. I'll be preparing the bundle of prayers around 6:00 and then bringing it to a place where the shamans came ashore and offering it in a fire ceremony. The ceremony is about restoring right relationship with the Spirits and elements of creation. My intent is to honor and welcome the Shaman ancestors back home across the veils of time and space. Yes, I see that this place will be a portal through which we can connect with the Ones who exist in the other dimensions of time and space. The Elemental Point of Light will be anchored with Fire and Intention.

On August 10 Alison wrote:

Mission Accomplished! With Lightworker friends joining in from afar, the ceremony is complete and the prayer bundle very eagerly accepted by Mother Earth and the Spirits. The Elementals connected with me quite strongly at this place last summer, so I knew it was right. The fire ceremony took place on the beach near the lighthouse (Cape Freels I believe it is called). It was windy and raining a little so the Lighthouse was shining its beacon, which added to the energy and rightness of the ceremony. With the waves crashing on the rocky shore and the wind howling, the fire was very excited and blazed away, devouring the wonderful 'meal' of prayers and sweets and flowers that had been prepared. It felt like a great company of Elemental Spirits joined us there.

And a few photographs:

Prayer Bundle:

And the Elementals make their presence known:

POL #118 Dauphin Island, Alabama. Activated January 7, 2010. Russell visited Dauphin Island in the Gulf of Mexico with Bonnie, his daughter Kit, and granddaughter Petra, and stopped at Cadillac Park which was the residence M. de La Mothe de Cadillac, the French Governor of the Louisiana Territory in 1713. The Live Oaks in the Park were magical, and Russell and Petra found a few minutes alone together to connect with the Elementals there. Russell couldn't "see" them, but it was very clear from Petra's smiles of delight that they were playing peek-a-boo with her.

POL#125 Silvermine Nature Preserver, near Capetown South Africa. Activated early March, 2010. EEH member Juanita shared this about the experience:

Silvermine Nature Reserve is a beautiful and large area of land in the mountains of the Cape Peninsula South Africa. It is a protected area in order to preserve our local indigenous flora and fauna in this unique ecosystem. The Reserve consists of a large area in the mountains with a dam reservoir nestled in a valley right at the top of these mountains. It is an absolutely beautiful and tranquil space with the appearance of a mountain lake. Even though this reservoir is man-made, I can't help but feel that it must once have been a natural lake and meeting place of mountain rivers.

The place feels deeply sacred and the energies of the mountain and rocks must be very ancient indeed. One has a sense of how this area must have appeared to the indigenous peoples who once lived in this Peninsula area. All around are craggy mountain peaks with unusual rock formations that at times look like faces or heads appearing from the mountain itself.

On the day of the activation of this POL, I felt drawn to a particular spot alongside the dam in a small clearing amongst the trees and right at the edge of the water.

The first thing that stood out to me was a tree that seemed to guard this clearing and appeared in the form of an alligator. As a totem energy, the alligator and the crocodile represent the primal and creative energies of the earth. This particular tree felt feminine and I saw this as a mother figure in line with the totem energy of alligator as the primal Mother who is the keeper and protector of all knowledge, incubating and nurturing knowledge and creative energy until it is ready to be born.

The alligator tree welcomed me into this space and affirmed that the natural creative energies were willing to participate and work with us. I performed a very simple activation with a crystal layout upon a tree stump showing all its rings in the most perfect representation of sacred geometry. The tree stump revealed another beautiful and unexpected gift in the shape of a heart in the bark. Whether this was natural or man-created, who knows, but there it was, a perfect heart speaking of the connection through the power of the heart consciousness.

During this activation, a mist rolled in bringing with it a sense of peace and protection and I was aware of the presence of many elementals and angelic beings working with me.

After the activation was complete, some of the components of the layout were intended as and offering to this place and to the Earth. These offerings included a peach pip representing protection and new seeds of growth to bear fruit, a piece of jet to bring in the energy of stability and balance, and a piece of Selenite to anchor higher light into the healing of the earth. Together the three offerings created a trinity of energy to assist the earth in healing all imbalances and transmuting negative energy so that balance and harmony can be achieved. These were buried in the soil within the bend of the alligator tree.

This felt as though the alligator held these offerings close and protected as she would her own offspring, nurturing these energies and allowing them to be birthed in the right time. This offering was gratefully accepted by this site and I was privileged to see many elementals and totem energies appearing as if in acknowledgment. All in all, I felt that our small and humble contributions from the heart were felt and gladly received by Earth and her kingdoms this day.

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