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Sacred Places and Earth's Energetic Grids and Chakras

Information on Sacred Places (Links to major websites providing information on Sacred Places; more detailed listings for Australia, Canada and United States below.


Atlas of Sacred Sites Around the World (Anthropologist and photographer Martin Gray's Places of Peace and Power website contains a wealth of information and photographs; also e-newsletters Worldwide Sacred Sites, Australia and New Zealand Sacred Sites, and Geomancy Newsletter). See, also Martin's list and links to 18 Pilgrimage Travel Companies and more than 100 links to Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Places websites and more than 30 links to Sacred Geometry and Geography websites.

Earth Mysteries and Sacred Sites WebRing lists more than 100 websites featuring ancient or sacred sites, earth mysteries, ley lines, labyrinths, earth energies, reiki, dowsing, and geomancy.

Myth*ing Links, Kathleen Jenks, an annotated & illustrated collection of worldwide links to mythologies, fairy tales & folklore, sacred arts & sacred traditions. A huge website--scroll down the home page until you get to links to pages for mythologies and sacred traditions for specific geographical regions.

Sacred Destinations Travel Guide, catalogue and travel guide to more than 1,500 sacred sites, holy places, pilgrimage destinations, historical sites, religious buildings and religious art around the world.

Stone Circle WebRing lists more than 200 websites devoted to stone circles, megaliths and other prehistoric sites around the world.

Stone Pages Italians Paola Arosio and Diego Meozzi have created a wonderful website with photographs and information on more than 500 megaliths and othe prehistoric structures in Europe.

Mystic Sites section of World Mysteries website provides informaton on around two dozen sites.

Sacred Teachings and Places Ellie Crystal's website includes information on sacred places around around the world


Australian Sacred Sites

Wollumbin (Mt. Warning), New South Wales


Canada's Prairie Shrines and Sacred Sites, Roger Nelson, Calgary Canada.

Canadian Rockies, Mikah Elaya

United States

Upstate New York (Mother Earth's Soul), Madis Senner

South Texas/Rio Grande Valley Vortex

Information on Earth's Energetic Grids and Chakras

Earth Ascension Temple Grid Chakras. Maia Nartoomid: (1) Base-Hawaiian Islands, (2) Navel-Rennes le Chateau, Southern France, (3) Solar Plexus - Sedona & Mogollon Rim, Arizona, (4) Heart-Grand Tetons region, Wyoming; (5) Throat-Ayers Rock region, Australia, (6) Brow - Glastonbury, England, (7) Crown - San Luis Valley region, Colorado, (8) Osiris - Dead Sea / Masada / Mt. Sinai region of the Middle East, (9) Isis - Easter Island region, (10) Sheba - A region of Ethiopia near Addis Abeba, (11) Thunderbird - Mt. Denali / Mantanuska Valley, Alaska, (12) Zion - Zion National Park, Utah.

Earth Chakras, Robert Coon. Extensive information about Earth Chakras.

Earth Energetic Hotspots, Tyberonn

Rainbow Serpent Project Documentary about one man's pilgrimage to Seven of Earth Chakra's: Mount Shasta CA (Base), Lake Titicaca Peru (Sacral), Uluru Australia (Solar Plexus), Glastonbury UK (Heart), Egypt (Throat), Glastonbury UK (current Third Eye), Mount Kailash Tibet (Crown).

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