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Other Earth Energy Practitioners
(August, 2006, updated November, 2017)

Many of the individuals listed below also do personal energy healing work. The links provided below emphasize Earth healing aspects of their energy work.
Individual Practitioners/Teachers
Antera and Omaran based at Mt Shasta in California (www.twinsong.us) and the Center for Soul Evolution (www.soulevolution.org) have been doing land healing ceremonies since the 1990s and have put together a Land Healing Kit (www.twinsong.us/records/landhealer.htm). See, also, their River Blessing Project.

Peter Champoux and Susan Franklin, Geometry of Place (www.geometryofplace.com), alignment and geometry of place surveys.

Bob Dahse (www.geopathfinder.net), Winona, Minnesota, is a dowser and author of the book Planetary Patterns, A Dowser's Survey of Earth Energies.

Barry Dunsford (www.sacredconnections.co.uk/holyland/EarthEnergies.htm) has written about earth energies and sacred sites in Scotland and other parts of the British Isles..

Richard Ely and professional geologist and active practitioner of earth-based religious traditions combines the two perspectives nicely in a series of columns titled Geo-Journals of a Sacred Geologist.

Christine Meleriesee and Mik Hayden (Mel and Mike) at Walking Terra Christa initiated the Ascend Earth Project in November, 2017.

Christan Hummel (www.earthtransitions.com), works with Earth Healing and Changing Earth Changes.

Nora Judge and others, Meditations & Healing Evenings at Hill of Tara and other Sacred Places in Ireland: www.taracelebrations.org and www.tara-trees.org.

Soluntra King's Evenstar Creations, based in New Zealand, includes a wealth of multidimensional information related to creation of the New Earth. Some pages on the website I especially appreciate include: Earth's Grids and Portals, Activation Photos of Sacred Sites and Vortexes in New Zealand, Real Earth Healing

Bennie Le Beau--aka Blue Thunder--(www.earthwisdomfoundation.net/), a Shoshone spiritual Elder has organized a variety of ceremonies for healing sacred sites in the Western Hemisphere: Medicine Wheel Ceremonies (Medicine Wheel Ceremonies are held globally on the Equinoxes and Solstices). Bennie passed on June 12, 2012 and Pat Rasmussen at Earth Wisdom Foundation carries on his work.

Leslie Lightfall (EarthSong Network and Earthsong Network News). Leslie travels the world, using singing, chanting, sacred geometry and ceremony to create deep energetic roots into the Earth in different locations that allow the humans that visit those areas to more easily access the energetic information that is flowing directly from the core of the Earth. Her Sound Sculpture Meditation Practice uses sound, movement and sacred geometry to feed energy to the Earth and align our human energeis with the Earth's energetic matrix and core energies.

Sig Lonegren is the webmaster for. MAG--Mid-Atlantic Geomancy (www.geomancy.org), which has an email newsletter and provides lots of information on geomancy, sacred geometry, dowsing and related topics.

Patrick MacManaway has had a long association of Mid-Atlantic Geomancy (above) and has his own website that focuses on geopathic stress remediation and site energy enhancement (patrickmacmanaway.com). His Dragonlines website includes information about earth energeis geopathic stress and geomancy.

Ivan McBeth (www.ivanmcbeth.com), druid, shaman, creator of sacred spaces located in Vermont.

Ann Marie McNamara (www.cocreatehealth.com/earth-whisperer.html) engages in Land Clearing and Earth Healing in the Seattle area, WA.

Ana Pogacnik (www.ana-pogacnik.com--website also availalable in German and Slovenian; School "To See Again") and her father Marko Pogacnik (www.markopogacnik.com) together and separately work with Earth healing and geomancy. Marko has developed a form of Earth acupuncture called lithipuncture. Lifenet (North American Network for Geomancy and Transformation) supports their work through the Workshops and the North American School of Geomancy: www.lifenetna.org.
Jane Reading's Water Transformations website includes a number of Guided Meditations for healing the waters of the Earth. Her New Moon Water Meditation Newsletter focuses on a different water of body each month (click on the link in the lower left corner of her Water Transformations website or the link at the bottom of her Watersongs website.

Madis Senner (www.motherearthprayers.org), has done very interesting work mapping fields of consciousness in the area of Upstate New York, which he identifies as the focal area for Mother Earth's Soul. Website has interesting discussions of the Earth energy flows, including how human thoughts and emotions interact with Earth energies to create geographic samskaras. See EEE Network page for listing of Sacred Sites in Upstate New York.

Sharon Sinclair and Energy Shifter team (www.energy-shifter.com) in Happy Valley, Oregon work with Earth Energies and Space Clearing.

Dan Shaw, Vortex Maps (www.vortexmaps.com), extensive information on Earth vortices and geometry. The Vortex Map Sites Guide page has many interesting links.

Edna Spennato (http://earthheal.blogspot.com), Earth Heal Geoharmonic Research Project.

Chris Street has created the Earthstars Network (www.earthstars.co.uk) that includes about 300 people mostly in and around London. The group focuses on the sacred geometry connecting ancient sacred sites in London and other areas on Britain.

Tyberonn (www.earth-keeper.com), energy activation of the new Earth, Earth Keeper Chronicles eNewsletter

Jennifer Vyhnak, (www.earthhealinginstitute.com), Vermont, Earth Healing gatherings, e-Newsletter, and Geobiology/Earth Acupuncture and Deva Experiential Workshops.

Ariel Warner (www.energyartsservices.com) specializes in clearing large areas of land, and on a smaller scale clears land under a building, the building itself, and (with permission) clears the energy of the occupants of the building.

Water Wheel Ceremony Project (www.waterwheelceremony.com), founded by Paiute Elder Marshall Jack and Camilla Blossom founded in 2010 includes a growing community of Water Wheel Keepers.

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