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Wingather Glade Elemental Altar
(Updated, September 1, 2010)

On July 4, 2009 a Mineral/Plant Array formed on the Altar Stone that is located on Neutral (Elemental) Energy Vortex on Windgather Glade, the Sacred Place on our Homestead in southern Indiana. There has been much healing Medicine for me as the array has changed/evolved. My hands had a life of their own when I placed the stones, crystals, fossils, and shells. Often when I returned I found that the critters or pixies had rearranged/scattered the array in preparation for the next shift. I share these images with minimal commentary. Perhaps there is good Medicine in them for you as well.

July 4 the Altar forms

July 7, flower offering

July 9

July 23, mushroom offering

July 24, offering accepted

August 6

August 23

September 5, the shock of seeing the *empty* altar opened the way for a breakthrough in my healing process

September 14, premonitions of order

September 15, out of scattered stones comes...

two connected hearts

September 22, marine fossils and shells added

October 12, out of rescattered stones comes...

October 15, Oneness

On the day of the Winter Solstice, December 21 scattered stones waiting to reform:

Many of the stones were buried in the snow. While singing the song Circle Round for Freedom
the following simple Circle formed.

On Christmas Eve the snow was gone and a second Circle formed: Circle Round for Peace.

On New Year's Day (1-1-10) a third Circle formed:

Circle round the Planet
Circle round each Soul
For the Children of our Children,
Keep the Circle whole.

On a snowy day, February 13 an Elemental Array with shells from Dauphin Island, Alabama (POL#118) and shells and rocks from St. Francis Bay Africa (POL#91) formed inside:

February 14 was a New Moon and Russell activated several POLs as Windgather Glade Alter lay under a peaceful blanket of snow:

On March 20, 2010, the Spring Equinox I found the stones scattered in preparation for a new array.



On June 24, the day my Mother passed over I returned to Windgather Glade after a long absence, and again found it ready for someting New.


This piece of Dolomite from the west slope of the Teton Mountains came in a placeholder for my Mother. Bear Medicine was very present during the final stages of her Transition, so I was not really surprised when I looked at the stone and saw the profile of a Bear.

And on July 11 another Dolomite Elder from the west slope of the Tetons asked to come in as a Placeholder for my Father, Kenneth Boulding

We were blessed by the energetic support of many Animal Allies during my Mother's transition, another one being Raven. And so again, it did not surprise me when this Elder reminded me of the profile of a Raven.

On July 25, a month after my Mother's passing, I found the Array more-or-less intact, but I got the message that it was time for a major shift.

The Dolomite Elders and many of the smaller stones asked to come inside, and a four-armed spiral of fossils, polished stones, shells, and other stones formed around the Earthstone in the center.

When I returned on August 31, 2010, about five weeks later, it was clear that the critters and Elementals had had fun playing with this one.

The pattern simplified to form a three-armed spiral similar to the Antakharan symbol (see EEH Newsletter #40)

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