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New Madrid-Wabash Valley Fault Zone
Earth Energy Healing Project

(Launched May 4, 2011; updated January 5, 2015)

Purpose: Ease geophysical stresses in the vicinity of the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault zones in the Midwestern U.S.

Background: Those who are are familiar with the many Earth Changes Maps for the United States from the 1980s and 1990s know that a common feature includes a partial or complete splitting of the continent in the vicinity of the Mississippi River. As explained in the No Catastrophic Earth Changes page and elsewhere on the Preparing for the Great Shift website, I (Russell Boulding) understand these maps to have been tapping into possible futures in timelines for Earth that were probable for thousands of years, but have not been probable since the late 1980s. The trigger for these catastrophic shifts in the mid-continent of the U.S. would have been the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault zones.

Update: See EEH Newsletter #54 (August, 2011) and #66 (January, 2015).

How to Participate: There are several ways to offer energetic support for this project:

  1. Set an intention to hold space for the highest and best good of the project as a way to support those who have made a more active energetic commitment.
  2. A way to remotely ease geophysical stresses in an area is described in the March 2011 EEH/Great Shift Newsletter. The map of the two fault zones below can be used to visualize locations for crystals to serve as etheric acupuncture needles.
  3. As discussed further in relation to the second map below, healing prayers can be sent to the areas of nascent New Earth energies within and adjacent to the fault zones.
  4. I anticipate traveling to the specific locations identified in the fault zone map below to engage in on-site Earth Healing Cermonies (information about the numbered locations is included at the bottom of this page). I would like to speak the names and locations of those who would like to join the ceremonies from a distance. Those who have sent me emails in response to the first announcement of this project in EEH Newsletter #53 are all set for this. Anyone else who like to join in this way, please send me an email, including state/province (U.S., Canada, Australia) or country: jrb-eeh@bluemarble.net.
  5. Follow your own guidance. Many people have been working energetically in this area at a conscious or superconscious level.

Project Area Information: The first map below shows the location of the New Madrid and Wabash Valley fault zones:


The second map, provided by EEH member Stephanie Bolton in Ireland, identifies zones where nascent New Earth energies that are present and can be reinforced and expanded by those who live within them and others elsewhere who send prayers for healing in these areas. See Stephanie's Healing the Earth website for more information, and similar maps for other areas of the planet. If you compare this map with the one above, The kidney-shaped area near the center includes part of both fault zones and the boomerang-shaped area to the west includes part of the New Madrid fault zone..

Locations Within the Fault Zone Areas. When I first felt called to work in this area at a conscious level I had an ear infection (when I tuned in to the source I received the word earthquake). In the course of communicating with EEH member Polly in Vermont it became clear that the it was the New Madrid/Wabash Valley fault zones that my body was serving as a channel for releasing geophysical stresss for. When I began tuning in more consciously to this area, I realized that there the long history of Native American habitation within these areas, most visibly expressed as locations where mounds had been built, would provide a good focus for on-site Earth healing ceremonies with intention of both releasing energies that no longer serve from human experience in this area, and for easing geophysical stresss. Below, is an listing of locations within and near the fault zones numbered in alphabetical order that I anticipate visiting. As sites are visited, I will post journey reports.

1. Albee Mound, Fairbanks Twp, Sullivan Co, IN

2. Amberg Mounds, several miles west of Hickman KY. Only recorded Middle Woodland ceremonial site within the Reelfoot Lake Basin

3. Angel Mounds IN Major Mississipian Site 1100 to 1450 CE.

4. Bay Mounds, Bay, Craighead Co. AR

5. Brown, E.L. Village and Mound Archeological Site, Diehlstadt, Scott Co. MO

POL#85 Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, IL

6. Chickasawba Mound, Blytheville, Mississippi Co. AR

7. Denmark Mound Group, Denmark, Madison Co. TN

8. Denton Mound, Denton, Pemiscot Co. MO

9. Dogtooth Bend Mounds and Village Site, Willard, Alexander Co. IL Mississippian

10. El Dorado, IL

11. Fort Azatlan, Merom, Sullivan Co. IN. Also across Wabash River, Hutsonville Mounds, IL

12. Kincaid Mounds, IL Major Mississipian Site 1050 to 14000 CE, occupation dating back to 8,000 BCE

13. Murphy Mound, Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co. MO

14. New Harmony Mounds, New Harmony, Posey Co. IN

15. Olney, Richland Co. IL

16. Palmyra Mounds, Edwards Co IL Site of 20 Indian Mounds

17. Parkin Indian Mounds, Parkin, Cross Co. AR See also

18. Pinson Mounds State Archeological Park, Madison Co, TN

19. Portwood Village and Mound, Portageville, New Madrid Co. MO (also Delta Center Mound, Portageville, Pemiscot Co.)

20. Temple Mounds (Pyramid Mound one mile south and Sugar Loaf Mound just east), Vincennes, IN

21. Towosahgy State Historic Site, Mississippi County, MO Mississippian (1000 to 1400 AD) Big Oak Tree State Park about 5 miles away

22. Wickliffe Mounds, KY Major Mississipian Site 1100 to 1350 CE.

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